Fairy Merry Christmas

Winter Solstice just passed in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning our daylight hours will start to grow longer. My friends in the Southern Hemisphere are honoring the longest day of the year.

Meanwhile, San Jose’s fairies are celebrating the arrival of several wet storms, a welcome pause in our very long drought.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Solstice!
Good tidings of summer!
And for those of you feeling the winter blues, just think: The first day of spring is just three months away.

fairy garden Christmas long view

Fairy Garden Festivities

fairy garden kitty with scarf

Look who has a bright red scarf for the holidays?

fairy garden with reindeer

There are a couple of reindeer on the roof. The rest of the team must be on a coffee break.

fairy garden merry christmas sign

Merry Christmas!


39 thoughts on “Fairy Merry Christmas

  1. Happy Winter Solstice to you! I am sways surprised to realise the longest day is in December, when we just seem to have got going with Summer. I guess it must be a relief for those who have the long cold, dark days of Winter. Your fairy house is delightful, and the red scarf gives the extra touch of joy.


    • Thank you, Anne! I’ve really learned a lot since blogging about the two hemispheres and the difference in celebrations. It’s one of my favorite things about blogging, too. I love learning about people and cultures.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the fairy garden. It’s a fun little place to dress up for the holidays, and it only takes about two minutes to put it all away when the holiday is over. 🙂


  2. Wishing you warmth and cheer to last through the year, Alys! Enjoy the holidays with your family. Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happy days! ♡


  3. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as you take out your lawn and put in drought tolerant plants, you get more rain than you’ve had in forever? You single handedly ended the drought. 🙂 I love the festive look of your fairy garden. Are those cinnamon sticks used to make the road way? Wish the fairies a Merry Christmas for me. Hugs to you.


    • Oh how I wish that were true, Marlene. I could send myself around the world, ending droughts everywhere.

      Those are cinnamon sticks (non-edible from a craft store). You have a keen eye. They’re supposed to discourage the squirrels from digging up the small plants, but our squirrels are indifferent to the scent and unearthed some plants a mere hours after I laid the path. Ha! That will teach me to try to outsmart them.

      The fairies send their well wishes. If you feel a slight breeze over your shoulder, that’s them blowing fairy kisses.

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    • Thank you, Pauline! It’s Christmas Eve here now, just a few hours away from the big day. It’s mellower with the boys now teens, but there is still a crackle in the air if that makes sense. I hope you’ve enjoyed the day with your lovelies all around you. Can’t wait to hear your update. xox


  4. Oh geez, wet storms? I hope it was more ‘wet’ than ‘stormy’. Although I do enjoy a good ol’ thunderstorm.

    Ka-Boom, one-one thousand, two-one thousand…..Crack! Flash! Squeal!

    Did you know? That’s how you tell how far a storm is from you, count down from the thunder to the lightening crack. Boomdee the meteorologist here, ha! I’m sure there’s a more scientific way on the internet….probably some Google Doppler Radar thingy.

    Your garden kitty is wearing a scarf ! How adorable are you? Brrrrr, all that chilly snow laying about, it’s a bit cold on kitty toes. Speaking of chilly kitty toes, Simons Cat has an adorable animation of kitty heading out to the winter garden and doing battle with a funny little bird. It made me laugh, this cat is a hoot.

    I awoke at 8:30 this am and thought, “nope, still sleepy”. So I closed my eyes and awoke at 9:45….holy hibernating Boomdee Batman! I’m going to sit in my jammies till noon and enjoy all the festive posts, yours being first of course ❤ ❤ ❤ xoox K


    • San Jose got the wet, but other parts got the windy which did cause a lot of damage (downed trees, downed power polls). We didn’t lose power, so that is always a plus.

      We so rarely get thunderstorms because we live in a valley. I think we’ve had two storms with thunder in the past 12 months.

      Yes, the little garden kitty that flew all the way from Edmonton is staying warm with his red scarf, nestled up against the succulent and waiting for a fairy to come along and open the door. 🙂

      I’m glad you are catching up on rest. It sounds perfect.

      Must check out Simon’s Cat. He’s brilliant and usually has me laughing outloud.

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  5. What a fantastic Christmas present (the rain). I hope you have a better year in 2016 in terms of rain. We’ve certainly had plenty recently – last year on Christmas Day I was watering the garden but I could let the skies have that honour today 🙂


    • Thank you, Helen. The El Nino conditions are expected to bring heavy rains in January and February. What we really need is gentle rain every day for six months, but the weather will do what it will do. I’m looking forward to more rain, but hope the floodgates remain closed. I hope you’ve had a pleasant Christmas (we have, very low key and nice). Do you celebrate Boxing Day?


      • Yes, steady rain rather than storms would be the ideal. Fingers crossed you don’t end up with floods…

        We have Boxing Day here, if that is what you mean. Now, it has become the first day of the ‘January’ sales, and I must admit that I will be taking advantage of it to find a new pair of boots. We’re also going for a post-Christmas lunch. Then it will be down to see my parents for a few days on Sunday.

        Enjoy Boxing Day yourself 🙂


          • Yes, thank you. Saved over half the price on them 🙂

            Just as I went east down the motorway, though, instead of going to the city centre as it was under about three feet of water. This was caused by the freak rain we’ve had over the last month leading to extensive flooding with most rivers bursting their banks and flood defences failing. So unfortunately not the happiest Christmas in the North of England and southern Scotland.


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