Scrap Happy Garden Art

Thank you, Kate, for bringing us together for these monthly scrap-happy challenges. We’re welcoming one new and one returning contributor this month: Tierney of Tierneycreates and Lynn of Tialys

My scrappy project pairs repurposed embroidery hoops and last year’s wall calendar to create something decorative for the garden bench. I used a disparate assortment of scraps from my craft room and some garden twine.

Humble embroidery hoops

I initially used the embroidery hoops to store my Washi tape collection; however, my reduced tape supply now fits in a small, clear box.

Pages from my beloved 2022 wall calendar
Circles cut from two calendar pages

The hoops served as a template to trace two sections of the calendar and a vinyl backing. Since these will hang outdoors, I want them to last the season. I backed each page with vinyl and applied four layers of Mod Podge to the front to seal them.

Adhesive-backed vinyl sheets
Vinyl-backed embroidery hoops

Interestingly, the beautiful texture of the paper combined with the Mod Podge creates an oilcloth-like surface. The vinyl sheets came as part of a kit I’ve kept for years. The sticky backing adhered beautifully.

I applied Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain to the hoops using a small paintbrush. Crafters use the stain for mixed media applications, but it works for random projects like this. I’ve also used it for fairy garden projects.

Distress stain drying on the embroidery hoops

Before gluing the prints to the back of the hoops, I crocheted a couple of strands of garden twine, threading the loops through the screw used to tighten the hoop.

Completed garden art

After spending 45 minutes unsuccessfully trying to make twine bows, I returned to my craft room and found that I had just enough leftover vintage seam binding in the perfect shade of green to do the job. Kismet.

Vintage seam binding bows

There is something gratifying about using an obsolete calendar, vinyl, wood, twine, seam binding, glue, and stain to create a little bit of bling for the garden.

Ready to display, but we have a bit more rain in store first

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22 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Garden Art

  1. They look lovely on your bench Alys. Another successful project completed! 👍 (All my projects remain half done at the moment and, with the gardening season. beginning, that may be the case until autumn! LOL!)


  2. So charming and clever! I love the prints you selected. I hope they last longer than one season, although like Lynn, I don’t think they’d survive well here. Too much sun AND too much humidity.


  3. I can tell that you had so much fun creating new Garden Art, Alys! Using Vintage Photo to distress the embroidery hoops was a great touch. Your botanical calendar is sooooo beautiful! I just love all of the ways you are creating with those lovely illustrations. Wishing you many happy hours in your garden, my friend!💗


  4. hey hi hello Alys! How absolutely adorable are your works of heART 😉 I like the prints you picked to work with, they’re cute in your yard. You might consider bringing them in during the rain as Distress Ink isn’t waterproof and can run again when wet.


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