Thirty Days in the Garden: VegTrug Cozy

We planted our tomatoes in the VegTrug a few weeks ago, then promptly covered it with a net canopy. I wanted to keep Tessa out of the box if possible

Tomatoes, herbs, and strawberries in the VegTrug

There are a pair of tomato plants in the box, and an oregano plant from my friend Mary who inadvertently bought two.

Tessa’s a clever feline, so she figured out a way to lift the cover and climb inside. I tried tightening the velcro strap, but to no avail. So far, she’s only sleeping in there. Hopefully, she’ll take care of her other business elsewhere.

Tessa enjoying the warm mesh covering

A handful of strawberry plants grow along the perimeter. I noticed today that a few stray geranium plants are back. They’ll fill the box if left there, so eventually I need to take them out.

Flowering strawberry plant

I stuck my head under the netting to take photos, and I have to admit that it’s cozy in there.

The underside of the VegTrug. No wonder Tessa likes it in there.

I bought the VegTrug five years ago so that I could expand my growing area. It fits perfectly over the business end of the garden that houses the low-voltage transformer and an irrigation manifold intake valve.


The VegTrug is a marvel. The base is shaped like a V, allowing for deeper planting in the center and shallow-rooting herbs along the perimeter. It works perfectly on the gravel bed near the other two planting boxes and has added a lot more planting space for sun-loving vegetables.

Another fun assembly project
Young tomato plant starting to flower
Growing food is gratifying

In about a month, I’ll add some basil to the mix. I used to plant the tomatoes and the basil simultaneously but the basil started to flower. I kept pinching back the flowers, but you have to stay on top of it. Once the basil flowers, it bolts. Once the plant bolts the energy goes to the flowers instead of the tasty basil leaves. We love making Caprese salads, so with luck, I’ll get my timing right this year, and we’ll have lots of salads on our summer table.

Caprese salad from 2014

I’m off to bed. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far.

10 thoughts on “Thirty Days in the Garden: VegTrug Cozy

  1. nom nom Caprese salad !! I love it so much. Isn’t that funny, instead of keeping Tessa out you created a cozy little sleep spot for her to hide, hehe. It all looks gloriously green, we got snow yesterday :/ Wet heavy snow ! Such is spring in Canada. Good news is, it’ll melt by Tues at 13C Toodles Noodles 😍🌸🌸 xo K


  2. The design of the trug is so clever, with the deeper section in the middle, and the edges perfect for strawberries. You have flowers on your tomatoes already! It looks like you will have a bountiful crop this year.


  3. Mmm, homegrown tomatoes and basil. I cut my basil constantly for pesto so it never gets a. hance to flower! Looks really cosy in your trug… it is still so cold here Alys. It was -5°C this morning!


    • I hope it warms up for you soon, Cathy. We’ve had a dry February followed by a mixed March and now and too-warm April. Any norms we once experienced are out the window. I love pesto! I don’t know why I’ve never tried making it, but I should. I’m glad you mentioned it.

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