It Rained!

Yes, folks, right here in San Jose, California, in the midst of a protracted drought, it rained. In September.

Real rain too, not that “did I just feel a drop?” kind of rain, but puddle-forming, windshield-wiping, garden-refreshing rain.  I lingered in bed this morning with the doors flung open and took in the mesmerizing sounds and smells. Then I got dressed and went outside.

gardener in the rain

Rain, glorious rain!

Good thing, too, since the sun was out by 10 but I enjoyed the refreshing drops while they lasted.

acer leaves

Acer leaves

deck in the rain

Cloudy skies and Salvia reflected on the deck

This is a tremendous gift to the firefighters battling the King Fire in Northern California. We are not in harm’s way, but others are. Many of  the state’s late-summer fires are the result of lightning. Sadly this one was arson. Fortunately they’ve made an arrest, but the fire has raged out of control for two weeks.

The good news today is that the fire is 43% contained, but the damage is unbelievable. 95,000 acres burned and a dozen homes lost.  Their are over 8,000 fire personnel from across the country battling the flames.

Today I celebrate rain in my little corner of the world, as well as the potential relief for crews on the fire lines and displaced residents in our parched state.

Let it rain, let it rain!


Here’s the latest from the Weather Channel:

Western Drought Monitor

Western drought status as of Sept. 16, 2014. Darker shading indicates progressively worse drought status. (NOAA/USDA/NDMC)

Yes, runoff triggered by soaking rain from this September storm in far northwest California will raise a tad.

However, the key to drought relief in California is not rain, but snow.

Critical to water supply in this part of the country is the buildup of winter snow pack in the mountains, whose melt water in the spring replenishes reservoirs.

Snow melt provides up to 75 percent of the West’s freshwater supply. The Sierra and, to a lesser degree, Colorado River snow melt, is crucial for California.

In short, California and the West needs a persistently wet winter, with a combination of significant rain and mountain snow to replenish groundwater and reservoir levels.

19 thoughts on “It Rained!

  1. I feel your joy! 🙂 There is nothing like laying in bed, listening to the rain on the roof and if you can have the windows and doors open and smell the delicious scent as well – HEAVEN!!

    I have just come home from doing the last purchasing for my garden to this news – it rounds off a most successful morning!!

    PS – You might want to change ‘Saliva’ to ‘Salvia’ in that lovely photo 🙂 xoxo


  2. I can sense your relief and joy! I know how it is when we don’t get rain for a few weeks, so after such a long drought it must have been great for you! Hope you get a drop more soon!


  3. Absolutely love the photos! The one of you evokes joy.
    Every time that it has rained here, i’ve though of you and the drought stricken and i’ve not once complained.


  4. Never have I lived in areas with prolonged droughts and heat and I am sure, as a true girl form the North, I would find it very hard. I love the photo of the joyous woman in the rain (you?) I would absolutely do the same. So I never thought I would say this to anyone, but I wish you lots and lots of rain in coming days and especially for all those brave firefighters! Have a Lovely Weekend, Johanna


  5. I’m so happy for your part of the state to finally get much needed rain. The photo looks like I feel when the rain comes. I look at the parched trees and see them just perk right up with even the smallest drink. Most people don’t realize that it’s the snow we need more than the rain. I learned that living in Arizona. Rain is short term solution. We’ve had rain here too this week and we quilters are cheering. It means more indoor time. I’m ready. The garden is happy too. No more chlorine water. Yay for the rain!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love when the first rain comes after a hot summer. You don’t have to worry about forest fires any more.
    This year, in southern France, our summer has been unusually wet, and you can really see the difference in the vegetation (and in the lack of fires).


  7. I recently saw a programme about the Colorado River and was horrified to learn of its current state. I’m glad anyway that you were able to enjoy a few monents of rain, even if it doesn’t solve all problems.

    I once went three months without seeing rain and the first I saw after that was exciting enough!!


  8. Our poor Earth. This beautiful planet suffers from tilting out of balance on so many levels. I wonder if there has ever been a time period where the globe was capable of perfect equilibrium?
    But I am delighted at your happy rain dance, Alys. As a gardener, you can nearly hear your babies out there begging for a drink. You shine with perfect appreciation. It’s a character trait you possess that I find totally becoming.
    My fingers are crossed that California will find a little more relief, and in the meantime, I will say a little prayer of thanks that things on my side of the country are getting their full share of what they need for the time being. But I’ll not hold my breath for long.


  9. woop woop,did you sing too my dear? All the wishing from around the globe seems to have built some rainy clouds over San Jose. I’m so happy for you, the fire fighters and all the beautiful creatures who’ve been seeking food in the bare parched hills. Hopefully something might green up for them. I wonder how long it will take to recover from such a devastating drought? I hope the forecast holds more of the same for you. xoox ❤


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