Caught in the Act!

My apologies to the rats, crows and mice of the neighborhood.  You’ve all been unjustly blamed for the damage to my swing cover. Today this brazen squirrel continued her destruction.  Here she is: caught in the act!

squirrel Gathering nesting material

Gathering nesting material

squirrel on garden swing

Let me just put this back for you

She barely looked up when the camera flashed, then went back to the  business of chewing. She ran off when I stepped outside. I decided to cut my losses at that point, and pulled out what remained of the soft cord.  I draped it along the back of the swing, fairly sure she’d return when I turned my back.

I came back mid-afternoon after a few appointments and there she was again, this time under the swing. She’d pulled the cover half off. Rather than shredding the offered cord, she took the entire length back to her presumed nest. I’m sorry to have missed that photo opportunity.

My swing cover is beyond repair now. Perhaps the ‘silver lining’ is knowing that part of the cover will be keeping tiny squirrels warm and comfortable in a nearby tree.

Enjoying the 4th

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the States. My teenage boys have outgrown the 4th of July parade, so I’ve re-purposed all their 4th of July sparkle. I gathered the ribbons, pinwheels,and other bits of red, white and blue once used to adorn their bikes and added some bling to the garden.  Doesn’t the pumpkin patch look festive?

pumpkin patch 4th of July

Pumpkins, sunflowers and some 4th of July bling

4th of July decorations

Patriotic watering can

fairy garden candles

Fairy garden bling

It’s a funny thing celebrating American Independence Day when you’re a Canadian ex-patriot with a British father. I sometimes feel like a bit of a fraud. So in my heart I’ll celebrate independence for all the citizens of the world. Let freedom ring.

41 thoughts on “Caught in the Act!

  1. I cannot believe that – I thought they were lovable cuddly creatures – not cheeky, creation destroying marauders! No, no, it cannot be a squirrel – I think it’s a rat in a squirrel suit!

    Still it saves Mike and the boys having to stand night guard. Your spider catching boy would have needed a big container to put over that creature!!

    Now I wonder, what do you do about your swings dressing needs? Is it perhaps a sign that it was time for a new outfit? Or do you wait to see if more ‘squirrels’ come by looking for nest lining? There’s always something when you’re a gardener huh? xoxo

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    • You always make me giggle, Pauline. It’s a gift. xox

      Yes, good news, bad news. No one lost any sleep standing guard, but honestly my poor cover. And why now, after three summers of leaving it alone?

      A rat in a squirrel suit, eh? LOL LOL LOL Now *that* would be a great blog post.

      I’m going to rethink plans for a new cover, but probably not this summer. It still intrigues me that she knew the soft cording was underneath the fabric. All the fabric chewing seems to be related o uncovering the cord.

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      • Oh, I thought she was going after the wadding – what is she going to do with the cord? Tie her babies up so they can’t escape her nest? Well, Mike and the boys will just have to track her to her home and see what she is up to – p’raps she is redecorating 🙂

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        • The cord is wrapped cotton, so as soon as the thread is removed, it spreads out into a nice, soft bit of fluff.

          Given the number of visits since mid-week, I would guess she’s lining a squirrel mansion. It’s so funny when we make eye contact. I can see her sizing me up and wandering if she should continue.


          • Oh, just like Siddy – I just moments ago caught him with a ball of my newly sorted wool in his mouth. – I stopped, he stopped, I was looked at intensely, I sent out my best bit of stern ‘no’ emoting – and he completely ignored it! That squirrel has chosen a labour intensive way to line her mansion – she should have just taken the whole cover 🙂 Now that would have made a good mystery!


            • He doesn’t know that no really means no…or he’s graduated to the two year old stage of testing you. Hopefully it passes quickly with dogs.

              The squirrel on the other hand could care less about my opinion. I found the rest of the piping in my sewing cupboard, and will be offering it up shortly.

              Yes…the entire missing cover would have been much more blog-worthy, but worrisome too. I’m glad to know what I’m dealing with.


  2. Well at least you know who the culprit is now Alys, and rather a squirrel than a rat, I’d say! Love the pumpkin patch decorations – have a great holiday! 🙂


    • Many people think of them as pests here too. I’m fond of all animals, so though really disappointed to see my hard work dismantled, I’ve moved on. I’m sorry to hear that they destroy the trees in the UK. Here they use trees for traveling from yard to yard and for nesting.


  3. Oh what a scut! So brazen!
    I know what you mean about celebrating the national holiday when you’re an expat, we celebrate Bastille Day here on July 14th and I always find that strange, especially because the weather is so good. It’s not a national holiday to me unless you’re freezing and wet watching the St Patrick’s Day parade! :p


    • Brazen is the perfect word! You are so right.

      …’its not a national holiday to me unless you’re freezing and wet…” oh that gave me a good chuckle. Isn’t that the truth? Even if we’re miserable, by golly, we’re celebrating in a familiar way. It took years to get over not having a cold, white Christmas. Thanks for sharing your perspectives.


  4. Where’s the brave Mighty Mouse when you need him, dear Alys! Perhaps he has been standing guard all these years and has just recently abandoned his post on the garden swing! Poor cover – it was so beautiful. Your pumpkin patch looks amazing – or “totes amaze” as Tottie would say!! In no way could you ever be considered a fraud, Alys. Happy 4th of July! xoxoxoxoxoxox

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    • That made me smile, Dani. He’s been hanging out in the front garden this passed week, so you may well be right. He’s oblivious to that squirrel, who’s been back many times since, including today.

      Thank you for your kind words re the cover. I’m trying to remain upbeat about the whole thing. It will be fun to shop for new fabric and to figure out an alternative to that soft, cotton piping that the squirrel loves so much. It will give me a winter sewing project to plan for. Mama squirrel will have the softest nest in the neighborhood, too, so there’s that. 🙂

      “Totes amaze’ sounds grand. Thanks for that.

      And thank you for joining the voices that say I’m not a fraud. You’re the best. xoxoxoxo


  5. Well isn’t that….eeeerrr, adorable? I mean, horrendous? No, no, I’m sure I mean adorable 😀

    Your wee hoodlum totally looks like he’s trying to fluff things up though. Like he’s saying, “oh, hello. Did you know this was all messed up? Then with a teeny nervous chuckle, “just let me fix it for you hon, won’t take but a moment”.

    BTW, what’s that blooming behind his little head? I’m just amazed at the pumpkin patch, look at you grow! I’ve probably told you before, we spent July 4th in Virginia one year (and got engaged) and I was blown away by all the festivities. Everyones very, “raw, raw, sis boom ba” with bunting and flags and the decorating was tremendous. Not too many people decorate their homes here, maybe a flag or two. But nothing like down there. I will echo Pauline and say, “you are not a fraud one bit”. Someone who’ll have a polling station in their garage and celebrate so whole heartedly is 100% worthy.

    Thanks for the Glee moment. I watched the first four years and loved all the performances but found the storylines a little tiring after a bit. They’re really good performers, I love that Neil Diamond song 😀 Hope your day is amazing! Have fun xoxoxo (so long Mr Squirrel x)

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  6. I do not know why, but that video brought me to tears. Whether because of the talent, the song, or the diversity in gender, race, and ability. Something about the Glee cast always moves me.
    I had to chuckle at your apology to all the critters in the neighborhood!
    Happy 4th, Alys! You are hardly a fraud 🙂

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    • I find it moving, too, Laurie so I understand. I’m sure it’s all of the above.

      Glee has tackled so many controversial topics, and they’ve done so with grace and intelligence. It’s a sad irony that they would lose one of there own to a drug addiction, but even that was handled well.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence (I’m not a fraud, I’m not a fraud, I’m not a fraud). Happy, safe 4th to you, too. xox


  7. Can you hear me chuckling? Remember my tales of the squirrels eating our entire swing/glider plus the canopy. I found the poly fiberfill for blocks and discretely picked some up hoping the neighbors didn’t find out the squirrels had spread the wealth from our house. I lost my best mop to the little rascals, handle and all. Don’t know where the handle is but somewhere up a very tall Ponderosa Pine. The dog would sit and watch them cart anything with cotton off. I saw, (I swear this is true) a squirrel carry up a heavy duck cotton laundry bag that would have held, hundreds of those little guys. I was too impressed to be upset. 🙂 We started putting lawn cushions inside until they were in use. Nothing was off limits to them. Best of luck with those little guys. The pumpkin patch looks wonderful. Now I must get back to my restoring order while the children are out playing with their cameras. You know boys and their new toys. He made his sister go with to drive to the falls. I will be thoroughly impressed with the photos when they return. Maybe they will let me share some. Hugs, M

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    • I was thinking about that story yesterday, Marlene. Wasn’t it pink? I would love to have one of those fixed cameras in my garden capturing all the goings on when my back was turned. I’m often startling a bird or a squirrel as I round a corner. I need to rise with the sun and park myself out there wearing my best brown and green ‘tree’ clothes. I’m sure I could capture some amazing antics. Darn my return key. Just pretend this is a new paragraph. I’m really having fun with the front deck pumpkins and sunflowers. It remains to be seen if I get a few pumpkins, but the plants sure are healthy with plenty of flowers and bees. I’m glad your children are still nearby. Can’t wait to see the photos from the falls. Hugs to you, Alys


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