Kitchen Window

Stunning Schlumbergera

Stunning Schlumbergera

When we remodeled our kitchen nearly a decade ago, we enlarged the kitchen window.  Not only is it wider and taller, it’s also deeper.  I’ve kept things growing there ever since.  It’s the perfect spot for plants, with indirect light, kitchen humidity and absolutely no excuse to forget to water the plants.

plants in the window

Trio of plants on the kitchen windowsill

Many of my houseplants outgrew their small pots and no longer fit in the window.  These Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera cultivar) are another story.  They like cramped roots and require very little care.  The plant in the center is new, but the plant on the right is 17 years old.  I gave it to my husband for Christmas, one year. He’s always been a fan of these pretty plants.  The plant on the left  side of the window was a house-warming gift and is now ten.

soft pink bud

Soft pink bud

I think it’s finally time to re-pot.  I’ve been searching for just the right vessel but without much luck.  The pots I like are either too small, too large, missing a hole in the bottom, etc.  You know the drill.

I decided to buy three clay pots and try my hand at decoupage.  Last year I added gold leaf to my outdoor clay pots with pleasing results.  It was also a lot of fun.

I saved the ‘wrapper’ from a pair of  hydrangea  with this project in mind.  It has a pretty, watercolor affect and it’s durable.  In fact, the wrapper is made from rock.  Pretty cool, eh?

Like a lot of things I want to do, but haven’t tried before, I’ve been procrastinating.  Now it’s time to get to it.  I hope they turn out well.

Do you procrastinate when you’re afraid to try something new?

19 thoughts on “Kitchen Window

  1. No, not me! I’ve been busy today getting on with all sorts of things.

    I want to try adding some different stamps and papers into a painting which is coming along quite nicely, but I don’t want to wreck it……. I went to the play room to start work and started to look through my stamp folders. I remembered I intended to sort through all these various stamps and store those most often used in multi-media into some DVD cases.

    Which I did.

    Having completed that task and looking over at my half finished work on the easel, I went to get some paper and pens and an hour later found I had finished reworking some of my daily cards, just to finish them off a little better, bling ’em up a bit – you know more is always better

    I looked at the easel again and the phone rang and when I hung up I returned to my easel only to discover Orlando wanted a cuddle and he really needed a brush and then I noticed the plants needed watering and then I had to begin preparing the evening meal…….

    I’ve got a dozen emails waiting for responses, face book to peruse, blog posts to read and comments must be made, There’s no time now to start work on that painting – I’ll get to it tomorrow!



      My goodness it all sounds so familiar! It sure sounded like a nice day, though: time with Orlando, Facebook and blogs, dinner. Whats a crafter to do?

      Thanks for making me smile. Now…back crafting for both of us. 😉

      …in a minute


        • Oh I love feeling smug. We can coin a new expression, Pauline: Smug as a crafter in a rug. What do you think?

          I’m actually moving along on the project! I’ve put the first coat of ModPodge on the pots, amazed at how quickly it dried. I’ve cut the paper for two of three pots and I’m working out the best way to attach it. Stay tuned.

          …and thanks for asking.


          • Yay, go us! We may procrastinate for a bit, but it is obviously us settling into the creative process – for then we just go whiz bang! Maybe the saying should end ‘creative bliss’ rather than rug?? Or maybe not!

            Heres a tip for your pots, if you don’t already have it. Mod-Podge dries sticky and to relieve that state apply a couple of coats of a good car polish for a super gloss, non sticky finishing touch!


            • Oh wow! Who would have guested? Thanks for the car wash tip.

              Yes, I think you’re right on the crafty procrastinating things.

              Let’s see: Smug as a crafter in creative bliss. I like that much better. Well done!


  2. Guilty 😀 I love those cactus’s too and will be back for another look when my eyelids are open. I can see out to the yard past your comfy deck, that it was a nice day 😀 I miss you too, mwaaaa.


    • Yes, gorgeous…but no rain. Seventy degree weather continues for the next several days. It actually is starting to feel really weird. No rain and super high temps. It’s hard to explain. I guess because it is January, and the light and shadows and shorter days confirm that but these temps.

      Hey, though, someone I know is off to Maui for sun and rain. Lucky Boomdee. You’re going to have so much fun.


      • We are having really weird weather too. +6 C in middle of January, so strange for us. Considering December we had -35 C. Normally December is milder than January. I do wish you’d get some rain. Not just for gardens but for all the creatures that rely on ponds and creeks to survive.

        Yes, Maui !!! Whew I spent most of the day packing and ironing summer stuff, then editing and repacking. We went out for our usually Friday night ( I always have lettuce wraps) and now taking some time to catch up.
        Tomorrow, company and Keith Urban Concert…weeeeee! xox


        • I saw your concert pics. Looks like you had a blast. Now you are probably in flight…or perhaps you’ve already landed. I’m so glad you are off to a warm, tropical place for some sunshine.

          I can’t wait to see pictures and read the blogs! Mwaaa


    • They are! I had so many apartments over the years with a kitchen sink facing a wall. It’s hard enough to do monotonous tasks at the sink without also staring at a wall. I feel so lucky to have the home that I’m in now.


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