Petra Paper Pots

It took forever to get around to this project. Funny how you put things off, then end up having  a good time. Does that ever happen to you?

I wanted three coordinating pots for the kitchen window, but could never find anything I liked in the right size.

Then last fall I picked up a couple of hydrangeas for the garden. They came wrapped in the pretty watercolor ‘paper’ you see below.  So…why not buy inexpensive clay pots and try my hand at Mod Podge®? I could use the watercolor paper to spruce them up. It has a smooth texture on both sides and it’s waterproof.  In fact the Petra Paper™ is 80% rock.  Cool beans!

The three pots and the Mod Podge came to less than $20.  The paper was free.  The fun was priceless!  Okay, I’m just being silly now, but I did have fun trying something new and I’m happy with the way they turned out.

I had two sheets of the Petra Paper to work with.  One sheet was *exactly* the right size for the largest pot.  Serendipity.  The second sheet covered the two smaller pots

petra paper collage

Materials for the project

Once I determined the dimensions of each pot, I cut the paper into several strips, leaving it attached at the top.

After applying two base coats to the pots, which dried clear, I applied a third coat to the back of the Petra paper. I wrapped the paper around the top, then overlapped the strips as I went along to allow for the angle of the pot. Once dry, I applied one more coat, then trimmed the bottom edge with a sharp knife.

The layers give the pots a bit of texture and work well with the blended colors.

strips and glue

Strips and glue

Pauline at The Contented Crafter suggested a coat of car wax to give the finish a bit of luster. That too was fun.

Today I made it to the store for a bag of fresh potting soil, and the plants are now re-potted, watered, freshly showered and back in the window doing what they do best. Grow.

watercolor pots

Watercolor pots

two rainbow pots

Pot detail

18 thoughts on “Petra Paper Pots

  1. Ooh…. they came out really nicely – so pretty with that hint of hand-made charm to them!! That paper is perfect! Cutting the strips was nothing short of genius too – I doubt I should have thought to do that! Now I know what to do with florist paper, which might be the same thing do you think – it sometimes comes with a slightly waxy sheen. It will be really good to know how they wear and if they last a goodly while. Great post Alys xoxo


    • I’m enjoying them, and find they are water-tight so far. Although the Mod Podge is water soluble, it is supposed to act as a sealer when dry. I’m hoping the combination of several coats, along with this waterproof paper does the trick. I’ll follow up with a post if they fail over time.


  2. I’m a knitter, so I’m constantly putting things off for other wonderful things that I’d put off before, and then when I get around to doing the things that I’d put off it’s so many sorts of fun that I put off other things…. and the beat goes on. 😉


  3. They look fabulous! And got my brain going…….Do you think it would work as well if the paper only partially covered the pot? I am thinking about an image, say of a flower or a bee or whatever. Would that work or does the whole pot need to be covered?


    • As long as you seal the pot, anything goes! The clay is porous, so I applied two or three coats of the Mod Podge which acts as both sealer, and glue. You might check at the craft store to see if they have a preferred medium. I can’t wait to see what you do.


  4. LOL cool beans! Awesome…I’ve never heard that one before 😀 Alys Milner YOU are an original.

    I think those pots of yours are divine and so fine. I’d almost think they were tie-dyed. You’ve outdone the diy-RRR (Recycle-Reduce-Reuse). I like Pauline’s suggestion of Car Wax too, that’s going to help you enjoy them for a long time. You’ve got a great view from your kitchen already, but what a fun thing to look at if you have to be at the sink to do a chore. That Mod-Podge is so versatile isn’t it? xoK


    • Laura uses that expression so I must defer to her. I like it, though.

      Those pots do look tie-dyed, don’t they? They were really fun to cover and something different to try.

      Yes, Mod-Podge is really something. I want to figure out something else to do with it. It was really fun.


        • Wowser!!! That is an amazing number of pins. And oh my, all that food at the start. I had to quickly page down from the desserts.

          Yes, I think you’re right. Just today I saw a pair of cowboy boots in a magazine with Mod-Podge leaves on the sides.


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