In A (Tiny) Vase on Monday: Where Fairies Alight

A vase is a container used to hold cut flowers. Traditionally, they’re made from glass, ceramics, or non-porous materials; however, today’s vase is a shell.

It’s a tiny shell. A garden snail succumbed to its fate, leaving a bleached and hollow vacancy behind. I used a toothpick to remove the dirt, knowing the shell might be useful.

Scale is everything when you’re creating a vase. You want something tall in the back and a bit of green for contrast, allowing the flowers to be the main attraction. Following those guidelines, I’ve used asparagus fern for greenery and height, showcasing the lovely blue Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ front and center.

Satisfied with my tiny vase, I snapped a few photos, then let “Bubba” have a sniff so you could see the true scale of the snail. Snail shell, that is.

The vase provides a focal point for one of my fairy gardens. I rearranged the lawn furniture, repaired (and then broke) the tiny door, added small pebbles, and returned my mostly rust-free garden gate.

This year’s garden features a tiny Alyssum hedge and a lawn of small greens, the name of which currently escapes me.

There you have it. The importance of a tiny vase on Monday to celebrate the opening of the fairy garden. The fairy garden sits beside the fountain’s right, surrounded by Campanula, commonly known as bellflowers. It’s a welcome respite for fairies and garden visitors alike.

Thanks to the Cathy’s of Rambling in The Garden and Words and Herbs for bringing us together.

29 thoughts on “In A (Tiny) Vase on Monday: Where Fairies Alight

  1. My grand daughter made a fairy garden when she was little, this has reminded me to ask her if she still tends this. Yours is quaint and I can just imagine a fairy would find a snail shell quite useful.


  2. Gorgeous Alys. I usually leave the ‘big’ gardening to Mr. Tialys but this looks more like the scale I’d enjoy. I’ll have to check for signs of fairies first to make sure it will be appreciated.


  3. This is absolutely delightful Alys! I really love the Fern as the backdrop to the blue Brunnera. How pretty. And your fairy garden is pure magic! 😃 I wonder if any fairies have found it yet…


  4. That really surprised me! Without seeing the scale you would never realize it was so tiny. Mouse brought it into perfect perspective. I’ve been wanting to put a fairy garden together since I settled in but things keep moving in to the top of the list. I put the little things back in the drawer for the moment but we are getting nothing but 70’s next week. I’m afraid spring, sprang. You always make such delightful garden areas for people and fairies.


  5. Oh this is absolutely delightful, and your creativity in considering using a snailshell in the first place is admirable. The overall effect works so well, and it without a reference point it would be hard to work out the size – when you first mentioned snail shell I was thinking it must be one of those giant snails they used to bring into schools along with other creatures, like a mini zoo – on reflection, I should have picked up the clue in the title! Not surprisingly, I love your fairy garden!

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