In a Vase on Monday: A Tiny Treasure from my Travels

This week, it’s all about the vase. I don’t generally buy travel souvenirs but how could I resist this charming little vessel?

Puerto Vallarta cat vase

This vase from Puerto Vallarta is pretty on all sides (That’s Tessa our cat walking away in the background)

I spotted the vase on our final day in Puerto Vallarta. It’s small, perhaps the size of a tall shot glass. Once wrapped in protective paper and I stashed it in my purse for the trip home.

Scale is everything with a vase this small. I scouted my limited winter choices and decided on three white camelliaΒ camellia japonica and a few sprigs of my beloved fern.

Camellia Japonica

Camellia Japonica

Camellia Japonica bud

Camellia Japonica bud

The petals were already dropping, so I don’t think the arrangement will last the week, unless this pretty bud opens up. I love that faded pink on the tips.

Vase on window sill

Kitty vase on my home office window sill

cat vase with camellia and fern

An outdoor shot where the light is always best

cat with cat vase

Tessa the curious

As it turns out, several bloggers join the In a Vase on Monday feature.Β It was nice connecting some of you last week.

Thank you Cathy at Words and Herbs and Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for your ongoing inspiration.

56 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: A Tiny Treasure from my Travels

    • We’re definitely seeing signs of spring, Lisa. My hyacinth are always the first up, followed by freesia and narcissus. I remember smiling when we visited DC that first time. My Narcissus came and went in February, whereas your’s were up in March/April. You notice so much more when you blog.

      So I hear we have a budget till February 8th. On and on it goes. My sister works for the VA so she is concerned “essential services”. How about you?

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  1. Your Camellia is lovely Alys, and even if it doesn’t last that long I think watching flowers drop their petals and slowly fade can also be fulfilling. πŸ™‚ We have snow and I couldn’t rally myself to think out the box this week, but I hope to be back with a vase next Monday.


    • Thank you, Marlene. We’ve barely had a winter here. It’s been surreal. We’re way behind again on rain and only now really have a few cooler days. Are you getting any snow yet? Tessa is never far from the action. I adore that sweet, curious cat.

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      • Tessa is going to be good for a lifetime of entertainment. You can see it in her photos. No significant snow here this year and way too warm. I hate to see what the summer will bring again. Ugh. I may have to move to the north pole. πŸ™‚


        • I’m dreading summer too. We seem to be on the similar patterns. It feels cold today, only because it’s been ridiculously warm all winter and mostly dry, too. We had two rainy days this week, and that’s it for another ten days, sliding us into February.


          • It’s going to be 60 degrees for the next 2 days!!!! Guess we are keeping all the rain to ourselves here. Down with bronchitis still and this rain isn’t helping me get out and walk in the fresh air. Of course my back going out had the doctor telling me to stay off the hills. So no mall with people and no outside. I’m kind of grumpy these days. Send me pretty pictures of NZ. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited for you all.


  2. How nice that you found a treasure to bring home. All I bought in Mexico was Vanilla and unfortunately is was stale. Side note: did you ever do that little science thing in school where you put a drop of vanilla in a balloon and it turns into a nice perfume? Fantastic winter garden flowers too! Do they have a scent? I’ve been watching the news about the gov’t shutdown……weird stuff. Hell of a way to run a country. I heard the ‘necessary workers’ were to work for free? I don’t know how you take it all. Come back to Canada! xoxo


    • I’m sorely tempted, believe me. I’m so fed up with the daily nonsense 45 dishes out, and the harm his insensitive and indifferent attitude is causing so many people. It’s heartbreaking, and moral corrupt.

      I love my little vase. I spent half an hour trying to find an artist’s name before I published but no luck. I’ve never done the balloon with vanilla experiment. What fun! I love the smell of vanilla as it’s freshly dropped into cake batter. Ummmmm. Too bad your vanilla arrived home stale. What a shame.

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  3. Oh, yes! You *needed* that vase! I used to buy tons of things when I went on a trip but I seldom buy anything anymore–don’t need more stuff! But when the perfect little gem presents itself . . . And speaking of perfect gems, Tessa is growing up!


    • Agreed! Few of us need more stuff. Sometimes I’ll just bring home postcards, and my own photos of course. Tessa is a gem among gems. I’ll write another post about her one of these days. She’s so fun and funny and affectionate, too. We adore her.


  4. The vase is so pretty; I wouldn’t have resisted it either. We’ve been buried in snow, so I’m very happy to live vicariously through your ‘limited’ winter choices’.

    We honeymooned in Mexico and I regret not bringing back a momento, but in retrospect I did bring back a husband and there’s nothing better than that πŸ™‚


    • I’m sorry to hear you’ve been buried in snow, Sara. It’s been a rough winter for the eastern seaboard.

      Perhaps you and the Mister can return to Mexico for an anniversary. Does that have any appeal? It probably sounds appealing right now with your frigid winter in full force. You’re comment about “bringing back a husband” made me giggle.

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  5. How very sweet. I used to pick up tiny things to put in a printers box that I have hanging on the wall but I filled it years ago. My daughter started me on magnets and that is a great way to remind me of the wonderful places I have been and take me there for a just a moment. This is a sweet reminder of a lovely weekend and you can put some of your favorite things in it all year long.


    • Amy, I had to look up the term “printer’s box” but as soon as I saw one, I knew exactly what you meant. That is a clever way of displaying small treasures from your travels or any collection for that matter.

      Did I ever tell you that I collect the little paper tag from tea bags? It started just after college and all these years later, with over 200 tags, they still fit in a large glass jar. It’s a portable collection. πŸ˜‰

      Magnets are a fun thing to collect as well, and they’re available pretty much everywhere.


  6. What a gorgeous little treasure you brought home! It suits you, somehow … bright and sweet and full of optimism. πŸ™‚ Thank you for brightening my day with this lovely little slice of sunshine from your garden. xx


  7. Camellias never last long in a vase but it’s still worth having the blooms in sight to be admired. Your new vase is precious, as is Tessa. My own cat is a tortoiseshell-tabby mix or, as the ladies with the cat rescue organization I got her from called her, a “Torbie.”


  8. I’ve just discovered your blog and loved reading about your Mexican holiday and little vase. You’ll be looking forward to spring while we are struggling with summer and lack of rain.


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