Autumn Leaves

mystic fall leaves 001-001

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, 2000

Several New England states cash in every year as tourists flock to see the autumn leaves.  Colors range from golden-yellow to brilliant red. When seen collectively, the trees are breathtaking. That’s me posing in front of a tree on a visit to friends in Mystic, Seaport.

According to New England Inns and Resorts:

When planning your fall foliage vacation in New England, you’ll want to plan your trip for the time known regionally as peak foliage. Peak foliage is the time of year when the colors of the area’s trees are at their most vibrant. Depending on the species, this is when the highest proportion of the leaves in an area are a fiery-bright yellow to light orange, offering visitors a spectacular panorama unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

I’ve taken my own snapshots in my garden here

maple leaf

Acer turning red

and here

Ana's Hummingbird resting in the Chinese Pistache

Ana’s Hummingbird resting in the Chinese Pistache

but today I want to direct you to two glorious blogs. If you’re a fan of autumn color, these are not to be missed.

First up, Joseph who blogs at The Visual Chronicles. Joe is publishing a series of stunning photography this month entitled The Wonder of Autumn. His photos are incredible.  He’s published a series of seven so far.  If you want to start from the beginning, click here. Please let me know if you stop by.

Next up, Laurie. Laurie blogs at Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things and she too is sharing beautiful slices of her travels back east. If you’re looking for a calorie-free treat for your eyes, may I direct you Rojo!?

Although I don’t dare complain about the mild, California weather, I do miss the dramatic leaf change of my Ontario home. We get color in dribs and drabs here, including our own Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis), but nothing rivals New England.

I hope Joe and Laurie’s photos are a welcome respite to your day.

16 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. As you know I enjoy both these blogs very much! I don’t get a huge amount of autumn colour either where I live and it is nice to see what others enjoy even if it does come while I am enjoying all the shades of spring green I see about me at the moment 🙂

    PS Joe’s Friday posts on how to take good photos is extremely well presented and helpful and Laurie’s posts on her travels about her area are so filled with gorgeous pics I feel like I’m there with her! Just saying, in case anybody is interested 🙂


    • I’m so happy you’re enjoying shades of spring green. How does your charming garden grow? Is Orlando managing to keep his bottom out of the lettuces?

      I’ve been saving Joe’s Friday posts so that I can read them more than once. There is much to learn, and he’s a good teacher.

      And yes, agreed. Laurie’s posts are the bomb.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful photos Alys and thank you so much for your incredibly kind links and mention of my blog. I am really glad you enjoy my images. And here I was thinking I was dragging the series out too long 🙂 Have a wonderful day and thanks again.


    • Joe, you can never post too many for my taste! Your work is incredible and I am envious of your talent (I think it’s a sin to be envious, isn’t it? I should go to church more) 🙂

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  3. Alys, I know what you mean about missing the colors of fall in the East. I spent one fall out in Northern Idaho, and while it is my favorite place in the West, I missed the changing foliage.
    The photos you posted are beautiful … lovely colors and that hummingbird!!
    Thanks so much for linking to Life on the Bike. I’m honored to share a mention with Joe. What a treat!
    You, too, my friend, are a treat!


  4. Oh my, Alys. I’ve been for a visit and found so many friends I will have to follow also. I must say though, your photos are stunning too. The capture of the humming bird is priceless in the fall leaves. I’m missing fall altogether. 😦 They are having winter at my house already. Down below freezing and the winds are ripping the leaves off the trees. Some trees are coming down too. Freezing ice tonight there, warm and dry here. No pretty red leaves. You are teaching me to look at things differently and more intensely. I’m paying closer attention to things like leaves now. Thank you for expanding my world. 🙂 Hugs.


    • Marlene, you are kind to say so. I’m self taught and just figure things out as I go. I enjoy it. But when I look at Joe and Laurie’s photos, my jaw drops.

      I was delighted to get the hummingbird shot. They’re quite friendly and used to my presence, but they almost never sit still so it’s hard to capture them without blurring the photo.

      I’m really sorry your are missing fall, Below freezing already!? I had no idea. It’s still warm here too, but not in the 90s.

      Thanks for your kind words and for your presence here. Hugs back to you. xox


  5. We have a Pistacia chinensis as well. The seeds are almost as beautiful as the foliage. Autumn colour is a lovely thing. I can just imagine the top of the U.S. and Canada in the autumn and it almost makes me want to visit but that long haul flight is first and foremost in my mind. Best to see that glorious foliage through other people’s eyes. Lovely blogs, cheers for the share Ms Alys 🙂


  6. You look like Mother Nature in front of that tree saying, “ta da!” hehe. Lucky you to have been there for the big show. I hope we’re lucky this spring and time it right.
    Double Drats that we’re too far north for most of these beautiful colours. As you know, our fall happens mid September to Early October. It seems even though we enjoyed a long one, it wasn’t long enough. Well, we take what we can get 😀 I’ve made a tour of the colourful fall foliage over at Joe’s. Isn’t he a talent? I’m afraid I wasn’t keeping up well, many thanks for including a link today. I’m such an admirer of both Joe and Laurie’s photo talents. You’ve included so many nice one’s here too hon. I guess I would need to upgrade my camera should I ever find time to attempt to learn from you all. Isn’t that little hummer sweet? Do you think they eat more in the winter to keep warm. I guess while I would think your winter weather is brilliant, these little souls only have a few feathers and it’s all relative to. I’m sure our weather would take your breath away this morning, -23C at our airport this morning. Warming up to -18C mid-day. :/ Ugg. xoxoxox thank you for the warm start to my day ❤


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