3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day One is Done, Day Two Begins Anew

Hello there! Won’t you come join the quote train? It’s day two. Choo Choo!!!

You can read yesterday’s quote here. It’s a good one, quoting the brilliant Dr. Seuss.

If you would like to join us, here’s what you do. Over the next three weeks, add three quotes spread out over three days and be sure to have fun doing it. That’s what we’re all about here. If I call out your name below, it’s because I think you’ll enjoy sharing your own favorite quotes. NO pressure. In fact, you can forget I even mentioned it. It’s fun though and you never know who you’ll inspire with a clever, witty, creative, or mind-bending quote.

I’m jumping on the coattails of Pauline of the Contented Crafter. You can read Pauline’s clever quotes here, here and here.

You can quote me on this…

Today’s quote is from one of the “greatest practitioners of nonviolence,” Mohandas Gandhi.

animal collage 2015

Tag, you’re it (but only if you want to):

Petals at Boomdeeadda
Sheryl at Flowery Prose
Cathy at Words and Herbs (she’s on a wee break right now…Cathy, perhaps when you come back?) xox

23 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day One is Done, Day Two Begins Anew

  1. That is one of my favorite quotes. It affects me in the most profound ways you can’t begin to image. I read a lot of quotes everyday but this one always stops me in my tracks. Thank you for sharing it again.


  2. Somehow I am not surprised to see you share your birthday with Gandhi, even though 90 years apart one can see similar traits and prediclictions – the wonderful intention to bring balance into the world through gentleness and kindness and love. That is a sterling quote and needs to be pinned to the doorway of all homes. xoxo

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    • (((Pauline))) What a lovely and loving thing to say. Thank you. I do like the idea of a kind and gentle world and refuse to give up hope that we can get there.

      Do you remember seeing the brief footage of Gandhi at the loom at the Textile Museum in DC? It held my attention for several minutes, even though the clip itself is only 14 seconds long.

      I review so many memories from that trip, hoping to keep them as fresh and alive as possible. So many joyful, funny, inspired moments. xox

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