In a Vase on Monday: Following Garden Sunshine

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden arranges flowers in a vase year round. How’s that for inspiration? Several bloggers join in the creative process, posting their own flowers in a vase on Monday, than linking back to her blog.

Cathy’s first post reads:

I know I have set myself a difficult task, finding something for a vase every week, and particularly starting in mid-November, but in truth the fact that it IS a challenge will make me more determined to achieve it! Posting a picture of my pickings will also make it easier because I will expect it of myself every Monday – so if anybody would like to join me by placing things ‘In a Vase on Monday’ and posting a picture then please feel free to add a link here so we can all share in the pleasure such vases can bring. Today’s vase has some of everyone’s favourite Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’, Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’ and Sedum spectabile ‘Autumn Joy’.

Inspired!  If you want to join in the fun, simply post your own flower arrangement on a Monday and link back to Rambling in the Garden.

Garden Sunshine

For all my love of miniature gardening, it never occurred to me to arrange flowers in a tiny teapot. I have several.

This morning Diane at Garden Sunshine changed all that with her delightful post: tiny pink flowers in a miniature, silver teapot. You can see her gorgeous flower arrangement here.

I dusted off one of my cloisonné teapots and put together a tiny arrangement using Bachelor Buttons, Love-in-the Mist seed pods, flowering spider plants and a couple of annuals going to seed.


in a vase on monday july 7

Three loves: cats, flowers and teapots

tiny bouquet

Tiny Teapot: A different perspective

Please join us next Monday

And remember…

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. – Doug Larson

…and a vase is simply a vessel for holding flowers.

Artfully arranged Dandelions in a jelly jar qualify for In A Vase on Monday.

22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Following Garden Sunshine

  1. But even the dandelions don’t need to be ‘arranged’ – ‘plonking’ is where we all started, and just observing our vases has been an education in itself. It’s been such an unexpected learning curve in so many different ways and you have done a great job in promoting it, so thank you. I have an affinity with all things miniature, so your vase was always going to be a winner as far I was concerned, whatever the contents – but don’t those colours work well? Look forward to more contributions 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said, well said, Cathy. Thank you.

      I’m happy to promote great ideas. This is a charming way to start out one’s week. You’ve really engaged folks of similar interests. It’s really good fun.

      I’m a fan of miniatures as well, which is what lead me to fairy gardening. So many ways to relax in our gardens, in between all the hard work.


    • I could have sworn I replied to this comment, but nothing shows up here. Sometimes I read on my phone, but I don’t generally reply from there. (Small keys, big hands).

      Anyway, thank you for this lovely comment. I’ve been thinking about you and DeeDee all week. I hope you are managing ok. xoxoxox


  2. Awww thanks Alys. I am so happy that you are inspired and you know in the back of my mind I knew you would just love the miniature teapot with your love of fairy gardens, so in a way you have actually really inspired me. What an insanely gorgeous teapot!! SO CUTE. where on earth did you get that? The colours of your arrangement match your pot. A perfect fit. Very clever using seed pods as well! Thanks for the shout out, what a lovely surprise this morning!! Have a wonderful day!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Diane, aren’t you sweet. I think we’re all good for one another in this big, beautiful, blogging world.

      I’ve had that little tea pot for over 15 years. I think this one was a gift (I have three with similar styles). The other two I bought in a cute, local town called Los Gatos (The Cats) in Spanish. Perfect, eh?

      I know we’re both having bumpy weeks in the garden. Let’s hope things improve for us both. 🙂


  3. What a sweet little arrangement, Alys. I’ve always loved Bachelor Buttons; the beautiful color the fringed petals, and their unassuming presence in an a garden. I’m already looking forward to next Monday’s entry.


  4. Charming and very you! Your little teapot looks extraordinarily special too. Is it enamelled? Did you bring it back from a trip? Am I asking too many questions? …LOL Very pretty and I’m sure enjoying the light of day from the shelve it resided on, now out in the sunshine, enjoying the garden with the kitties and hummers. Hey? Totally off topic but, has anybody moved into those soft and velvety gourds you grew? Seemed like it’d be a great home. Soft and out of the weather. I do love the decoration on your cute little tea pot. There’s Iris’s all over the neighbourhood right now, it’s their time (here anyways). xox Your cute ;D


    • Thank you! I’m still laughing at myself for not thinking of this sooner, though I’ve since noted that of the three tea pots, one has a hole in the bottom and the other is really shallow. I received one of the three as a gift, and bought the other two in Los Gatos. I have a few more from trips: a tiny wooden tea pot from Argentina and a Socks the Cat one from the Clinton Museum. I’ll have to look for one in Victoria. I don’t see them often anymore.

      Oh, funny you should bring up the gourds. I hung one in the tree facing inward and as high as I could get it, hoping it might appeal so someone, but whenever I took a peak, no activity. Last week, the same day as the squirrel incident, I found it on the ground. When I picked it up I was surprised to find it filled with small pine cones and twigs. No nest, but clearly someone’s stash.

      Oh, lucky you to have beautiful irises nearby. We had a few bulbs in the front garden before we redid the yard, but they never re-appeared after that. I’ll have to look them up and see if they’re on the short list of bulbs the squirrels won’t eat.

      You’re cute! Thanks for visiting. I know how extraordinarily busy you are these days. xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

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