Scrap Happy Faeries Relax at the Lake

What’s a ScrapHappy post?

It’s an opportunity, or an excuse, to make something entirely out of scraps. Our host Kate, of Tall Tales from Chiconia, encourages the use of scraps to make something useful or beautiful or both.

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This ceramic container is the base of a former cat fountain. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was a pain to keep clean. It needed a new filter once a month, and it was heavy to pick up when it was time to transport it to the kitchen.

Our three kitties now get water from several glass bowls, except Tessa, who waits for a running faucet. Mouse prefers the water draining from Mike’s morning shower. Cats!

So this…

Once upon a time: a former ceramic cat water fountain

Empty container, only three-inches deep

…became this.

A quiet retreat in miniature

I couldn’t bear to throw out the container. I started with the idea of a small garden, but the dish is too shallow. Instead, I created a miniature lake-side retreat for imaginary faeries.

I lined the container with blue painter’s tape. In retrospect, I’m not sure it made much of a difference, as the bottom doesn’t show through. I cut a piece of plastic packaging into a wedge, dividing the container into two. The wedge is held in place with more blue tape.

Container lined with leftover blue painter’s tape

A scrap of stiff plastic divides the container

A few more blue pebbles would increase the depth, but scrap happy is all about using what you’ve got on hand. Instead, I used leftover glass vase filler to create volume. I sprinkled smaller blue pebbles on top. A couple of smooth rocks from my garden act as stepping stones into the cool, blue retreat.

The other side of the container started with medium-sized pebbles, graduating to small gravel (think sandy beach). I’ve used these tiny pebbles to mulch my potted succulents.

Protruding ceramic opening wrapped with leftover jute

A mix of New Zealand seashells adds charm to the pebble beach. Those seashells flew home with me from a fabulous New Zealand holiday two years ago. They continue to remind me of a spectacular holiday as well as time with dear friends.

I added a scrap of jute twine to the tube-like opening on the gravel side of the retreat. It once housed the cord for the fountain’s pump.

Rounding out this faerie retreat are three flowering nigellas. They make perfect, faerie-sized parasols, for sheltering from the sun. Nigella seed pods remind me of a few broken umbrellas with spokes still attached, so I placed the pods in the tube for interest.

Faerie sisters enjoying the view.

Nigella blooms make perfect parasols.

These wee faeries sit on a cushion of French lavender, sharing secrets and tossing their cares to the wind.

It’s been a while since I channeled my inner faerie gardener. It’s been so much fun.

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38 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Faeries Relax at the Lake

  1. Fabulous! That was a real inspiration to turn that unwanted fountain into a little place of peaceful beauty. And what a great place for your shells to end up in. I’m sure the real faeries will visit when all is quiet too ❤


  2. It’s lovely Alys. Unfortunately my cats – being the villains they are – would think I’d swapped their water fountain for a new and exotic litter tray with unthinkable consequences. 😮😼


    • Thank you! You are so right. I popped by for a visit too your blog today, and tried leaving a comment. Instead I recieved the dreaded “you are unable to comment at this time.” I’ll try again soon.


    • Thank you, Cathy. I love all the stages of nigella. The buds are a delicate green, followed by these wonderful blue purple parasol shapes, and then on to the interesting seed pods. They started once upon a time from a seed variety packet. I let them go to see, and they come back year after year. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. All cleverly recycled and made into a pretty oasis! Of course the aqua pebbles are a feast for the eyes and extra pretty in bowl as it’s also blue. I had a fountain for the kitties for a while but found it misery to clean and sterilize, so we’re also onto a ceramic bowl. It’s easily cleaned and freshened daily. This little garden fits nicely on your patio table top. I need to get outside and dust everything off xo K big hug!


    • The dust is really a challenge this time of year. We have floating pollen and garden dirt making it onto surfaces and the floor. As for the fountains, they seem like a good idea, but having to dismantle all the pieces to get them clean is too much. Lindy drinks a lot with her aging kidney’s, so she has her own bowl-shaped coffee cup next to her bed, and two more glass bowls in the guest bathroom. It’s much easier.

      I’m glad you like the blue oasis. I wish you were here. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I thought the fairy just had her leg tucked under her like I sit sometimes. That is so sweet and I want to get back out there and play too. You did really great for working with what’s on hand. That’s what we all need now are the fairies to take over our lives again and bring some joy. It’s rained on and off all week but when it gets dry, I hope to get out there soon.


    • Marlene! I’ve just returned from your blog. We’re almost in real time here. Those faeries are joined at the hip, but sadly have been dropped a time or two. They’re missing one wing and a pair of lower legs. You are so observant! Maybe I’ll sort out a lap blanket for her as Kate suggested.

      I hope you will find a way to indulge your inner faerie gardener. It’s relaxing working away on projects like this and it didn’t cost a dime. I love the challenge of using what you have.

      I’m sorry to hear that the rain is keeping you out of the garden. We had a trickle one day this week, but we’re expecting more this weekend. I’ve enjoyed the breezy coolness.

      I’ve been thinking about our visit two years ago and marveling at how time passes. I wish I was there with you pulling weeds. xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wish you were here too. 🙂 There are another barrel full of them on the hill. It goes from cold and wet to very hot and dry. No in between.
        I have some broken fairies too and can’t bear to part with them. My mind is ready to play, body, not quite yet. Soon I think.


        • Part of the fun of fairy/faerie gardens is that you can plan in your head all day long. It’s part of the fun I think. I’m often amazed, too, how things start out in one direction and go in another. Kind of like life! Ha! Sorry to hear about cold and wet vs hot and dry. We’re due for some rain today, but it will be San Jose Light. We’ll take it though. I hope you are feeling more up to the task soon. xo

          Liked by 1 person

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