Petra Paper Pots

It took forever to get around to this project. Funny how you put things off, then end up having  a good time. Does that ever happen to you?

I wanted three coordinating pots for the kitchen window, but could never find anything I liked in the right size.

Then last fall I picked up a couple of hydrangeas for the garden. They came wrapped in the pretty watercolor ‘paper’ you see below.  So…why not buy inexpensive clay pots and try my hand at Mod Podge®? I could use the watercolor paper to spruce them up. It has a smooth texture on both sides and it’s waterproof.  In fact the Petra Paper™ is 80% rock.  Cool beans!

The three pots and the Mod Podge came to less than $20.  The paper was free.  The fun was priceless!  Okay, I’m just being silly now, but I did have fun trying something new and I’m happy with the way they turned out.

I had two sheets of the Petra Paper to work with.  One sheet was *exactly* the right size for the largest pot.  Serendipity.  The second sheet covered the two smaller pots

petra paper collage

Materials for the project

Once I determined the dimensions of each pot, I cut the paper into several strips, leaving it attached at the top.

After applying two base coats to the pots, which dried clear, I applied a third coat to the back of the Petra paper. I wrapped the paper around the top, then overlapped the strips as I went along to allow for the angle of the pot. Once dry, I applied one more coat, then trimmed the bottom edge with a sharp knife.

The layers give the pots a bit of texture and work well with the blended colors.

strips and glue

Strips and glue

Pauline at The Contented Crafter suggested a coat of car wax to give the finish a bit of luster. That too was fun.

Today I made it to the store for a bag of fresh potting soil, and the plants are now re-potted, watered, freshly showered and back in the window doing what they do best. Grow.

watercolor pots

Watercolor pots

two rainbow pots

Pot detail