A Feast for the Squirrels

squirrel eating pumpkin seeds

Smile! You’ll be appearing on my blog next week

Since I’m taking one season off from pumpkin farming,  I had to do something with all those seeds. I prepared a feast for the squirrels. They’re not terribly fussy about table settings and I’ve never seen them use a napkin, so the work involved was minimal.

squirrel feast 2014

Squirrel Feast

After Mike finished his carving masterpieces, I scooped the pumpkin guts into a plastic bag and set them aside on the kitchen counter. My son’s friend asked why I was saving pretzels for the squirrels which made me laugh. I reused the bag the pretzels came in but labeled it ‘save for squirrels’ so that no one tossed it out.

We covered our outdoor table and chairs for the winter. I remain optimistic about rain. I plunked the squirrel feast in the center of the covered table so I would have optimum viewing.

squirrel eating pumpkin seeds on table

The good seeds must be at the bottom

The squirrels came and went all week. At one point there were five squirrels playing tag and taking turns on the table. Many of the visitors were camera-shy. I did my best to hide below the edge of my window sill, but the slightest movement sent them scurrying.

At last, this female squirrel arrived and happily nibbled and gathered while I clicked the camera.  Isn’t she pretty?

squirrel eating pumpkin seeds

Look at those dainty ‘hands’

Over the weekend, Boomdee posted a clever YouTube video of  a squirrel ‘carving’ a Jack ‘O Lantern.  She suggested they might just put my husband out of business. You decide.  🙂  I’m pretty sure you’ll smile either way.

squirrel eating pumpkins

She’s keeping an eye on me

Thanks for stopping by. Our forecaster says rain by mid-week. Fingers crossed. What is your weather up to?

13 thoughts on “A Feast for the Squirrels

  1. Aren’t they gorgeous! What a wonderful opportunity to view and feed at the same time. Your squirrels are so very cute, even when destroying your swing you can’t be cross with them can you. [which is a bit how life is with young Siddy!]

    The video is very clever and so much fun to watch the antics of the little guys. I wonder what they did to get the squirrels noshing away only the right bits? And how many takes [pumpkins] did they need? So many questions!!


  2. You are very kind to feed the squirrels who rob you the rest of the time and will they be grateful? Great shots, it is interesting that in the animal kingdom it is usually the females who are the braver. what will you grow next year if it isn’t pumpkins?


  3. I know those little garden devils and bird bullies are sweet and funny to watch however after seeing that little clip…I finally know who robbed me from only pumpkins not affected by mildew this year ;0) and they already had eaten the strawberries! Sooo, no peanuts from this year!

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  4. Those pumpkins have so many lives, they’re like cats. A garden surprise-jack-0-lantern- squirrel-buffet-pumpkappoza sponsored by Gardening Nirvana. Sorry but that’s not going to fit on a business card, LOL

    How do you tell that she’s a female squirrel? She is as cute as can be with her widdle tiny hands and fuzzy tummy. Do they build a nest in your yard like the one in the video? I don’t remember seeing one. Maybe I was too busy crawling around in the grass with Alyster. I wish I could send you my pumpkins for them. They’re frozen rock solid and I put them in a planter on the back patio. They won’t rot until they thaw in the spring I would guess. Guess what? I opened a little bird house in the yard and found a nest in one side. I was cleaning it out for the spring. I hope a couple of birdies move in 😀 Loved all your photo’s too. LOL, I’d like to watch you peeping up and down while you try and watch them. I think that’d be almost as fun a squirrel spying. xoxoxo ❤

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  5. I’m in agreement with Miss B on the fun of watching you bob up and down trying to capture the photos. You did good. We had squirrel feeders in our yard for a couple of years that had peanuts in them. Until they ate the swings. Also the peanuts somehow went to seed when the squirrels and jays planted them for later. Have you ever tried to pull up a peanut plant. The roots went to China. Wonder how many pumpkin seeds they planted when you weren’t watching? 🙂
    That was a cute video and I too am wondering how the orchestrated that? No, they will never put Mike out of business. He had permanent job security there.

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