Therapeutic Bath Salts: Putting My Dried Lavender to Work

Dr. Teal’s has a wonderfully fragrant and oh so relaxing lavender bath salt, but it’s nearly seven dollars a bag.  I shop for generic brands of Epsom salt, half the price and equally effective for soaking sore, tired muscles.  That said, I long for the relaxing scent of lavender filling the steamy room.

So today I’m experimenting with my own dried lavender.  I took a few flower heads and gently pinched the flowers from the stem.  I tucked the flowers into a small organza bag I had on hand (available at most craft stores) and double knotted the ribbon at the top.

Recipe to Relax

Lavender Sachet

Recipe to Relax:

  • Draw a hot bath, preferably up to your chin.
  • As the water fills the tub, add two cups of Epsom salts.**
  • Run hot water over the lavender-infused bag.
  • Hang up the do-not-disturb sign.
  • Practice yoga breathing, letting your cares slip away.

**A word of caution:  bath salts and oils can make the tub surfaces slick.  Use common sense care when getting in and out of the tub.