ScrapHappy Cards: Stress-Busters

Stress is the enemy, and crafting is the cure…or something like that. I’ve had a lot of stress in my life this past month, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my card-making distraction.

I cut several paper scraps into half-inch strips and tossed them in a box. Rhythm is great for reducing stress.

Time permitting, I then sorted the strips by color. Some of my scraps are printed on both sides, offering lots of variety. Still no actual cards at this point, but sorting by color is cheering.

From there, I looked up some simple quilt designs for inspiration. Who doesn’t like looking at beautiful art and quilts?

At the suggestion of my friend Dawn, I bought an embossing folder that imprints a quilt-like texture on paper. A little retail therapy for the win.

I love the embossing folder. It feels like a bit of magic each time the folder imprints on the card. Here’s a closeup:

After assembling a few cards, my colored strips were in disarray. So I cut a few wax seed envelopes in half and taped the open side. Now the strips are contained but still easy to see.

Wax seed bag, before cutting it in half
One bag makes two

Here’s my collection of cards:

I’ve made cards using this simple pattern before. I enjoy the blending of color, pattern, and texture.

Here’s a similar card, but using the strips of paper at different angles.

Two solids and two patterned papers

I enjoyed using one solid and one pattern on this card. The sentiment is printed on the reverse side of the fan-shaped paper.

This card loosely follows the colors of the rainbow. The dark purple is too saturated in color for this combo, but it’s all about using scraps so there you go. It’s the only solid purple scrap I had.

This might have been the last card of the day before the Tessa interlude. I used 18 different paper scraps. It reminds me of some of the heritage quilts I’ve seen over the years assembled from old clothing pieces. I’ve always admired the history and beauty of those quilts.

18-Patterned pieces
Tessa loves paper, too.

This pattern primarily exists in my imagination. I call it the tea party. The light pink along the bottom represents the table; the gingham is the tablecloth and above that is the tea service. The fourth layer represents flowers outside the window. Along the sides are lace doilies draped on the back of the blue chairs. Still don’t see it? Try switching from tea to wine.

Tea Party Card

This last card is for a special friend who suffered an unimaginable loss. I made this card by laying down half-inch strips in a simple square pattern before cutting a heart from the center. Next I raised the heart with small pieces of foam tape, then replaced it in the heart-shaped opening. The raised heart adds some interest and texture, though it’s hard to see in this photo.

That look on Tessa’s face put an end to my crafting for the day, but that’s okay. Kitty’s are great stress-busters, too.

Tessa always has an opinion.

Thank you for hosting these monthly ScrapHappy Days, Kate.

I learned something new in the Block Editor today. I saved the list of ScrapHappy bloggers as a reusable block. Now I drop it into my post without the need to cut and paste each month. Welcome, Jule, our newest ScrapHappy Day blogger.

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40 thoughts on “ScrapHappy Cards: Stress-Busters

  1. Those cards are all so pretty. I’m sorry for your friend’s loss; she will certainly be cheered by the card you made for her. Crafting, whatever the media, is one of the best coping mechanisms we have for stress, anxiety, pain, etc. IMO.


    • Hello Sue. Thank you so much for your good cheer. I used to wait till I had more time to craft. Now I fit it in when I can. It’s great therapy. Receiving and sending personal cards has always been a favorite way to reach out to the people I care about. I hope you are doing well.xo


  2. I especially love that embossed pattern, what a brilliant textural addition! I am so sorry for whatever life has thrown at your friend, and hope she will find something to bring a new light into her life. BTW, could you update Jule’s name, there is no S at the end? Thanks!


  3. I love that embossed look. Like you say, it reminds me of quilts. A very thoughtful card for your friend. Hope your stress levels reside now and you can look forward to autumn. 😃🌻


  4. I loved seeing your process for making those cards which are all beautiful. How does the embossing thingy work – do you have to put it through some sort of press?
    I’m sorry to hear that you have had a stressful few weeks and that a dear friend of yours has suffered a loss. I’m sure your beautiful card will help lift her spirits a little, xx


  5. Alys, as always, I am in awe of your talents and your heart AND that you make time in your overfull life to create such beauty. (Do you tape the strips together?). And you keep on blogging!! I need to be more like you!!!
    I know that you’ve been juggling some seriously difficult things. My heart is with you and I love you ❤


    • I love you too, Laurie. It’s so nice to see your comment here. I’m trying to make time for crafting, blogging, and perhaps when the weather (heat + smoke = Acck) improves, gardening, all things that feed my soul. I hope you’ll jump back in to the blogging world when you’re ready. xo


    • Jill, that is so kind of you to say. Thank you! I’m really enjoying card-making. You don’t have to commit to a lot of time (that I don’t currently have), but you can still see a project through to completion, enjoy the process, and then end up with something you can send. Kismet!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. These are beautiful. I was thinking of giving up on cards so I could just concentrate on sewing but this shows me I can incorporate one love into another. I’m in awe and inspired. When I get some made ill send you a photo.

    I too love to send and receive snail mail and in the case of your friend I think cards you can hold touch people deeply. I’ll whisper a prayer for her.

    Love sweet Tessa. Such a sweet girl.


    • Hi Amy. The magic of card making, is that you don’t need a lot of room to store equipment or supplies. You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you want. I love these ScrapHappy Days, as they challenge me to use what I have. They are so much fun!

      I’m looking forward to seeing your cards, Amy. Have fun.

      Tessa is a gem. We’re so lucky that she stowed away in Mike’s car.


    • The block editor has a lot of good features, but the learning curve has been challenging for my old brain. I’m always delighted when I sort something out, but I often marvel at the number of attempts before I get there.

      Thank you for your kind words on the cards. It’s fun working with the strips, but that quilting pattern on top really elevates the overall look.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well hello crafty Alys! How fabulous to spend the day crafting with Tessa! I wish I could hang out in there too! I save all the strips I cut off a 12×12 too. There’s always a pretty pattern on one side. The quilt embossing folder is perfect for the patterns you used. Just like gramma’s quilt 🌸💛


    • Tessa is good company when she’s happy to sit in a nearby box. Once she’s on the crafting mat though, she assumes everything is a plaything. You should have seen me whisking away bits of paper before she chewed right through them.

      Did you ever have a gramma quilt? I’ve seen some beauties in the day. I used to love going to our local county fair in high school to see all the newer quilt entries. That was a lifetime ago. xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • How fun, I love craft fairs. I’ve actually made several quilts and always gave them as gifts. I took a seminal quilting class, you actually make strips, cut in different angles and then sew them back together. So not unlike your pretty cards. I also took a log cabin quilt class and made two, both gifted away. I loved learning the techniques and making them, but the vintage patterns didn’t fit my decor. I would love to make one again using bright/hip colours, maybe even neon…gak! LOL


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