The Elephant in the Room

I’ll start with a bit of levity from a Facebook post shared by a friend:

I’m either coming out of this quarantine 20 pounds lighter, chakras balanced and a house full of completed craft projects or 20 pounds heavier with a drinking problem.” – Spiritual Thug

I’m signing up for the former. I’ve lost six of the ten pounds I gained during my couch-bound, post-surgery recovery, simply by moving again. No doubt my metabolism slowed to a crawl. The first time I put my fitness watch back on, it celebrated 1,000 steps. It’s all relative.

Now that I can sit with my feet on the floor, I’m also enjoying crafts. I’ve started by playing with some new watercolor markers, then on to a Washi tape card. I love playing with that tape. It’s oddly therapeutic.

Tail ends of Washi tape

Front of Washi tape card

Finished Washi tape card

Sometime last year I found vintage French seed packet labels, intending to make them into cards for a friend. I came up with corny quotes to match and that was as far as I got. This week I followed through to completion, not only making the cards but getting them packaged and mailed.

Seed packet labels

Authentique paper

Even the paper scrap has a French name

Cards made with vintage French seed packet labels

Seed packet cards

Inside cards: Cover-inspired puns printed on tracing paper

A trio of seed packet cards

Close-up of vintage seed packet label

My friend’s trip to her beloved Paris is canceled, so this is a little pick-me-up and a surprise.

After finishing the cards, I repurposed a page from an old gardening calendar. I save and reuse wall calendars for crafts. I had to piece it in a few places to get the size I needed. It’s such a gorgeous photograph of a flower and bee. I wish I could give the photographer a proper credit.

Pieced edges of calendar used to complete envelope

Finished cards tucked into garden calendar page envelope

The exterior of the completed envelope

Sealed with a paper key

There’s nothing new I can share here about the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM except to say that I’m working hard to tamp down my anxiety on a daily basis. I’m stretching in the morning before I even get out of bed. I’m touching my toes, just because I can. I’m also pulling weeds in the garden until my foot screams at me to stop.

That’s my signal to retreat to the couch with an ice pack and Mouse the Cat pressed to my hip.

Mouse loves his couch time

I’m a hugger by nature, so if I could, and only if appropriate, I would gather you in a warm embrace and say that it’s all going to be okay. For now, (((((you)))))

Be well.

31 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. A thousand steps is pretty good for a recovering foot. Go you! My activity has slowed down to a crawl these last few days with increasing time spent on various platforms of social media and video calling….. This little hermit has been turned into a social butterfly! I’m craving the solitude I’m supposed to be enduring 🙂 I love these cards! Your friend will be thrilled I’m sure. You are so creative with the way you take an idea and develop it and finish it. ❤

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  2. Such a warm and wonderful post! I am always agog when I read about your creative projects. Holy cats, you make some jazzy things! I, too, am on edge, wondering when and how this is going to end. Stay safe, be well.


  3. It must be a joy to be able to move around, stretch, touch your toes, garden. I love your opening quote. and the vegetable puns. I am surprised Kate, a great punner, didn’t give you some more. Your cards are delightful and will bring a smile to your friend (how disappointed she must be at not getting to Paris) , and I am blown away by the envelope. What a beautiful treasure the whole thing is.
    Thank you for your warm, enveloping hug. I am sending one back to you!


    • Anne, thank you for your kind words. I love making cards with someone specific in mind. I find it harder to make generic cards, if that makes sense. It is wonderful finally being up and about. I hope the pain eases with the coming days. She mentioned it would be six months before I was happy I had the surgery. It will be interesting as we fo forward in time. I’m trying to limit my news, as it only makes me feel worse and there is nothing I can do about it. Our county has been hard-hit, but nothing like New York. I have a long-time friend and a nephew living there so I worry about them every day. I’m glad you are doing ok.


  4. Having been gifted with your lovely cards and postcards, I know these will please immensely. I also took advantage of several virtual hugs, not to be greedy, but… I’m glad you’re up and getting better. Take care and stay sane.


  5. Those cards are beautiful and I love how you’ve done the envelope. I fear the French post doesn’t like coloured envelopes very much, let alone such highly decorated ones as yours – spoilsports! I do, however, have some of those vintage seed packet labels from way back and if I could only remember where I’ve put them……….
    Lots of hugs back to you and such good news that your hurty foot is getting better. x


  6. Hello hello! So happy to see you motoring to your creative space to make pretty things. It’s pretty therapeutic isn’t it? Those turned out so cute and right up your wheelhouse, the garden theme!
    I would guess weeds don’t care that it’s Covid month. Glad you can get out in your garden again and when not pulling weeds, just sitting on that swing. Something about swinging makes relaxing every so much more….ah, relaxing 😂My mind is going blank, LOL Maybe I’m too relaxed xoxox Hugs from afar ❤️


  7. awesome conversation – gentle hugs back to you – from me and my new bubble clone – from New Zealand.
    re: clone, she’s new, I had thought a man clone would work, but a woman clone understands me better and can relate totally to our personal inhome bubble chats…including which is the best swear word…and she doesn’t mind what we do/eat/other … so not argumentative

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  8. I’ve kept so many calendars and scraps of this and that to make cards but have bought so many cute cards that I feel the need to use them up before making more. I’m never sure what I’d make would come out so lovely as what you, Kelly or Pauline make. Maybe I should stick to what I know. You are so good at getting heart into your cards. Those that get them feel the love in them. Glad you are doing better. Please don’t push it and hurt yourself again. Giant squishy bear hugs.


    • I love buying cards and used to spend a good hour in Hallmark stores or at Papyrus purusing them all. Many came home with me, but I’m good about sending them, too, so my stash is small. Kelly says “I’m not really a card maker” and then she sends a paper confection rivaling the pros. In fact she is a pro. Another fun use for calendars is to make bookmarks. You can make piles of them, then stash them in assorte Little Free Libraries. I did that years ago and it was great fun.

      Squishy beat hug. xo

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