Mystery Plant Shows its True Colors

The ‘mystery plant that ate the vegetable box‘ continues to grow.  Our temperatures remain warm, night and day, so the plant is spreading happily over the edges of the box, and pumping out fruit like nobodies business. I can’t get over it.

late season pumpkin plant

It’s a Pumpkin After All

I thought it was a late season pumpkin, but could not fathom why it was growing in a box without water. I’m still perplexed.  Someone suggested that it might be a round zucchini instead. The fruit grew quickly to the size of a small cantaloupe or a very large apple, but remained dark green and hard.  Whenever I looked under the prickly leaves I saw new growth.  Whatever it is, I love the plant’s tenacity.

green squash

Dark, Green and Healthy

Today I took another look and saw orange. Squeeeee!!!

I think I’ll have a couple of small pumpkins out back after all. No signs of squash bugs either.  This month keeps getting better and better.

orange squash

Shades of Orange

No-Candy Countdown:

Throughout October, I’m keeping track of the candy I **don’t** eat.  Who thought that not eating something could be this fun?  Today I rewarded myself with smiling face stamps on my countdown calendar.  It’s the little things, isn’t it?

candy countdown calendar

Candy-Free Halloween Countdown

Under-the-sea Costume Update:

No time today. Hopefully this weekend.

Pumpkins on Parade:

The lovely Cathy, who blogs at Words and Herbs suggested the following:

Love the pumpkin outfit again today! Those sunglasses reminded me of Elvis… wonder if that might be a possible one? 😉

This pumpkin’s for you, Cathy. I’ve added a video clip of one of my personal Elvis favorites, In The Ghetto to go with it.

pumpkin elvis

Pumpkin Elvis

Please keep sharing your ideas for pumpkin dress up. I’ll be catching up on comments and your posts over the next few days, but I’ll be back here at Gardening Nirvana on Monday. Time permitting, I’ll be further along on my costume by next week. I hope to see you then.

19 thoughts on “Mystery Plant Shows its True Colors

  1. Congrats on another no candy day! I know how hard it can be. Everywhere I go, there are sweet treats waiting. Even at my writing group. I sat far away from the table and passed the piece handed to me on to the next person. That was hard. Never thought about rewards like smiley faces. Great idea.

    I’m holding good thoughts for the renegade pumpkin. Nature always has her own ideas.


    • Thank you, Marlene. It’s nice to have your support. I’m so proud of you, too, passing on that piece of candy. Sitting away from the table is also a good idea. I’ve been guilty of serious overeating at a book club with lots of delicious food right under my nose. Hunger has nothing to do with it!

      Yes, nature is full of great ideas. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. I am nearly squealing with joy with you, Alys. A pumpkin present! How lovely. And either way – edible or carvable, it will be lovable.
    And good heavens, what a feat – no candy month. You are one wondrous wonderwoman. I think I’d launch myself off a cliff. Although I’m not a candy person, I am a massive chocolate addict. Must taste chocolate – every day. I would fail on your challenge. But I will cheerlead extra loudly from the east coast and send it westward, ok?
    You go, girl!


    • Nicely put…whatever it is, it’s lovable.

      Thanks for the cheer-leading. I’ll take any support you are offering. I too am a chocolate fanatic. And I used to eat it every day. But it became more and more addictive until I was jonesing for chocolate and it started to feel like it owned me. This countdown has been a good way for me to rest back some control.

      I admire people that can have a small taste of chocolate every day. Perhaps when I lose the rest of this weight, I can consider adding in some rich, dark chocolate without the added sugar.

      Thanks for being here.


  3. Your calendar is great AND that it is covered in smiley faces, even better! Good on you!
    So very excited for you about the pumpkins (shhhh… don’t tell the squash bugs!).
    The Elvis pumpkin is great, too (I was a huge fan back in the day).
    Enjoy your weekend … and as I completely understand the behind on comments, no need to reply to this one:-)


    • As a teen I loved watching all those Elvis movies and to this day, I remain a fan of his music and his voice. It was sad to see him unravel in later years and at such a young age.

      Ooops…I wasn’t supposed to comment. Too late…I can’t help myself.


  4. I wonder if your pumpkin is a hybrid of some sort put together from last season’s squashes…. Can’t wait to hear how the mystery plants tastes. I have a few Cinderella squash vines that I have harvested 4 large pumpkins from. This vine, too, has put on all kinds of new growth this past month has set some vigorous fruit. Don’t know if I have time to let the new massive green pumpkins turn orange before it is time to pull out the vines.


    • That’s a very good point. I don’t know much about pumpkin hybrids, but this one sure seems to fit that bill.

      Are your night time lows dipping down yet? We’re just this week seeing lows in the mid fifties. The leaves on the squash plant started to mold so I know we don’t have much time. It will be excited though to see what comes of it, and to see what the seeds are like inside.

      Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your crop, too.


  5. Hey Alys, someone else might have thought of this, but have you ever done a Napoleon Dynamite pumpkin? A curly blond wig, some glasses and a set of big wax lips and teeth might be good accessories. Plus as the giveaway you could make a “Vote for Pedro” sign to go with it! I know not everyone likes that movie, but I think it’s great!


  6. Congratulations, it’s a pumpkin ! LOL I picture a nurse handing you a baby pumpkin swattled in an orange blanket 😀 I love the nose on that little stamp, very friendly looking. Your calendar will be a plethora of smiling faces by months end, way to stick to it Alys, you should be very proud xo. I can’t believe you still have the 45 of ‘In the Ghetto’ . it’s one of my favourite Elvis songs too. He sure was a cutie when he was younger. xo


    • LOL. Thank you. I guess I should start handing out orange cigars, eh? Ha!

      Sharon gave me that little stamp years ago along with a set of letters she was no longer using. It’s so cute and the perfect size.

      Elvis was a cutie in his day, and that smooth,buttery voice. Fabulous.

      As for the 45, I’m afraid that is merely a bit of clip art. The printer is low on ink so the lines look like grooves. Serendipity!

      Liked by 1 person

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  8. I have 3 dark green pumpkins with dark green stems and don’t seem to be changing color. I didn’t plant dark green pumpkins & don’t know where they came from. I have 4 different kinds of bizarre pumpkins/squash things growing all from the same seed. So strange.


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