Cats With Hats

You know the old saw: kids prefer the box to the gift wrapped inside?

This year the “kids” are 15 and 18 and the proverbial box is actually a miniature Santa hat. The last item unwrapped was a gift basket full of goodies from our friends next door. A bottle of craft brew sported the tiniest of Santa hats. Santa’s chapeau weighs about as much as a tissue.

Slinky was sound asleep under the Christmas tree. Since she’s hard of hearing, she was oblivious to all the activity around her. My son reached over and deposited the tiny hat on her head.  Eyes open, she posed as we all lunged for our camera phones.

Slinky in Santa Hat

Slinky wonders what all the fuss is about

The game was on. Could they get Lindy and Mouse to wear the hat too?

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

lindy in santa hat

Lindy was game. The hat is so light, she didn’t seem to notice

Mouse with santa hat on his nose

Mouse brought it to his nose first

mouse holding santa hat

…then he took a nibble.

Mouse sleeping with Santa hat 2

Finally asleep and oblivious to his mega-watt cuteness.

mouse wearing santa hat 1

One parting shot because he’s so darn cute.

Photos courtesy of the Milner-Francini boys.

52 thoughts on “Cats With Hats

  1. Great Christmas Day fun! All your kitties are looking most amiable about being hatted and photographed. And that Mouse – what a cutie, what a poser!! 🙂

    Siddy received a pair of reindeer antlers which he was quite keen to sport, but they were too big and kept falling off . He even tried staying still for us, so the cameras could get the shot ….. Such a clever boy!

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  2. Thank you for that awwww moment. They are all adorable and your boys so wonderful to take the photos for us. Suppose those felines have a career in modeling?? I love the little Santa hats. How was the beer?


    • Good evening, Marlene. I’ve just been thinking about you and here you are. My sister stopped by yesterday and singled out the white embroidered angel on my tree. She was gob smacked when I told her you’d made it. I got up to show her your other creations, but then we were sidetracked. Does that happen to you? I’m just in awe of your creativity and counting my lucky stars that some of your handy work makes it my way.

      Cats are terrible models, so I think it’s extraordinary that we got all three of them to put up with a thirty seconds of hat-wearing. Honestly, it’s the lightest thing. It looks like it would be heavier then it is.

      I hope you’re enjoying the after-Christmas come-down. I know you love this holiday, so it may be hard to have it behind you. I think of it more as a season, especially since the boys are home from school. It won’t really be over for me till early January. So glad you stopped by tonight. Xo

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      • Thank you Alys. This has been a year where nothing went according to plan. But Christmas was wonderful non the less. I can always make an Angel for your sister if she’d like one. It takes very little time. I do love Christmas but it always exhausts me and I’m happy to move on. It will come down by the beginning of next week. Still have a quilters Christmas party tomorrow. Side tracked? What were we talking about. I’m probably queen of the side track. I walk around with a notebook or I’d never get done what needs doing. 😉


        • I’m trying a new journal this year (to help with the sidetracking). No surprises…I found it through another blogger. It has places to log gratitude, a bucket list, and places to list “happiness”. I like that. At the end of each month their is a page for reflections (goal review, new ideas, what feels good, what doesn’t). I like it so far. I’ll let you know how it goes.

          Sharon would be delighted to receive an angel. What a sweet gesture. She doesn’t set up a tree but has started to decorate her mobile scooter. This year she wrapped the front with garland and lights and a couple of bells. An angle would be a beautiful addition for next year. That said, I would hope you will do this only if it doesn’t add to what I’m sure is a long list of things to do.

          Enjoy that quilting party. I’m off sugar starting the New Year so I can try to reverse the weight gain from couch sitting for so long. How are you doing with your sweet tooth?

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          • Enough said. An Angel is in the making at the top of my list. I love making them. The journal sounds wonderful. Is it something that can be ordered online? I have a journal that has a one line gratitude for each day. I started it in Oct 2012. My nightly journal is more extensive with the things I’m grateful for. As for sugar, I had a few bites the last 2 days as I began to put things away. I gave it up in Sept but it’s a constant struggle. A good dose of Candida will cure your desire for sugar in a hurry. I will probably not eat at the party. I put stuff on a plate that I take home to TS and then take photos of the group so no one ever notices that I’m not eating all the junk. Works every time. Weight loss is still slow. Need to move more. I’ve been doing some interesting reading on what might be causing the mystery illnesses. Who has time for novels?


            • Thank you, Marlene! You are a dear. Journal writing is addictive. I kept in-depth journals for years, then fell out of the habit. I’ve recently taken it up again.

              Oh yes, sugar. Like you, and especially with chocolate, the more I have, the more I want. I simply can’t moderate. I’m working it out of my diet again as of this Monday. I’m also trying to stay away from the other white foods I love: potatoes, pasta and rice.

              Instead, I’m snacking on carrots, nuts or cheese (portion controlled) and eating soups, salads, veggie proteins and a small amount of fruit. Years of being skinny spoiled my for my middle years. And you’ll never guess who added ten pounds since her surgery?

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              • Angels have been stitched and will be trimmed up and ready to mail. I can guess how easy it would be for you to put on weight after a surgery. Lack of movement is my biggest struggle. I sit and write, sit and sew, sit and read, sit and watch TV and eat. I had a couple of neighbor ladies over yesterday and one brought wine. I properly opened it, poured her a glass and carried my own that had been filled with ice and water into the room. I pour a glass for the other lady when she came and no one noticed that all I was drinking was water. :)) Too much sugar in wine. Now to add in more movement. 😦 Your diet sounds just like mine right now. It’s working though. Hang in there.


                • (((Marlene))) Sharon will be tickled with her angel. Thank you! Will it be okay to give her your address, as I know she’ll want to send you a note?

                  Wine, and alcohol in general really does pack on the pounds. I’ve heard of people giving up wine and nothing else and dropping a lot of weight. They say it can also impair our food choices so it’s a bit of a double whammy. Darn those carbohydrates.

                  Thanks for your encouragement.

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                  • We are not alone. There are so many, including my son trying to drop the ever increasing poundage. 🙂 We’ll get through this.
                    Sharon doesn’t need to thank me but I’m not hiding so the address is not secret. 🙂
                    I received your lovely thank you card and was showing it off to my neighbors along with the box the soap and towel came in. They were lucky I didn’t drag out all my lovely gifts. Well, I kinda did. Your cards in the box from last year were a hit too. They were green with envy. :))


                  • I have done that with plates of food. Filled one up and no one noticed that I didn’t eat any thing. I took it home to the kid with the younger metabolism. 🙂 Then I start taking pictures and no one pays any attention to my food. 🙂


                    • You’re good! I would struggle with a plate full of food, unless I managed to fill it with things I didn’t like. Unfortunately, most party givers go out of their way to have delectable treats to tempt.

                      I too, have busied myself taking pictures, something I enjoy doing anyway. No one looks at me and worries that I”m wasting away. 😉

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  3. Cat’s with Hat’s! Fun title for your post Alys! They all look like furry little Santa Elves.

    As you mentioned to Marlene-a-go-go, it’s amazing that you actually got a shot of each of them wearing it, well done boys. Mouse is a natural star no matter what he’s up too. He’s sort of like the George Clooney of cats. Handsome and yet entertaining too because he makes you laugh. I actually like Lindy’s photo a whole bunch. I think it’s the way the hat is on her head. LOL. Well, when you’re here, you’ll see how much Petals looks like Slinky. Seems like they’re the same size but I’m sure Slink is smaller. I was just commenting to Bunny on FB that I melt when critters tuck in their widdle paws under to snooze….so that’s my favourite, Mousey sleeping….I want to smoosh him up. However, it’s a loveable manoeuvre that kitties generally don’t really enjoy, too much closeness would I guess, so smoosh responsibly. xoxox love you and your kitties too mwaaa

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  4. Boomdeeadda is so right — Mouse is the George Clooney of Cats! I bet your neighbour knew, when she popped that little hat into the present, that you would do something cute and creative with it!


  5. Alys,
    Once again you charm me with your blog! The cats are darling in the Santa chapeau. Personally, I think this was their gift to all of you.

    Happy New Year, dear Alys. And please tell Sharon that she is wished all good things in the coming year.


    • Mary Elizabeth, I think you’re right! They brought us all together to laugh and smile and enjoy them in their feline greatness. There is no better gift than one of joy.

      Thank you for being such a dear friend. I will extend your good wishes to Sharon who I know would same the same in return.

      Happy New Year.


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