Fairy Garden Additions: A Little *Little* Free Library

Mary Elizabeth planted the seed. In her sincerest voice she asked “when will you be building a Little Free Library for your fairy garden?”


I picked up the fairy-dusted gauntlet and came up with this:
miniature little free library

The shell for the library illustrates a classic case of the box being more interesting than the contents. Setting aside three tiny jars of purple glitter, I got to work on the structure. I finished it in no time.  Fairy structures are like that. If you’ve been putting off building one, today’s the day. Working in miniature is rewarding and relaxing. If you use items on hand, it’s also affordable if not free.

miniature library

Miniature Library Materials

Old matchboxes infused with special memories served as the basis for the larger books. Toothpicks covered with vintage stickers made slender chapter books. Miniature titles are at the ready for diminutive passersby.

The roof signage came from the bottom of one of the LFL brochures. It’s the perfect size.  Serendipity.

mini little free library

The mini LFL sits at the curb of the fairy garden

Like its bigger cousin, this L(L)FL sits near the curb. It was my son’s idea to support it with a clothes pin. Garden builders under 18 often have the best ideas.

My fairy gardening style is ever-evolving. Check out my Page, above, Fairy Garden Frivolity for a look back.

The Little Free Library movement encourages ‘reading for children, literacy for adults, and libraries around the world.’ Little Free Library.org

27 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Additions: A Little *Little* Free Library

  1. Goodness, Lordy me, that is absolutely charming you clever Fairy Goddess. LOL I’m sitting outside, enjoying wine and a warm evening and you can’t imagine how loud I just gasped “OMG”. Haha, I’m giddy with excitement. LOVE your creativity on the whole magical library. The books are just perfect. I like that ones a garden book and one says San Jose (I buggy-fied) I remember those stickers in the store and wish I’d had bought some too now. I simply must have a little library too!!!! Thinking cap on now. Plus, your curly vine looks like it’s been yarn bombed. Have you heard of this? There’s a bunch of trees downtown Edmonton sporting all sorts of knitting. So fun. WOW, I always think, how will you ever top this one? But then you do and do it with such gusto. I pinned because that’s awesome!!!! xoxo K (great call on the clothes pin Mac!)


    • What a great image of you enjoying wine at your new home on a warm summer evening. I hope you get a month or two of those lovely, lovely evenings.

      You gasped! That’s so cool. And you bigified too. Double cool. Thanks for all your lovely words of praise. You make me feel like a million bucks.

      I’ll bet Alyster would love his own little library. I wonder what his favorite book titles will be?

      I have heard of yarn bombing. We saw an installation (if you can call it that) here in San Jose several years ago. Aren’t they cool? I never thought of my little flag that way, but not that you mention it, it does look like that. From here on out it will be know as the rainbow, yarn-bombed flag. Love it!

      Thank you for pinning! xoxo


  2. I was admiring the clothes peg post and thinking how clever – and it was a clever son’s idea!! Well done!! I admire your working in miniature – and the way every day little things are re-purposed. I’m looking forward to the time when I have a reason to create something fairy gardenish again!


  3. I swear I didn’t see this in going through my old posts not yet read. Glad it showed up today. What a wonderful idea and so well executed. I’ll try to get my next post done tonight. Need to move roses today. Last chance.


    • Aren’t you sweet to go back and read from my backlog. I had great fun making that tiny library. I just brought it inside since they are promising (gasp) honest to goodness rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

      Did you get to move your roses?



      • Got the roses moved yesterday while we had a short dry spell. It’s hard to shovel mud. 😦 Cut them way back and will cut back the rest that have not needed to be moved hopefully today or tomorrow. May end up replacing some. Poorly planted.


        • You already have mud!!! Oh my goodness. I hope they survive the move. I’m sure they’re happier in the new place. Come January the nurseries will be full of bare root transplants and you can fill in as needed. That house and garden needed you, Marlene. So glad you’re there.


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