Halloween Cards: Chlorophyll Prints From My Garden (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my recent post about crafting from my garden.

I’m crafting Halloween cards from my garden this year using chlorophyll prints. Before harvesting the last of the pumpkin vines,  I made chlorophyll prints from the pumpkin’s leaves.

Pumpkin leaves have a rich, green texture and that color and texture transferred beautifully on white card stock. I used my recently acquired Big Shot tool to make the impressions/prints. You can see the other card style in my post: Halloween Cards: Crafting from my Garden.  I blogged about my first attempts with chlorophyll prints in a post: Experimenting with Chlorophyll Prints.

I found inspiration on Dawn’s blog late last year. You can have a look at her beautiful card creations at Petals. Paper. Simple Thymes.

For this set of cards, I used the pumpkin leaf impression on the cover. I added a stamped pumpkin image and a few green leaves along with the stem.  Inside the card I used the chlorophyll print from the Nepeta once again, along with a pine-needle imprint for the small pumpkin.

I used craft envelopes for the smaller cards, adding a spider web detail to the flap. A few years ago, Tim Holtz came out with a stencil called Shatter. It makes the perfect spiderweb, don’t you think?

Blue ink worked well on the black envelopes, whereas silver ink showed better on the craft paper. Our post office is selling Disney Villain postage stamps this time of year. They’re the perfect finishing touch. Disneyland may call itself the “happiest place on earth”, but many of the movies I watched as a child scared me to my core.

But hey, it’s Halloween. Hopefully my cards don’t send a chill down anyone’s spine.

Note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but waited to share it in October. Since writing this light-hearted post, if feels like the wheels have come off the proverbial bus. I’m trying to regain some perspective. November is just around the corner. I hope it brings cooler weather and cleansing rains.

Northern California Fire Update:

Sonoma was the hardest hit county in this month’s wildfires with some 6,800 homes lost. Another 569 homes in Napa County were destroyed. The two wine country counties each lost at least 5 percent of their housing stock, according to estimates.

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County’s largest city, lost entire neighborhoods, including the suburb of Coffey Park and mobile home parks. The fires also left a path of destruction in Fountaingrove, a neighborhood known for its expensive homes.

Overall, the Northern California wildfires burned more than 245,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 8,700 structures and killed at least 42 people, according to Cal Fire. As of Wednesday, at least 16 people were still listed as missing in Santa Rosa. – Source CNBC







40 thoughts on “Halloween Cards: Chlorophyll Prints From My Garden (Part 2)

  1. These are so neat, Alys. I hope people realize the work that went into them (however pleasurable). I like your spider web stencils, but on second look, I thought, “That’s glass with a bullet hole or tossed rock.” Hence, shatter, I guess, but in the context nicer minds than mine will think “spooky spider web.” I have been following the fires. It’s really horrible. I’m glad you had such good pumpkins again. I think they like California and I hope they seed themselves in your garden again. As for those lucky people who get your cards, I hope they hang them up for the rest of fall!


  2. Those fires have been horrendous Alys – I can’t imagine what it would have been like for the people directly affected. I remain glad that you are safe, and hopeful that the air pollution is clearing. It seems these environmental disasters are on the increase aren’t they?

    Our issues are and will increasingly be focused around earthquakes and flooding, but they are trifling when I think of what is happening in Syria, in Puerto Rico, In the UK and Ireland after Ophelia and today I heard that Queensland is being battered by storms and floods. We bear witness and help where we can…….

    On a brighter note I love your cards, envelopes and stamps…… ( I agree about the Disney films though, they scared me even when I saw them as a teen and they terrified my children too. I think they might be a little more sanitised these days)

    I hope you get your wheels back on soon so you can enjoy your favourite holiday. I’m a little concerned about you, do you want to Skype?

    In the meantime big hugs xoxo

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  3. I think you have a second calling if the organizing thing doesn’t work out. You can spread lots of spookiness this Halloween. I love how the spiderweb look comes in two colors. The black envelopes are fantastic. I never would have thought of the Disney villains for Halloween stamps. We are going to have the warmest, driest Halloween in at least the last five years. I may ask my sister to stay the night with me so we can give out candy. Won’t do it if I’m alone. Not many children here but the few might be worth it. 🙂 It’s a good time to let go of our worries and have some fun. I’m so anxious to see all your Halloween costumes and pumpkins. It will be 65 here and NO rain! I was going to send cards (store bought) but didn’t get it done. ;( Maybe next year. 🙂

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    • Marlene, did your sister ending up staying the night and passing out candy with you? I’m glad it was a dry night for you. We’ve only had two rainy Halloweens in the past twenty years, and one year it didn’t start raining until 9! What luck.

      I was tickled to find those Disney Villain stamps. I’m equally delighted to see that the book The Snowy Day is featured on a stamp, perfect for Christmas. Have you seen it?

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      • No, I have not seen the stamp but will look for it when I go to the post office. My sister ended up dog and house sitting that week so she couldn’t be here but it was just as well. No one is coming out for candy anyway. I’m slogging my way through a shirt for the kid that has sat for 2 years. It’s an Islander pattern and the directions are horrid! It’s making me crazy but must finish before next Tues when he comes for 3 weeks. It’s a birthday gift that should have been done long ago. 😦 We have nothing but rain most of the day. It will slow down at 4 pm so I can walk then. Enjoy your dry for a while.


        • I tried posting it yesterday, but the site I was on was giving me a lot of grief. I even tried ordering them, and then USPS said my account has been disabled. Ah tech! I’ll be heading to the post office after all.

          Good luck with the shirt. I’ve not made one in years, but they take a lot of time if memory serves me: sleeves, yoke, collar, front and back, buttons or snaps, interfacing. You’re brave, Marlene. Best of luck getting it done on time. It rained here last night too, but just a bit of drizzle throughout the day. Tessa wasn’t sure what to make of it. I hope you made it outdoors for that walk. xo

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          • Did make it outdoors and got WET! They said the rain would stop for an hour or two and the sum was out. Ha! But it’s ok, I’m not made of sugar. 🙂 I’m going to try again tomorrow. For heavens sake the darn pocket on the shirt is LINED! The directions are ridiculous! I’m going to use my own directions and do the best I can with it. Started a couple little wall hangings instead. Need to do something I can have success with first. 🙂 Hope you get a bit more of that drizzle. It doesn’t wash away hillsides.


            • It sounds like rainy season is upon you. We had bits of rain (if you call 1/10th of an inch rain), but so it goes in San Jose. We’ll take it. Seeing the mountains and having the smoke and ash and dirt still lingering washed away is a gift.

              I’ve read so many poor pattern directions over the years. It’s a wonder we get through them. I used to think it was me, but now that I’ve heard this from virtually everyone who sews, I know it’s a universal truth.

              I’m glad you’ve taken a break to work on wall hangings. I understand the need for success to keep you motivated. xo

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  4. So much creativity, my friend! I just love how you started with Chlorophyll Prints from your own little pumpkin patch and added so many special touches, Alys. Your cards are true gifts from the heart! A little creative time is so good for the soul. I spent today making our Thanksgiving cards. This weekend, I will make some very special birthday cards.

    We really felt the seasons change this week. Last night we had our first frost and tomorrow we will see a few snowflakes in Illinois. I’ve been sipping tea to stay warm and reflecting on all of the joys in my 2017 garden.

    I’m holding you close to my heart, dear Alys. Hope you will enjoy a lighthearted Halloween! 💗


    • Thank you for your friendship, Dawn. I feel you in spirit. I’m really impressed that you are already making T-Day cards. Wow, good for you. I have a few ideas, but I don’t know if I’ll have time. I hope you’ll share some of yours.

      It sounds like winter has arrived in earnest. I know you’ll be enjoying more time in your paper garden, sipping away at your tea. xo

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  5. Wonderful cards, Alys. Your creative skills fill me with awe. As you celebrate Halloween we are being urged by author and blogger Juliet Batten to celebrate the rising sap on October 31 in honor of the Celtic festival of Beltane, or Maori Whiringanuku, when ‘ka whakaniho nga mea katoa o te whenua i konei’ —all things now put forth fresh growth. https://www.facebook.com/JulietBattenBooks/ Juliet suggests we wear something green or plant something green. So, I will try to remember to wear green next week and wish rejuvenation and regrowth for your fire ravaged areas.


    • Thank you! I really enjoyed this process, learning as I went along. Creativity can be a wonderful escape, too, from what’s troubling you. It’s also nice writing out the cards and sending them to friends; another way to connect.

      Thank you for sharing Juliet Batten’s link. I like the idea of wearing or planting green in support of rejuvenation.

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  6. The cards are delightful; it’s incredible how those Disney stamps pop off the black envelopes! I’d never heard of chlorophyll prints before today; how interesting! I don’t have a big shot, but maybe I can sub in a pasta maker to give it a try.

    It saddens me to hear about the devastation of the fires but I’m relieved to hear that you are safe. I sympathize with how it must feel to live in the moment of such horrific events but the tides will turn once again and things will eventually equalize; they always do. I’m sending happy thoughts your way.


    • Sara, I love the idea of trying a pasta maker. Really anything that applies enough pressure to the paper and leaves should work.

      I’m glad you liked the cards. I learned so much making them. I’m letting a few new ideas percolate in my head.

      Thank you for your happy thoughts.

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  7. I was hoping this post meant things were looking up in your corner of the world, but as I read on it became clear that is not the case, and I am so sad to hear of all that destruction Alys. Especially of lives. I do hope you get some rain soon that willl ease the situation and I also hope you can still have a few hours of Halloween fun this year! xx


    • Hello, dear Cathy. I’m behind responding to comments. I’m sorry to leave this one sitting so long. We enjoyed Halloween, and are looking forward to wet weather mid week. We had a trace of rain, not enough to make a big difference but it did clear the air. Thank you for being here.

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  8. XO first. Honey! I’m worried, your wheels have been off for too long. I will have my November schedule shortly, let’s plan to skype. Everyone gets the blues and there’s lots to worry about in the world. We need to help each other feel good about life and ourselves.
    Your card projects are delightful and I love that you incorporate your love of gardening into them too. I really fancy your envelopes! The stenciling is perfect. America has such fun stamps. Canada Post should take note.
    While your days remain sunny and warm (maybe too warm), we are fast heading into chilly weather here. The lack of sun can really bum some people out. But then again, it’s anticipated and I take solice in the fact that I get a sunny break mid winter with all my lovely friends. I feel so blessed. I actually cleaned windows yesterday before work. Something about looking out of sparkly, clear windows can change your view. The sun shines in brighter. Even the leaves blowing by seem a little more poetic. Is this a metaphor for what’s troubling you? Unintentional for sure, but I’ve just put 2 and 2 together. That’s what I need to do! Clean Alys’s window’s, sparkle them up so everything shines through brighter! I’m on it! ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you so much

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    • You are such a dear! Thank you for your love and concern. I’m avoiding as much news as I can and that helps. I’m also finding ways to volunteer throughout the upcoming season and that helps, too. I’ve been doing a bit of standing meditation to help re-center and it really works. I love that you cleaned your windows to a sparkle. If I lived on a property surrounded by trees (instead of closeup neighbors) I would love to have huge floor to ceiling windows everywhere to let in as much light as possible. Wouldn’t that be spectacular. Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD is really challenging for some people. I think exposing yourself to as much natural light as possible is supposed to help. Thanks for your love and friendship. I’m looking forward to our time away in February/March. xo

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  9. I was wondering how you were, Alys, so glad to have seen an update from you.

    It goes without saying that your cards are beautiful. I think I will have a go with chlorophyll myself – leaves pressed with a wallpaper roller might work.


  10. We are so lucky to be spared fires like this – my heart goes out to everyone not so lucky. Hopefully, creating these little works of art provide some distraction, if not therapy for you. I can’t imagine being so close to such devastation. X


    • Thank you, Sheila. It’s a relief to have true autumn weather which generally puts an end to the fire season. The Santa Rosa fires were among the worst this state has ever seen in terms of lives lost and property loss, including homes and small businesses. It’s mind-boggling.

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  11. WOW Alys– you explained in the card about your process on the chlorophyll prints, but I had no idea at all that you had done the spiderweb on the envelope, even though I noticed it right away. Had to go back just now and look at it again to appreciate it fully. Well done! Hope your Halloween was happy. We had a festive time here in NoVa and I got to enjoy the York neighborhood via video, which I posted to FB. Halloween brings much-needed fun to these recent Octobers so full of trauma and sorrow for so many of us. Thinking of you with love and gratitude!


    • Julia, the envelope flaps may have been my favorite part. It was really cool seeing the effect. I wanted to walk around the house stenciling everything, but I behaved myself. 🙂

      I’m so glad you had a good time in NoVa (I like that…NoVa). Halloween is festive and fun. We had slightly fewer children this year, not doubt due to the day of the week, but that only means we had about 300 kids instead of 400. So much fun. Love back to you.


  12. I’ve been away for a few days and am just getting to this–what amazing cards you made! I hope the card making distracted you a little from all the badness going on around you, although it all sounds so terrifying I’m sure you were overwhelmed. Keep moving forward, Alys–and know we’re here for you!


    • Hello Kerry, I hope you’ve had a relaxing time away. A change of scenery does us all good. I enjoyed making these cards, experimenting with the different techniques and seeing what worked and what didn’t. I hope to make more in the future, though my choices of greenery will be more limited as we move toward winter. Everyone in the Bay Area has been touched by these fires with friends or family that lost homes, businesses and in some cases both. The human loss as well as the overwhelming process of rebuilding is daunting. I’ll be back in Santa Rosa next month visiting with Marcia. It will be another sobering experience. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. xo


  13. I love the spider web pattern and think next year I’d really like to try this! You were creative and ambitious! I read this morning’s Los Angeles Times and the story of one family and the loss of their children as a result of the Santa Rosa fire. I have been listening to a public radio station in Sonoma so that I can remain aware of how the region is faring. As you can imagine, in Southern California there is little coverage at this point. I hope the wheels are back on your bus soon, Alys. 🙂


    • Hi Debra. It’s so nice to hear from you. The cards took a lot of time, but a lot of that was figuring things out. I will definitely make chlorophyll prints again. They were really fun. In the end, the quality of the paper made the biggest difference. I used a 110 pound white card stock. The envelopes on the other hand were a breeze to decorate and great fun.

      As for the fires and the loss of life, it’s tragic. I remember reading about that family early on. There are on average 13 deaths a year due to wildfires throughout the entire US. To have over 40 in one event is unimaginable.

      I hope you’re getting a bit of SoCal fall weather. You’ve had a lot of fires down your way as well. Sending you a hug, Debra. xo


  14. Finally getting around to reading this post. I am so behind on everything these days it seems. I hope you have had some cooler weather and things are better in that way. I LOVE THE CARD< THE ENVELOPE AND THE STAMP!! What an amazing amount of work and talent went into that. Thank you so much for sharing. We had a nice Halloween. We went up to Matt and Julia. They get a lot of little ones and because we live in the woods we get none. This year there seemed to be fewer than last year but that was ok because the neighbor girl who was dressed as Wonder Woman kept coming over. I told her daddy (he was dressed as Superman) that we had enough candy we could give her that she would soon be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He said that it was unfortunate they also had a lot of candy. Next to them were 5 month old twins dressed as pumpkins. You would have loved them. Their mom and dad made sure we got to see them several times before taking them inside for the night. Julia got BBQ from the local restaurant and made some sides herself. It was all delicous. My quilt for my son is coming along and after that I might get some cards of my own done though nothing so beautiful as yours. Thank you agian for the lovely post and for sharing your hard work. Not long till Thanksgiving. We are going to CO to see my mom. I pray that all my friends and family and the world find the end of November is full of blessings and much to be Thankful for. Take care of you. Love Amy


    • Amy, I’m so happy to hear you had a fun Halloween with Julia and Matt. She really made it a night with BBQ and sides and the fun of giving out candy. And honestly, how often do you get to see Wonder Woman, Superman and twin infant pumpkins, all in one night. That’s pretty special.

      I’m glad the quilt is coming along. Colorado is so pretty. I’m happy to hear you’ll be spending it there with your mom. Love and hugs and many thanks for your kind words. xo


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