A Garden Dressed in White

“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

When I studied color theory, it surprised me to learn that white pigment is the absence of color whereas in light, white is the combination of all color. Scientifically speaking, white isn’t a color at all, but as ‘non-colors’ go it’s loaded with symbolism and meaning.

I also learned today that white or pale flowers are more strongly scented than their darker counterparts. Who knew!

Come join me for a walk through my mid-autumn garden. The ‘color’ of the day, isn’t a color at all.

flowering basil

Flowering basil

The rest of the vegetable garden went to sleep in October, but this pretty plant continues to thrive.


Bacopa: This survived the summer heat and very little water

I gave this potted Bacopa very little water this summer. Now that it’s cooler and we’ve had a bit of rain, the plant revived.


Camellia along the back fence

This gorgeous, Camellia is one of my favorite splashes of white this time of year.


A fading Cosmo, one of the lasts flowers in the curb garden

This Cosmo looks tired, but it is November. She’s been pumping out blooms for some time.


Hydrangea, grateful for some rain

Again, one of the last blooms on this plant.

sweet alyssum and begonia

Sweet Alyssum and Begonias on the patio

There are a few begonias in the back of this pot, but the summer belonged to my Sweet Alyssum. As it goes to sleep, a pretty white shower drifts below.


The last of the Anemone. They’ve been flowering since August

Saying Goodbye to King Tut

My sister’s beloved kitty died yesterday. He’s been a wonderful companion to her and will be sorely missed. He had the whitest coat, emerald-green eyes and the cutest little ears. He also had a sweet personality to match. Farewell KT.

KT Eating Kitty Greens

KT Eating Kitty Greens

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31 thoughts on “A Garden Dressed in White

  1. I am so sorry to hear of King tut’s passing. Dear Sharon, please accept a warm hug from me, it is so hard losing our beloved pets and no words can ease the loss. Here is a link to a poem that I have in a slightly different form – but it says kind of what I want to say to you – I hope you like it http://www.catquotes.com/lendmeakitten.htm

    Dear Alys, a lovely winding down of your autumnal garden – returning to pure light after all the vibrancy of summer and autumn. Isn’t it magical!!

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  2. I loved the tour through your garden, the purity of the white blooms instilling a sense of serenity.

    I’m also heartily sorry for Sharon’s loss of King Tut. I know well the grief that we must bear when our beloved animal companions leave us. What a lovely poem thecontentedcrafter shared. Please give Sharon my sincere condolences as she adjusts to life without her beloved friend. Thank you, Alys, for sharing the news, as well as the adorable photos.

    I’ll copy here the same poem I shared when Beijing passed:
    “Dear Little Ghost, whose memory has never faded from my heart, sleep sweetly in the fields of asphodel, and waken, as of old, to stretch thy languid length and purr thy soft contentment to the skies.” ~ Agnes Repplier

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  3. I’m really sad to hear your news tonight hon. Sweet, dear KT. Thank you for sharing your photo’s. The one with the silly face is so cute. My heart breaks for Sharon knowing she loved KT so much. Very sorry Sharon, that it was time to say good-bye. We are never ready. I know it must be a tremendous blow. I’ll be thinking of you both with love, I know you were very attached too. I’m sure KT adored Aunty Alys and all the grass you were lovingly growing and bringing over for him. Weren’t they lucky to have each other for so many years?

    The white garden tour is so perfect for today Alys, very sweet dedication. I’ve seen an ‘all’ white garden in a magazine once. It would be hard for me to resist all the other pretty things at the Garden Market, but I thought it looked spectacular. I’m in awe of the Alyssum. It’s so tall and bushy. Our’s is usually fairly short and is grown as an annual. It smells so pretty, I’ve always enjoyed it and even more so now since it reminds me of you. Hey? Can you still use the Basil after it flowers? That smells so great in the garden too.

    I know you will be offering comfort to Sharon as she adjusts to life without KT. I wish I could do something to help (could I help with a vet bill?) Please take good care of each other xo I love you dearly. ❤ K

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    • You’re right: we are never ready. To love an animal is to know that one day we’ll be saying goodbye. Sharon really misses him. The house feels so empty with him gone. My heart hurts for her.

      I imagine an all white garden would soothe in a certain way, but I love variety too. I’ve seen homes decorated with white and a bit of black and they can be warm and serene if done correctly. Again, I’m just such a fan of all colors.

      Isn’t that Alyssum something? It completely took over that pot and flourished all summer long. It had just the right amount of sun. Its also a second year offspring. They tend to be healthier and heartier.

      You are so kind to offer help. What a dear. xox

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  4. Such divergent emotions here today. My heart is sad for Sharon and my thoughts are with her. Others have expressed the sentiments of loss better than I so i’ll just hope that she reads them all and feels the love from around the world.
    Alys, your photos are really great and show the beauty in your garden of white. Super photography!!

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  5. I’m so very sad to hear of the loss of a handsome and beloved kitty. Deepest sympathy and huge hugs to you and Sharon during such a tough time. Your beautiful garden and post are a fitting tribute to a companion so loved. Pauline’s poem helped me and the family a great deal earlier this year. I hope it also helps you both find some comfort. Thinking of you. xoxoxoxox

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  6. Hi Alys! I am so sorry to hear about King Tut. The passing of ones dear friend is always hard to deal with as they become such a loved part of our lives. Give your sister a hug from me! The one huge thing that I love about blogging is seeing everyone’s life experiences, and where they live. I see things blooming in your yard, while I am sitting here right now looking at 4 inches of snow in mine! It is just amazing on how different areas we all live in, and it will never cease to amaze me! I wish I could roll back the calendar to sunnier & warmer days! Hugs!

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  7. It never fails, Alys, I always learn something new when taking a tour of your post–and especially your garden. White blossoms equal a stronger scent?? I love knowing that now, as I’ve tended to ignore those petals in favor of the eye candy catching colors. No more.
    And I’m fairly certain that your “winding down” autumnal garden is pretty much what many gardeners would keep their fingers crossed for at the peak of spring and summer days. What a gift you have.
    Lastly, my condolences on the sweet feline. It’s so hard to lose a dear family friend.
    Hugs from my side of the screen.


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