Scrap-Happy March: Paper Greens

I’m joining Kate, of Tall Tales from Chiconia, for her monthly scrap-happy blog post. The challenge is to use scraps from other projects to make something useful, beautiful, or both. Several bloggers post once a month showcasing a project made entirely from scraps.

This month I’m using green paper scraps and pages from an old wall calendar.

I started with this pile of paper scraps…

green scrap paper

Green just happens to be my favorite color

Assorted pages from an old gardening calendar

Old Farmer's Almanac Calendar

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Calendar

And a green Christmas tin.

Swiss Miss chocolate tin

Swiss Miss chocolate tin

I made three greeting cards…

Green strip quilt card

Card made from scraps of green paper and a calendar cut-out

calendar page card with vintage ribbon

Calendar page card with vintage ribbon rests near deep purple hyacinth

Tri-fold card

Tri-fold card

…and about 30 bookmarks. Here’s one made from the center of a calendar page.

calendar page bookmark

Calendar page bookmark with vintage seam binding

I also made a sign for our Little Free Library in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this coming Monday, and I covered a hot chocolate tin to hold the bookmarks.

four leaf clover lore

A bit of four-leaf clover lore in our LFL

Little Free Library with green books

Books with green spines and a covered Christmas tin full of bookmarks

All three cards incorporated bits of the calendar and paper scraps. I like creating like this, with a small pile of bits and bobs and no real plan.

I used a small bird drawing from the calendar for the first card

The trifold card incorporates the center panel from one of the calendar pages on the cover and on the inside of the card.

The third card is simply a photograph from a Nature Conservancy calendar, tied with vintage seam binding. I used a die to cut a note of thanks from a green paper scrap.

The bookmarks are an eclectic bunch. I used several scraps of green paper, bits of vintage seam binding, Washi tape, and again, parts of my Old Farmer’s Almanac calendar. Lexi, my artistic friend, designed her own Washi tape. You can see it here along with several of her other creations.

The green theme won’t last long in the Little Free Library as books come and go, but it has been fun playing with paper and ideas. Thanks for inspiring me to slow down, Kate, and to take some time to play.

Do you like crafting from scraps? Why not join us for the next round.

Little Free Library with green books and bookmarks

Little Free Library filled with green books, bookmarks and a note about four-leaf clover lore.

It *is* easy being green! (Sorry, Kermit).

From Kate’s blog:

“ScrapHappy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything – no new materials. It can be a quilt block, pincushion, bag or hat, socks or a sculpture. Anything made of scraps is eligible. If your scrap collection is out of control and you’d like to turn them into something beautiful instead of leaving them to collect dust in the cupboard, why not join us on the 15th of each month? You can email Kate at the address on her  Contact Me page. You can also contact Gun, via her blog, to join. We welcome new members. You don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment or even join in every month, just let either of us know a day or so in advance if you’re new and you’ll have something to show, so we can add your link. Regular contributors will receive an email reminder three days before the event.”

48 thoughts on “Scrap-Happy March: Paper Greens

  1. I was thinking it must be great fun to be a regular at your LFL. I love how you include a celebratory day into it and I’m sure your ‘customers’ get a real kick out of it. The use of scraps is a fun pastime for sure – I should do it more often. This latest forays of yours (and Kate’s) has been highly successful – the idea of incorporating the calendar pictures in with your green scraps is inspired. As is photographing them resting in your garden 🙂 I’ve said this before and never think to emulate you when taking my own photos – I’m so boring!


    • Pauline, you are anything but boring. You turn out an impressive amount of creative work, including sketches, paintings, light catchers, cards and clever sewing supply holders, to name but a few. I love your blog, your photos, your creativity….gush, gush, gush. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely LOVE everything about this post!!! The green incorporated into the spring and St. Pats day with gardening themed paper and scraps throughout! It’s so inspiring. Alas, I have yet to get where I can play but other things are coming together nicely so I’m at peace with it for the moment.I held my computer sideways so I could read the book titles. 😉 I’m so addicted that I would want to read most of them, even those cute childrens books. I finished a loaned book yesterday so I could get it back to the lender. Thank goodness it wasn’t terribly long. I’d love to do scrap happy but still have so much else on the list. Oh my. I love looking at all the pretty on this page and don’t want to close it. Giant squishy creative hugs, my friend.


    • Thank you, Marlene. You always make me feel so good. Your machine is rarely idle, so I wouldn’t worry too much about a scrappy post (unless of course you’re dying to do so). I love using up bits and pieces of things. There is something so gratifying about it. Regarding the children’s books, I’ve always been a fan of children’s literature. I loved reading to my boys and was saddened when they said “I can take it from here, mom.” Sigh. Squishy hugs back to you, MH!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stories we could tell of reading to children. I had mine read to me for many years. They may be doing that again in my doddering years. 😉 My step-daughter turned out to be functionally illiterate in the 7th grade after years in a private school and getting good grades. How could that happen??? So we started out reading together, I read a paragraph then had her read the next. I bought her a dictionary and thesaurus and we went through books like that until she learned all the basic words and became an avid reader herself. Patience was a requirement. 🙂


  3. I don’t personally do any scrapping or similar crafts but I always admire the results. I love book marks, so your creations really caught my eye! I think it must be a relaxing pastime. Very nice creative work, Alys!


  4. This is a very Green project, as well as being green 🙂 Several more trees saved from landfill, enjoying a new life as something pretty, something seasonal, something useful. Great Scrappiness, Alys!


  5. I have a big pile of paper scraps that I’d love to make into cards – yours are so beautiful. Also I think I can now see a use for last year’s calendars, which are cluttering up the place and which I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to throw out. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    • Jan, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Calendars are generally quite pretty and printed on a nice, quality paper. It does seem a shame to toss them. The paper strip card is easy to make. I draw a line at a 45 degree angle across a rectangle of card stock, then lay down the first strip. I put the second strip at an angle going down. After that, it’s just a matter of laying strips down right up against the last. It’s fun coordinating colors, too.


  6. I always choose calendars with gorgeous pictures and never want to throw them away afterwards. I’ve thought of asking local schools if they could use them but maybe I’ll have a play with them one day in the hope I can come up with something as lovely as your cards and bookmarks.
    I might not have been able to cover up that cute doggy face tin though 🐶


    • Don’t worry about the dog on the tin. He’ll be uncovered in time for Christmas bookmarks (the beauty of covering his sweet face with paper). Calendars are gorgeous. I think of the many I’ve tossed over the years, and wish I had thought to reuse them this way. One year I challenged myself to use every page from the calendar. I made a gift card holder, lined a drawer, made gift tags, bookmarks and even covered a box. I had so much fun. That said, I’m sure schools would be happy to have them, too. Our boys teachers often asked for old magazines for collage projects. Calendars would work well, too.


    • Thank you, Kerry! It was fun staring down those scraps and making them into cards and bookmarks. I enjoyed pulling out some of my scrapbooking tools as well. I spent a much-needed afternoon at home doing this and have vowed to set aside more time to do the same. I have a bag of yarn sitting idle, a pillow kit from New Zealand and other projects. I’m just so tired at the end of my volunteering days that I often doze on the couch by 8:30. I’m going to restore some balance. You inspire me!


  7. Wowsah! What a post. I love all the things you have done with your scraps. So creative! A week or so ago, I got rid of last years calendar. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Now I know. Bookmarks! Did you glue the calendar paper on card stock?


  8. Your little library looks so sweet. You are so creative with bits and pieces I would never think to use! Can’t believe it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day!


  9. Well look at you being so very clever and creative ! You must have the best LFL in town…heck, in America! 😀 I love that you change it up so thoughtfully for your visitors. What fun for them (and you).
    I also save all my scraps of paper from projects, providing I really love the paper. I get kits from work that, while I have fun with, I know I’ll never use again, so I pass on the extra bits. Your crafting space was really well organized. I save my bit’s by collection rather than colour.
    Glad you are able to find some YOU time !! xoxo


    • Saving by collection makes good sense. I don’t tend to shop that way, but if I lived your crafting life, I think I would follow suit. Your craft room is a delight as are the amazing creations you bring forth. Thanks for all your kind words, Boomdee.

      Liked by 1 person

        • True that. I’ve seen some impressive rooms in my time, though I think Jennifer McGuire tops the list of most organized. It’s not as charming as some, but efficient. I think I like a mix of both. When I was a girl and into sewing I used to plan my future sewing room. It would have a large cutting table, a hard floor to make sweeping pins and threads a breeze and lots and lots of natural light and storage. A decent ironing board would be a must. Now I make cards and do a bit of sewing, with some yarn laying around for crochet.

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  10. What a perfect way to welcome Spring, Alys! Your handmade cards and bookmarks are so creative and will make so many people happy. I love how you carried the ‘green’ theme from your craft room to your Little Free Library. You live a ‘green’ life on so many levels, my friend! 💗 P.S. I can tell you had fun, too!!


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