Celebrating Pauline King

I miss Pauline. Our clever, artistic, kind, and generous friend should be celebrating another birthday this week.

So many of us got to know Pauline King when she joined the blogging community. In my case, our online friendship blossomed into in-person meetups, first on this side of the world and later in beautiful New Zealand. In between those visits, we made do with video chats.

Our final day in Wanaka, New Zealand: Kelly, Alys, Danella, Pauline, Steve, Laurie, Jo, and Mike

Pauline slipped away on her birthday last year, but she left a remarkable gift: a warm and deepening friendship with her daughters Danella and Jo.

Today I want to offer you a gift to honor and celebrate Pauline’s extraordinary life, but first an explanation.

Pauline’s June, 2019 post Vivid Colours, features several pieces of her original work. As always, wonderful conversations in the comments section followed. I fell in love with one of her cards featuring her cat Orlando. I suggested:

The Orlando card got me thinking, too. If you’re ever inspired, you could move the text down along the books to narrow the design and print bookmarks. I would buy 100 of them for my LFL. Just a thought.


The always-generous Pauline did just that, but instead of selling them to me, she sent me a PDF with the following note:

Original Art By Pauline King

In honor of Pauline’s birthday September 5th, I would like to send you one of her bookmarks. Please don’t worry about the cost of postage. I want to share her bookmarks around the world. This offer is open to anyone who appreciates her art. Please send me your mailing address using my Contact Form, and I will mail you a bookmark-sized slice of Pauline’s art.

If you followed Pauline, please share a favorite memory in the comments below.

Happy birthday, Pauline!

Pauline and Siddy, the apple of each other’s eye.

This post is dedicated to Pauline’s daughters, Jo and Danella, and to Pauline’s puppy Siddy and her marmalade cat Orlando who continue to live the good life with Danella.

46 thoughts on “Celebrating Pauline King

  1. Bless her. I often catch a glimpse of her lovely smile on blogs who have photos of their followers in the sidebar – like you and Kate do. I miss her posts and loved reading about when you met up and had a wonderful time together. I’m so glad Pauline’s beloved pets are still beloved by Daniella who I imagine must be comforted by their presence in her life as a constant reminder of her mother.
    Thank you for the tribute to a lovely lady Alys.

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    • Thank you, Lynn. It’s nice seeing Pauline’s smile in my sidebar. I’m glad her daughters have kept the blog live so her kind face is still there. We had such an amazing time in Virginia and DC and again in New Zealand. I count both holidays among the most extraordinary in my life. Danella and Jo love to dote on Siddy, so he’s one contented “puppy” as Pauline would say. I hope you are doing well. xo

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  2. She was such a generous person – both with her art and with advice and support. She often helped me through difficult times and was a true friend despite the fact that we never met in person. I often wonder how Siddy is getting on without his beloved Pauline. I have an original bookmark that she sent me, and it’s often marking a place in a book I’m reading and reminding me of her. I can hardly believe she’s been gone a year.

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    • Jan, I’m happy to hear how Pauline touched your life. You couldn’t ask for a better friend. She shared her wisdom with all who knew her, leaving an indelible mark.

      I don’t think Siddy understood Pauline’s loss. It must be so confusing to their sweet little souls when they lose their person like that. Danella always played a big role in his life, so it’s a wonderful and natural progression that he now lives with her.



  3. Such a lovely post! Pauline had such a gift of kindness and of knowing how to say just the right things in just the right way. She often astounded me with her perception and kind acceptance of what she perceived.

    And her art was such a part of her and she taught me so much there, too.

    Thank you for letting me know that her precious daughters and pets are all doing well. Hugs to all of you.


    • Thank you, Jodie. You are so right about Pauline’s perceptive ways. It was a gift for all who knew her. Sometimes I’m still amazed that we find each other in this vast blogging world.It’s extraordinary.

      Hugs back your way, Jodie


  4. I have Pauline’s art all around me. There isn’t a day goes by that she doesn’t drift though my thoughts. I haven’t seen those little bookmarks before though. They are just sweet. I spent an hour or more with her on Skype talking about my diagnosis. She helped me digest that so well. Jo sent a sweet greeting to me yesterday on FB. You know I’m profoundly affected by her passing on her birthday. Just doesn’t seem right or real. Like you, she has a great heart that continues to give through you. Clever woman. 😉 Hugs and love all the way around my kind and generous friends.

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    • Thank you for your kind words, MH. I remember seeing Pauline’s art in your lovely home, and I think we may have posed for a photo in front of one of her works. I’m happy to hear that Pauline helped you through some of those early days of your diagnosis. She was good at so many things, with the biggest, most generous heart. xo

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  5. I met her blog but not in real time via another persons blog/link – even though I also live in NZ but in the NI. It was one of her last posts was about using alcohol inks – and with her encouragement I bought some and tried them out. And I still use that style of art making when I need a particular item for another project. I don’t read ordinary books anymore, but what a lovely gesture you are offering. Cheers Catherine


  6. A sweet memorial post Alys. How lovely to share the bookmarks. It’s been a tough couple of days for everyone that loved her. Time is going by too fast, it seems like yesterday that we were in Wanaka 💛💛 Sending love your way xK


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  8. I’m a little late to this post because I arrived via Laurie’s post today. Pauline and I were regulars on each other’s blog for a long time … and I recall when she visited a group here in the US. I even considered driving from Cincinnati to the east contact to meet her. However, I will admit that I didn’t know of her passing. Such a kind and intelligent person with a sense of humor. Thanks for this post.


  9. I just saw Laurie’s post today so I’m late, but want to say that I miss Pauline (and just missed meeting her when she came to the U.S. — the timing didn’t work out) and it was so wonderful to be reminded of her and her artwork today. Thank you.

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    • Robin, it would have been nice to have met another Pauline fan in the US. I’m amazed at how many of us were able to get together. I’m happy to find your comment here and I’m always pleased to hear from others who’ve been touched by Pauline.


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