A Heart of Teal

teal postage stamp card

Teal postage stamps die-cut into a heart

Kate, as you know has a heart of teal.

Through her blog, Tall Tales From Chiconia, Kate unites bloggers around the world. She is also a champion for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Kate designs teal quilts with a clever, tongue-in-cheek theme. My current favorite is Signed, Tealed and Delivered, a quilt featuring postage stamps, envelopes, letters, and notes, all cleverly sewn into quilting squares by talented artisans and crafters around the world. Kate gathers, assembles and then quilts the final product. The quilts are auctioned, with the proceeds benefiting Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Kate also co-hosts monthly scrap-happy posts where bloggers share what they’ve created that month made entirely of scraps. I frequently take part and really enjoy seeing the creativity of others.

I’ve wanted to make a card of appreciation for Kate for some time, but it took surgery to slow me down and reset a few priorities. Kate’s away on a long holiday, so I won’t publish this post until she returns and receives her card in person. It’s a paper quilt of sorts, using teal postage stamps, die-cut into a heart and placed on an embossed background. Teal stamps are not easy to come by. I found the Vintage Postage Shop on Etsy and asked her to send a packet of teal or close to teal, stamps. I added one from my Dad’s collection, the 1946 Ceylon stamp at the bottom of the heart. The stamps represent travel, gardening, flowers and, stating the obvious, teal.

Postage stamp card interior

Narrow heart border inside the card

I’m a wannabe quilter. I know how to sew, but I lack the precision and the patience to make a quilt. I’m a huge admirer though, of all that goes into making one and I thoroughly enjoy watching the process unfold. I’m impressed by the generosity and the talent of all of the women involved.

Thank you, Kate.

Teal postage stamps heart shaped card

Floral-embossed teal background

T.E.A.L.® stands for both Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer Foundation and for Teal, the color that symbolizes ovarian cancer. Founded in 2009 by two sisters from Brooklyn, NY to draw attention to ovarian cancer, T.E.A.L.® has grown to become a national movement. Our goal is to decrease mortality rates by helping women identify signs and symptoms and urging them to seek medical help at the earliest possible stages. We believe that by equipping women with knowledge about the disease and its signs and encouraging them to listen to their bodies, we can save lives.

Note: Kate’s card had an interesting journey thanks to an outdated address (my bad) and the uncertainly in the time of Covid-19. She’s written a post about the card and about letter-writing in general and it’s resonation with a lot of her readers. You can read it in full here.: Neither Snow Nor Rain

49 thoughts on “A Heart of Teal

  1. Ah, see I didn’t know what TEAL was an acronym for – thanks for that Alys. Though I’ll probably forget again, it is a very clever one and I shouldn’t…. I always enjoy reading about the care and thought you put into your little gifts. Thank you for being you and supporting so many wonderful women worldwide! xoxo

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    • It’s a clever way to incorporate the color and the letters, but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It’s an outstanding goal, however, reducing and eventually eliminating ovarian cancer through awareness. Thank you for your kind words. I seem to need a bit of time for my ideas to percolate, and they often move to and fro before settling. Does that ever happen to you?

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      • Constantly! If I track my work (which was the whole idea behind my blog originally) I can see I make three or four versions of an idea, sometimes obviously, sometimes less so and then when I’ve nailed it I never make it again – there’s something new caught my attention and I’m off chasing that….. ‘Sanguine’ (think butterfly flitting from flower to flower and never quite settling) is the perfect description of me in the makings room 🙂

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        • I like the idea of Sanguine. It’s lovely. Yes, funny how quickly we get bored with ideas. I think part of the joy is the discovery, then the mastery. After that, ownward. I’m much the same with organizing. I like the promise, the planning, the fruition of course, but then I’m ready for the next project. This probably explains my desire over the years to rearrange furniture, cupboards, planted pots. It’s all about the process. I hope you are keeping well, Pauline.

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          • Yes, me too – it’s all about the process! I’m doing okay – just a little heart cracked this morning as I tried so hard to get Jo’s birthday present posted off to her and failed miserably due to the panic in the streets syndrome of pre lockdown. I can’t believe my poor girl with spend her significant birthday not only without her sister but also without her special present! And I know that’s a most minor infringement compared to what others are dealing with so I’ll stop my whining now 🙂


  2. I’ll have to add Heart of Teal to my list of potential quilt titles! I had Guns of Teal already, but was worried about how that would be depicted, and hearts are so much nicer! Thank you again for my beautiful card and for the care and thought that went into it, which are greatly appreciated. I hope you’re recovering well and that you’ll be working in your yard again very soon.

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    • Oh, Kate, I can picture it already. It’s definitely softer than Guns of Teal, especially during troubled times. It was a pleasure making you that card, and now that I know you’re a huge fan of snail-mail, I will be sure to send future posts when our borders are back in business. My recovery is coming along. I’ve been sprung from the couch and I’m now bearing weight while wearing an air brace/boot with support from a walker. My energy is coming back as well which feels great. Unfortunately, we’re now sheltering in place so I’m a bit stir crazy.

      Our county has 189 reported cases, with 62 in hospital and six deaths. It feels like it’s outside our door. My husband is working from home full time, as is my oldest son. My young son is away at university, but he’s hanging on by a thread. I imagine it’s a matter of time before they close.

      Wishing you continued good health.


      • For Guns of Teal, I was going to use Rosie the Riveter as inspiration, so not too war-like. But I think hearts will be more enjoyable for everyone and attract more buyers, so HoT it is!
        We have two cases in Mackay, and so far no deaths. I still don’t know anyone (in this country at any rate) who knows anyone who has it.
        I’m currently testing a pattern for fabric face masks for medical staff in case they run out. I’ll make a handful and take them up to the hospital and ask to see someone to talk about it. If they don’t want them, I can share them out among the neighbours! Stay safe and well.

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  3. it is a beautiful card Alys, with your usual care and thought. I hadn’t twigged that all the stamps were teal, so I am glad you pointed that out! It is lovely that Kate is getting the accolades she so deserves. xxx

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      • I think art and creativity of all sorts is one of the things that will get us through this with some sanity left at the end. That’s why is it important to keep in touch with. ~hugs~


        • I agree, Anne. I’ve been thinking of you, already with so much on your plate. I hope your Mum is keeping isolated, and that Terry is recovering and doing well. You’ve been holding everyone together. Don’t neglect yourself. xo


  4. I didn’t know that acronym either so that’s something new I’ve learnt today.
    As I said over on Kate’s blog – that is a beautiful card and a lovely gesture Alys. Kate does so much to help through her sewing and quilting talents and your little tribute is well deserved.
    Hearts of Teal would be a lovely quilt to participate in – I have my teal fabric stash on standby as ever and, just with stamps, it’s not the most common fabric colour you find so I nab some whenever I see it.
    As for being a wannabee quilter – dive in while you have the time. I’ve been quilting for years and my precision can be questionable at times and I just know you have the patience. x


    • Thank you for cheering me on, Lynn. I’m glad you have a teal stash at the ready. Perhaps I’ll practice with scraps during this time so I can see what I can do.

      I hope there will be a Heart of Teal quilt. The world could use one about now.


  5. How sweet and thoughtful for you to make a pretty card for Kate. The stamps are perfect. I personally think all stamps should be teal but then I suppose they’d lose some of their cache. It’s a bit crazy these days but I know you’d never run out of things to do, including bringing smiles to those far away. You are a gem. Love you xoxo


    • You are so sweet to say that. Thank you. By the way, I found one aqua and lavender stamp in my dad’s (Sharon’s album) that we both agreed should go to you. It’s gotten mixed up in the piles again, but when I’m ready to make the table, on hold for now, I’ll send it on. I just love all your gorgeous projects for Paige. She is so lucky to have you on her team.

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      • awwe, one little aqua stamp. Thank you both for thinking of me. I would much prefer that you work it into Sharon’s little table if she’s ok with one roque stamp 😀 I still have the beautiful pages you gifted me. I’ve looked at them all again just a week ago when I was reorganizing the office for Jim. I can’t seem to bring myself to disturbing them from the pages they were carefully collected on by your dad. Funny, I feel like the lucky one designing for Paige 😀 Thank you so much for cheering me on. It’s a bit like arriving in scrapworld mecca and being gobsmacked by everyone and everything around you. oxox


  6. It is a truly beautiful card and I’m glad it got safely to Kate – she does deserve all the thanks we can give her.
    I’m also glad that you are recovering and now able to get back on your feet again… although I’m sure your kitties would be happy for you to sit and snuggle them forever!


    • Thank you! I, too, am glad that it arrived when it di. I’m not sure much will get through now with so many closures, delays and the like. It’s a shame, really, as now more than ever, sending cards and letters will do the heart good.

      Mouse, for one would be happy if I live out my days on the couch! He’s the neediest cat I’ve ever lived with and that is saying something. I’ve had many over the years. Lindy and Tessa like to be close and they enjoy pets and treats, but Mouse wants to be *attached* to my hip or shoulder. Funny that. I hope you are doing, and that you stay well. xo

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  7. My mother died of ovarian cancer and I had a teal ribbon on my car for years. Your card is just wonderful, and I am so glad to learn about Kate’s blog which I will be rushing right over to join. Stay safe!


  8. Like others who have commented, I didn’t know about TEAL or what teal the colour had come to represent. What a beautiful card, anyway, Alys. A lot of effort went into making it, including sourcing the stamps. It is very generous of you to donate one of your father’s stamps.


    • Thank you, Helen. It was a pleasure making this card, and nice to have it so warmly received on Kate’s blog. I’m glad it made it through before all the various quarantines. With so many grounded airplanes, I imagine mail will slow to a crawl.


      • Yes, I think mail will slow down considerably. My mum ordered a book of sock patterns for me from the States which should arrive sometime in April. However, it will be quite an achievement if it does!


    • Thank you, Cathy. This was a pleasure to make and send. Kate wrote the nicest blog about the card, too, and about letter writing in general. I’m approaching eight-weeks post surgery, basically up on two feet, but with support and lots of icing to help with the continued swelling. Stay well. xo

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  9. I’m sure you already know how much I loved the card! I knew it was for Kate immediately. The two of you have the biggest hearts ever. And Pauline too, of course. Kate has been such a big help to me in the quilting arena as I’m a novice and not quite as precise as Kate or my other friends. But I do the best I can sewing and cutting by braille and have a good time with it. It can be quite fatiguing so wait till your strength returns. Lots of standing to cut and press. We are still hunkered down here but doing well. Keep well, all of you.


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