St. Patrick’s Day Whimsy

St. Patrick’s Day means different things to different people. For me it was always an excuse to wear green (my favorite color) and to act silly.

Image my delight to find another gardener in our neighborhood who feels the same way. I discovered her clever shrubs last fall on my morning walk. She prunes the plants into orbs, then gives them different haircuts. In October they had a Halloween theme. My one regret was not getting back there with my camera. Then last week, I saw this:

Neighborhood garden

Neighborhood garden

This is a gardener with a fabulous sense of humour. I popped over there Sunday morning when the light was still good, and took some closeups of these delightful merry-makers.

Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

green hedges with faces

Too much green beer?

Back home I spent a few hours greening up the fairy garden while visiting with my sister.

I may have to stay up all night to see if I spot fairies *and* leprechauns in the wee garden.  Wouldn’t that be great fun?

fairy garden

Fairy garden

Creating fairy gardens is a wonderful way to relax.  It blends creativity, a bit of gardening and the challenge of using what you have on hand.  If you’ve never tried it, why not give it a go. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Even Kermit the Frog eventually agrees, it’s okay to be green. ♣♣♣

hint of a rainbow

Just a hint of a rainbow

green glass path

Follow the path

fairy garden

Can you see the pot of gold at the “end” of the rainbow?

frog on the path

The path offers a bit of camouflage

What’s in the Fairy Garden?

  • Miniature white cyclamen
  • Baby’s tears (transplanted from the back garden)
  • Miniature ‘trees’ (name escapes me)
  • The tiny frog and deer flew in from Canada (gifts from Boomdee)
  • The craft foam fence is a cast off from my son’s craft kit
  • I made the pot of gold from left over gold leaf, paper and a small clay pot
  • An old string bracelet is now a rainbow ‘flag’ near the pot of gold
  • The ‘flag pole’ is a piece of dried Hardenbergia vine, once wrapped around a trellis.
  • The shamrock buttons and green glass were a splurge from last year. Honestly, how can anyone resist shamrock sparkle buttons at eye level in the shop?

11 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Whimsy

  1. I was out and about yesterday, completely oblivious to the momentousness of the day despite my Irish Celtic Heredity – A slow dawning taking place as the abundance of attire in shades of green and servers in funny little green hats made their presence known ………. I realise once again, my life is quite separated from the events of pop culture. When I see fairy gardens and shrubs wearing hats I think I really must pay more attention to the doings of the world! Thanks for that great share Alys – it certainly started my day with a smile 🙂


    • I’m happy to hear this put a smile on your face. I love this sort of thing. It’s funny, but in a way, blogging has encouraged me to try different things, then to share the results (like a fairy garden). You can tell something has caught on though, when you visit the garden nursery and the fairy garden furniture has an entire new section of the store! Cute little wheelbarrows, trellises, mushrooms…all can be had. I’m sticking to my junk drawer, thought along with bits and pieces that present themselves in the garden, like the spiral twig. Smiles back to you, Pauline. 🙂


  2. You live on such a beautiful street. The very first time we drove there I didn’t see anything I was so crazed with excitement, LOL But since then, I’ve admired so many of the gardens along the way. It’s all so cohesive when EVERYONE makes an effort. How fun to have neighbours with such a great sense of humour. Bravo for her originality too.

    You are such an inspiration and I always am in awe of how you use little things in such a special way in your Fairy Gardens. I’m especially loving your whimsical rainbow and pot of gold. I immediately thought, “oh ya, I forgot a pot of gold” . Thank you for finding a place in your wee garden for your little Canadian friends, they’ve called to say how much they love it there and you! How could they not? The dear deer (hehe, I couldn’t resist) peaking over the shamrock adorned fence is so cute. I love that fence, it’s in the perfect shape to meander down the garden path. It’s like years ago, somehow you knew you’d be a Fairy Gardener, things around your house just fit in perfectly. There’s that serendipity again 😀

    Have a Happy St. Patricks day Alys! Sending Love, mwaaaaaaa!


  3. Such a happy post, and your neighbor must be a fun person to hang out with. The red mouth in that one bush made me smile!
    And speaking of Kermit, did you see the clip of him being joined by Jimmy Fallon?


  4. I wish I’d read this sooner. So far behind. What a beautiful street and I love the playfulness of your neighbor too. I know you have that same playfulness in you. You should end up great friends. The fairy garden is delightful. Such a happy place. 🙂


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