3 Days, 3 Quotes: Friday Finisher

quote gibran with dew drop

Are you thinking at this very moment of a favorite quote to share?

Go for it!

Sometime in the next three weeks, share three quotes spread out over three days. Or do what Joanna did and share three wonderful quotes in one rich vibrant and moving post.

That’s it. I’ve been tagging different blogging friends all week, hoping everyone will join the fun.

That said, NO pressure. In fact, you can forget I even mentioned it. Think about this though before you go: you never know who you’ll inspire with a quote that is near and dear to your heart.

Pauline of the Contented Crafter  got the ball rolling with her quotes here, here and here.

There is actually a fourth and funny quote on her blog but I need to maintain my Rated-G WordPress rating. You can go take a look, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Tag, you’re it (but only if you want to):

Benjamin at Nest Of Squirrels
Joe at The Visual Chronicle
Robin at The Forsyth Sagas

36 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes: Friday Finisher

  1. Does this mean I blew my G rating on WordPress in one moment of quotation madness Alys?
    That’ll teach me!!

    I love Gibran and it is so nice to see this small piece from him. Thank you! Your photos have been lovely accompaniments as well. Doing this challenge made me learn how to compose my own quote pictures and layouts, which was definitely an added bonus to the exercise!

    I have enjoyed your three quotes immensely, and the other ones I am seeing from your tagging of other shared blogging friends. I like seeing the different ways folks choose to frame their quotes or deliver them – it’s all very inspiring and enjoyable isn’t it! xoxo

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    • Since the quote is imbedded in the photo, I don’t think anyone will notice. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but last week a blogger I follow (name escapes me now) said she had to change her title twice. WP wouldn’t let her publish otherwise.

      Congratulations on learning some new tricks, Pauline. Way to go!

      This has been a joyful experience, reading and sharing quotes with others. Thanks for continuing the trend, Pauline. xox


    • PS Under admin, discussions, settings you’ll see
      Maximum Rating
      G — Suitable for all audiences
      PG — Possibly offensive, usually for audiences 13 and above
      R — Intended for adult audiences above 17
      X — Even more mature than above


  2. I had not seen this quote by Gibran though he is among my favorites. It is so sweet. I have several of his in my collection. The hardest part is how to present the quotes, as Pauline said. I have quotes, lots of them. I just need to get a post finished. ;(


    • I used to keep a notebook with favorite quotes, then pitched it somewhere along the way. The ones that resonate deeply tend to stay with us though, don’t they, even when they aren’t written down? The three I shared this week are life-long favorites.

      I’ve always loved the way Julia begins her posts with a quote. It’s been fun reading the quotes shared by others this week and last, and seeing the different spin on each one.

      I use a free software by Google called Picasa. It allows me to manipulate my photos in many ways including adding text on top of the photo. It’s available free for Mac or PC.

      Another approach is to use the Block Text feature embedded in WordPress.

      It is fun learning new things, but the learning curve (for me) is often fraught with stress when I think it should be easier than it is.

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      • Thanks for the info, Alys. I’m a little stressed this week myself so learning something new won’t be on my list of things to do. I’ll have to make it simple for now. You always do such a good job with all your posts.


        • You are kind to say, Marlene. In addition to the physical work you’re doing to repair the deck, you need time to process the fire and all the stress that entails. I hope you’ll find many restful moments with some knitting in your lap, or a good book. I’ve been thinking about you all week and wishing I could do or say something helpful.

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              • Today will be another odd one. I had plans to go shopping with my daughter. We are going to a great-nieces wedding next weekend and my daughter has meltdowns trying on clothes. She’s large so nothing looks right. I’m the one that restores calm. But my step-granddaughter and her significant other and 2 kids “may” come by so her fella can give TS some deck building advice. I’ve been “blown off” by her three times already so I’m still planning on going shopping. We shall see. Finished my side of the fence yesterday. We had clouds all day with the “threat” of rain. HA. Not a drop but the stain is on and looks good. Next, the house. My sister may come tomorrow to do the highest peak. She doesn’t have an issue with heights. 🙂 I hope you are up to something fun today. I’ve made coconut brownies and rice krispie treats for the little guys and the bigger guys too. Men can get a lot more done with a little sugar. :))


                • A full day indeed, Marlene. I’m glad you had overcast skies for your day with a paint brush. It is scorching here, probably 100 or close to it. I went to Pilates class this morning, then the four of us got haircuts, always a high point in my day. Glenn does an amazing job.

                  I’ve been reading an interesting book called Why We Get Fat and What to do About It. I’m half way through, so I’ll let you know when I’m done.

                  I hope TS got the support he needed. It’s hard to put faith in people when they continue to blow you off, isn’t it? I’m sorry your daughter is unhappy about her weight. It’s no fun buying clothes when you’re not happy with your body image. I fully understand. Oh, how I love rice krispie treats, especially warm right out of the pan. Mmmmmmm

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                  • Today went so much better than expected!!! The step-granddaughter showed up! with her significant other and he was a huge help for TS. He has volunteered to come back again. Yay! Food works. Fed them lunch too and coconut brownies. Daughter found a great dress right away and is one happy camper. I’m always interested in a book on how to quite stuffing my face. i stress eat. I make the rice krispie treats the way they were done originally. Yum. Recipe is almost 50 years old! Darn! I’m really old!!! Heat is coming back by Tues. Please make it stop. I might melt. 🙂 Daughter has endocrine disorder that needs to be treated. First she took care of teeth, now new glasses, next physician. After over 10 years, she has insurance that covers some of it and a job that will help pay for the rest, slowly. It will all work out. Glad you like your stylist. I’m still looking for one. Not at the top of my list right now though. Hugs.


                    • What a terrific report of the day, Marlene. Restored faith, a commitment for future assistance, the perfect dress and brownies.

                      I’m happy to hear that your daughter is working her way through health issues with the aid of insurance to soften the financial blow.

                      Here’s to a cooler week ahead for both of us and continued progress on your deck. xox

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                    • Every little bit helps. We have to look at the bright side of things. The deck looks totally wrecked right now but it’s being lifted up to meet the tiny sliver by the back door. It was such a dumb layout, I’m surprised I still bought this place. I had thought I would redo it down the road a few years. Oh well. it’s getting done now. It feels better already. Here’s to plans being approved. 🙂


                    • So are you changing the shape too? I’m glad it made it up the list, even though the reasons aren’t good.

                      After nearly 12 years in this house, we added a deck to our front yard (about four or five years ago). It feels like we added a room! It’s comfortable out there and inviting (when it’s not 102). We often wish we had done it sooner. We incorporated a long winding ramp so that my sister can easily get in and out of our house from the curb with her motorized scooter. The fellow that designed it did a gorgeous job.

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                    • I remember seeing that ramp for your sister and hearing about it. It was wonderful. I’m going to be so much happier with this new configuration. To find mold and rotted boards underneath just added fuel to my resolve to do it right. It will be a foot shorter to we don’t have to build around the downspout but have all new solid boards and it will be up off the ground so no water sitting there. Just made too much sense. I had wondered why I was so calm during that fire fiasco. 🙂 Now we know. It was meant to be.


                    • It was meant to be! There you go. Better to have a small fire then to injure yourself falling through a rotting deck. A foot shorter will really make a difference in the look. I hope you’re taking lots of progress photos in between baking and feeding the builders. xox


                    • It’s mostly just TS right now with me fetching and carrying. 🙂 Took some more photos tonight and he has taken several. This is a think awhile and build awhile project. You know how that goes. 🙂 Hugs.


  3. I have enjoyed reading your quotes, Alys, and following all the threads to see what others are quoting too. Interesting how Winnie-the -Pooh and Dr Seuss pop up frequently. Those simple things must really resonate with us all.
    Hope your weekend is full of friends and gardening.


    • Hello Anne. Milne and Seuss have popped up a lot, haven’t they? I’ve been a fan all my life. One of the joys of children is getting to read these books all over again, and to see them from adult eyes, too. I’ve loved that.

      If my back holds out today, I’m going to sheet mulch the rest of the lawn. First I”ll be on a quest for used cardboard. Enjoy your day.


  4. I adore Khalil Gibran. In fact, I have given away so many copies of The Prophet I really should get a small thank you note from the publisher. But it’s so worth it. To spread such marvelous philosophy and wisdom.
    Thank you for reminding me of one of his beautiful quotes, Alys. It’s perfectly fitting to you and how everyone feels about you.


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