Happy Mail Times Two

Mailbox full of mailVal over at Nikitiland published a post of a similar name yesterday and included free, downloadable labels that say Happy Mail.  She went on to ask:

When was the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill?

Well. The funniest thing happened when I joined the world of blogging: My Happy Mail started to overflow. Treasures arrived from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the US. I’ve managed to surround myself with thoughtful, creative, talented people who share their talents with generosity.

I relish the irony of the fact that we’ve all met online, but were quick to broaden and deepen our connections via snail mail. For as long as I can remember, I always loved ‘checking the mail.’ When I traveled to Europe in 1989, I obtained an American Express mailbox in Paris. After traveling for a month I arrived in Paris and took a subway to the AMEX office. Imagine my joy to receive six letters from family and friends back home. I ♥ mail!

She’s Here!

It’s true: one slim white envelope on your doormat can send your heart racing. Squee!

Earlier this week I re-blogged Pauline King’s post A Painting for Alys. Pauline blends paper and paint, and in this case, some of my father’s stamps, and gathers them into beautiful works of mixed media art.

The Wonderland of Alys

The Wonderland of Alys ©Pauline King

Rich color and texture

Rich color and texture

Flowers, hearts and postage stamps

Flowers, hearts and postage stamps

I knew she was working on something, but by the time she posted her blog, the beautiful painting was already making its way from New Zealand to California. It arrived yesterday. Thank you, Pauline!

Amber Leaf, Heart of Gold

I received this second precious gift from a regular follower. Mary Elizabeth’s life is full taking care of her disabled son. She faces challenging days, but does so with grace and love and heart. Thank you, ME. You’re an inspiration.

autumn leaf pin

Autumn Gold

To read more about Pauline’s process, check out her blog at The Contented Crafter.

Pauline offers some of her treasures through her Etsy shop at The Contented Crafter: Whimsical Art, Hand-Crafted Cards and Sparkly Things

You can also find her on Facebook

20 thoughts on “Happy Mail Times Two

  1. Awwww, our Pauline has a beautiful heart and talent in spades. How exciting to have an art-piece inspired by yourself. I can see the music notes and stamp markings under all the lovely colour. Isn’t that butterfly nice? I can’t imagine how I missed it before. I’m going to New Zealand straight-away. The colours seem perfect for your home. Please share photo’s of it’s final display spot, I’d love to see it hanging.

    Will you continue to display ME’s copper leaf in the garden? It would adopt the covets Verdigris finish that’s so pretty over time. Sounds like her life is very full. So sweet to gift you for the garden.

    For the past 27 years, we’ve had to collect our mail in a locked box. Typical for a rural location or condo’s. At our new home though, we finally have an actual mailbox on our house, which is really fun. But Canada Post is phasing out door to door delivery even in the city now, so it won’t last. We’ll soon be back to a key and our box at the end of the street. Drats.

    Thanks for sharing your precious gifts Alys, they’re beautiful and so are you xoxox

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    • Yes she does! Hearts and spades…I love it when you ‘talk cards.’ LOL

      I’m excited to get it framed and have picked the perfect spot. Stay tuned.

      As for the leaf, it’s still ‘floating’ for now. Do you do that too…move things around until they feel just right where they are?

      What an interesting story about your mail box. I’m delighted you finally have a box of your own, but sorry to hear it’s short-lived. Will this phase out happen soon or slowly over time? I better start stuffing your box. I wonder if the Halloween card will ever make it your way?

      Thanks for sharing your precious words. They too are beautiful and so are you.

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      • Hearts and spades, hehe that went over my head and I had to come back and re-read my message. Funny Girl.

        I’m thinking Canada Post will phase it in because I’m certain it’ll mean loss of jobs and that union is very strong and won’t go without a fight.

        I can’t imagine where the Halloween card is, I hope I still get it. I keep everything you send and I’m copying your idea and organizing in a Seafoam Binder I got at Urban. Hopefully I can share it soon. I also unpacked some of my other books the other day. I found the beautiful little album you made me in San Jose that I just had half finished. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long hon. I’ve been very slow to find room for everything even though I’m now in Jim’s office too. This is now my first priority!! xox. The good thing is, now I can include our Victoria Holiday too. xoxxox k

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  2. I like the leaf that Mary Elizabeth sent – it looks so pretty nestled there in the leaves of your succulent. I am much relieved to hear the painting has arrived safely and that you are happy with it. Thank you for the many shout-outs. 🙂 You have snail-mailed me so often and I have been so richly rewarded just for having met you on-line. This is just a small gesture of my esteem. xoxo

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  3. Hi Alys! Thanks for sharing my “Happy Mail” post! My mailbox has been unhappy lately, so I hope something fun finds its way here! What beautiful gifts you received and I bet you were so surprised to see what they were when you ripped open the package! Receiving mail and presents is so much fun! I hope everyone heads on over here to printout their happy mail labels too! I love to share! ❤

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  4. I love packages in the mail too. Maybe that’s why Amazon has my number memorized! Pauline’s painting is quite stunning. I LOVE it. It looks a lot like you in some ways. Such a happy feeling to it. Especially with the fairy on your shoulder whispering in your ear. Now I know why you know so much! I love the copper leaf too. It has a peaceful feel to it. I wouldn’t send either of them back if they came to my mailbox. I like the phrase “happy mail”. I like to send happy mail too. 🙂 Happy day to you.


    • Marlene, are you on a first name basis with your UPS driver? Come on…you can tell me?

      Thanks for seeing some of me in this painting. She’s captured many things near and dear to me: the sweet little cat, the colors, the fairy on the shoulder, the green dress, the stamps, and even the overall vibe of the piece. So much to love. I know there is more there to discover, too as I look at it again and again.

      You are a wonderful giver of happy mail, and I’ve been the happy recipient of your gracious gestures in my direction as well. Let’s all continue the tradition. Long live Happy Mail!!!


      • I like the idea of continuing the tradition. Just need to get home and get to work creating. It must be the alignment of the stars or something that has everyone in transition now.

        I have not seen the UPS person yet. They come by like one of your secret fairies, dropping the package and running before I can see who it is. But many years they received significant gifts from me as well for all their hard work. I put banana bread and a card on the doorstep in exchange for my package. 🙂 The mail person gets some too. I love to give things. Soon we will all be there if we can get through. I just checked our weather. We start having freezing temps tomorrow night. 😦 I missed autumn entirely! I’m going to order one of Pauline’s lovely pieces of art soon. They are stunning. Yes, she really captured your essence. Hugs.


        • I LOVE that you leave baked goods for your mail carrier. That ‘s charming. I know they love it.

          I’m sorry to hear that freezing temps are there. It’s still unseasonable warm here making it hard to get dressed in the mornings. Night temps are only down to 53 and up in the high seventies during the day.

          Are you making good progress on your son’s house? What’s up for this week?

          Hugs back atcha


          • I just posted the latest accomplishments. We have molding to cut and place. I need to paint the moldings and keep packing. He’s worked 7 days this week and the whole time he’s not at work is spent fixing here. Painted 2 rooms today. It was 90 Saturday and cooler today. We heard that inspection will probably be this week and then appraisal. They are usually reversed but my son want’s to know what else will have to be done before appraisers come and he wanted all 3 bathrooms in good order first. The plumbing was the hangup. Done! Cleaning and packing for now is the goal.

            Have been giving mail carriers and UPS delivery people, even the trash collector gifts for years. Probably 30 or more. I would take baskets of cookies and dessert breads to our small town post office at Christmas to thank them for all the hard work they do. Even the rental offices at the apartments I lived in . It’s the little things in peoples lives that make all the difference. And it’s so easy to do.:)


  5. What beautiful treasures to have coming into your letter box. I remember the delight when I saw your letter with the goodies for me. 🙂 Pauline’s painting is wonderful. So richly textured. I will check out her Etsy store. And that beautiful bronze leaf…..sigh.


  6. I do agree; online meetings leading to snail mail have given my mail box a much happier existence than previously. We are a generous community and we love to share as much goodness as we can.


  7. what a rich life blogging is! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a book and the greta fun of meeting up with a coupld of fellow bloggers. As I say life is rich!
    And how clever to use the stamps and the postmarks in the art work – the detailing is incredible


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