3 Days, 3 Quotes: Come Join the Fun, Day One

Good grief, Charlie Brown, has it really been three weeks?

I was about to say that Pauline of the Contented Crafter posted three quotes last week, then offered up the challenge/opportunity for others to do the same. It’s actually been three weeks, reminding me once again that life is just a teeny bit too busy now.

I digress. Doesn’t this sound like fun? Here is my own little twist: in the next three weeks, add three quotes spread out over three days and be sure to have fun doing it. That’s what we’re all about here. If I call out your name below, it’s because a) I think this is fun and b) I think you might enjoy it. NO pressure. In fact, you can forget I even mentioned it. It is kind of fun though and you never know who you’ll inspire with a funny, clever, pithy, creative, mind-bending quote.

Here’s what Pauline says:

like so many of my friends here in the world of blogging I’m not given much to following rules and I’m hoping some of you might just like to keep the thing alive by posting a quote on your own blog and you can nominate or not – according to how you feel about rules. Let me know if you pick up the banner.

This is what I think about ‘Quotes’: Quotes can be read and not understood. Quotes can be read and not seen.  For a quote to have meaning, I must attempt to live it.

Pauline posted four quotes. What a rule breaker! 😉 That’s how much fun this is. You can read Pauline’s quotes here, here and here.

You can quote me on this…

quote day one washington dc

Washington D.C.

Tag, you’re it (but only if you want to):

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Diane at Garden Sunshine
Sheila at Sewchet
Johanna at Mrs. Walker’s Art and Illustrations

32 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes: Come Join the Fun, Day One

  1. Oh, I really DO love this quote, Alys! I should paste this on my bathroom mirror so I see it every morning. They are great words to live by (God bless Dr. Seuss) and ones I really need to embrace. Life’s too short not to. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. Look at us there with Jeffersons Memorial in the background! Love that photo. While it was a chilly day, our hearts were warm. At least there wasn’t tons of people out. Just us tough bloggers braving it, HA!
    You know I love Dr Seuss and this quote. I probably forget 90 % of the stories read long long ago, but his quotes are everywhere and they’re both pratical and smart. Oh! and inspiring too. Off to work shortly, but read through the thread and so happy to spend a bit of time with friends here. xoxo Love you dear Alys!


    • Well said, Boomdee-bee. Cold day, warm hearts and amazing company. I never did call the airport about my lost wrap. It was so nondescript I doubt I could have described it in enough detail anyway.

      I used to put away books at the library during the break in my third grade year and the Seuss books were my favorite. I took my time, so I could peruse each one before returning it to the shelf. I enjoyed fantasizing about climbing those crazy stairs or riding the magical carts. He sure was a talent.

      I’m glad you stopped by for a visit with friends. Miss you oodles and doodles.

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    • It was a chilly day, but remarkable too. So much to think about when experiencing the memorials. They were much more powerful and emotional than I anticipated. Then to think we were circling the mall, four bloggers coming together for the first time. Such an amazing week.

      Note to self: finish your comment on the tablet, before posting a second comment from your lap top.

      I wondered where this comment went to.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Good morning (or afternoon for you now). I’m off to PT #6 in about two minutes. Glad I saw this now.

          Sorry to hear that Auntie K. has the flu. That’s rough on a person as they age. I hope she’s getting lots of rest and fluids.

          I just popped back over to Stacy’s link but I don’t see your comment. It might be in moderation. Mine shows up but also say’s it’s awaiting moderation. Weird, eh. I’ll go back and take a look later. I love it when we say the same thing at almost the same time. Love you to bits. K/B/P

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