Friday Flowers

The rain continues. I had a white-knuckled drive across the valley this afternoon, with bits of flooding across the freeway. I’m happy to be home and enjoying the rain with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Flash-flooding is inevitable with so many months of parched earth.

Hopefully we can weather this storm without loss or injury. Everyone forgets how to drive on wet roads.

Traffic conditions aside, what a happy soaking in the garden. Signs of spring were everywhere this week. Come take a look:


Coral Abutilon

yellow freesia

Fragrant freesia

garden peas

Garden peas


First tulip

jasmin buds

Jasmin buds


Sweet Alyssum

28 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • The rainstorms passed with some flooding in Northern California where we live, but things were much worse in the South. They get even less rain than we do, then suddenly got over 4 inches. Nothing is in moderation this year. It’s all about the extremes. Wind chills sound miserable. You poor thing. I hope your warmer days are on the way.


  1. I think you live in the land of Perpetual Summer! Your garden is blooming and will probably go completely bonkers after this downpour. It’s also raining here [again] and chilly – I have the heater on and it is the first day of March – unbelievable! It seems I now live in the land of Perpetual Winter. Drive carefully – those flash floods on dry baked earth are not good and wet greasy roads are also a horror!


    • It probably seems that way, doesn’t it? Of course this year if feels like winter passed us by. We’re finally enjoying some rain, but temps are climbing again. It is so odd.

      I do love this time of year, though. I think of it as pre-spring. Many things are up, reminding us of the beauty to come. Our maple tree still has fall leaves on it. We didn’t get enough cold, wind or rain to knock them down.

      I’m sorry to hear that conversely you’ve turned on your heater. You’ve been robbed of your summer in the same way we’ve been robbed of our winter.

      I hope you get a few more warm days soon. xox


    • That’s good to know, Betsy. There is much to love: beautiful flowers, unique growing patterns and that smell. I wore one in my hair over the weekend at a Hawaiian-themed party.

      I hope you got some new wiper blades.


  2. I so know what you are speaking of with the flash flooding and oily road conditions. My son stayed off work on Friday rather than brave the slip and slide. I love all the colors in your garden but hate to admit the Alyssum is my favorite. It looks like lace to me. 🙂


    • He was wise to stay home! Good for him. I wish more people would or could do that on these really bad days.

      I’m a huge fan of Alyssum too. It smells like honey to me and contains part of my name to boot. Fun.

      It’s super easy to grow and it reseeds each year. Have you planned your summer pots yet? Any luck ridding yourself of the pests?


  3. I’m glad you made it home safe hon. We’ve been watching the news about the mud slides and flooding . I hope everyone will be safe, are the kitties all sad to be inside?

    I wish I could smell your garden. The grass, the dampness, the Alyssum…mmmmm yum. It all look happy and replenished. I spotted Jasmine at our market last week and I was very temped but didn’t get on. Will your Jasmine be white when it blooms? Looks like you weren’t to late at all planting your tulip bulbs. I hope they’ll all pop up for you. xox Hugs! K


  4. lovely color and moisture! I took some cookies by a friend’s home this evening and her crocuses were beginning to come up. Bright yellow … and snow expected tomorrow.
    Be safe!


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