Raspberry Teasers

Two summers ago the raspberry vines produced mouth-watering fruit.  Many a summer’s day, we would head to the garden after dinner and eat them right off the vine.  They were melt-in-your mouth delicious.

Last year I transplanted the vines to make room for an impromptu pumpkin patch.  They pumpkins self-seeded in  the compost bin and needed a place to grow. The raspberry canes grew into vines, but not a single berry.  Not one! We missed them terribly.

For years I bought beautiful red berries at the market, only to be disappointed by the taste.  After growing them I learned that the mouth-watering taste was in the dark berries.  Red fruit looks pretty in the market, but doesn’t come close to delivering on taste.

I’m happy to report that the vines have recovered.  They’re sending out healthy green leaves along their prickly, red stalks.  Stage one is looking good.  Next up: white flowers.  Then I’ll know we’re back in business.

Raspberry vines and daffodils

Raspberry vines and daffodils

raspberry vines

Will the vines produce fruit? Only the shadow knows for sure

raspberry vine

Healthy foliage, happy gardener

So, here I am counting my berries before they grow, but I can’t help myself.  Fresh rain and the countdown to spring bring out the optimistic gardener.

Stay tuned.

Do you have a favorite berry?

21 thoughts on “Raspberry Teasers

  1. My goodness those are the healthiest looking raspberry leaves I’ve seen outside of a picture in a gardening book. Won’t it be a perfect summer if that stay that way? Do you think you will get fruit this year? I know some plants ‘sulk’ for a bit if you move them – a bit like us really…. 🙂

    I love fresh raspberries straight from the vine – that mix of sweet and sharp and ZING! Like you I think the shop bought ones are tasteless – but when I get to the Farmers Market [we have the best farmers market in the country in this little city – it said so in a magazine :-)] then we can get the good tasting soft fruits. They are everywhere at the moment – my favourite part of summer with the glut of fresh fruit and vegetables at decent prices. My tiny garden is feeding me lettuce and spinach these days too so I feel really blessed!


    • Oh yum! Your own spinach and lettuce. I bet they’re fresh and delicious.

      Aren’t farmer’s markets wonderful? We have several here as well, but on different days and in different places.

      I hope the plant stays healthy and produces fruit this year. So far we’ve had two years, no fruit, one year, fruit, and one year no fruit. I’ll keep you posted.

      Thank you for flattering my ego. I’m so proud of my green garden, even when I don’t necessarily have anything to do with it. 😉


  2. I hope it works out and blooms! I love raspberries. I like to pick them in empty lots around the area where I know it’s not parkland, but neither are the berries being eaten by other humans. Like the lands connected to certain government and clerical buildings. Of course, they sometimes bushwhack the area to make sure no trees grow that could fall on the buildings, and I hate the year or two after where I get no berries. Then they come back, and I’m happy as a clam, even if I look stupid scrambling through pricklers for a few bites of yumminess.


  3. Oh look at you gardening away, what a beautiful sight. Anything green would be a gift today. I used to tidy the yard at Frans house and she had a giant patch of raspberry bushes. I swear I’d get in there and they’d want to grab me and keep me there forever. Her’s were very thistly, like a rose bush. Really, really pokey and scratchy. I can’t tell, are yours like that? I’d try to keep them out of the lawn but the lawn mower wouldn’t even saw them off. So I’d have to use the clippers and then they’d be stuck on my gloves….can you tell yet? I’m scared of them, they are monstrous, LOL

    My favourite berry is the Strawberry. I just had them last night on Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and then ate the left overs with a squirt of whip cream for lunch 😀 Oh la la, Viva le Strawberry! Good luck with your own scary Raspberries this year hon, but be careful out there. You could go out to the garden and never come back :/ xoK


    • It sounds like Fran had a naturalized berry patch that took over. I’ve been warned to keep the suckers and starters at bay. I already have several popping up. If I had the room, it would be fun to let them grow.

      These vines are prickly too. Very painful to touch. I’m sorry you’ve been traumatized by the wicked raspberry vines. Wow, they are prolific.

      Strawberry plants are well behaved and equally delicious. I like blackberries too. They used to grow wild at my community college in the spring, but also treacherous.

      If you don’t hear from me mid-June send in reinforcements.

      Lemon Ricotta Pancakes sound divine.


  4. I am glad to hear they are doing so well for you in those raised beds, that is how i would like to start growing mine. I bet you will have lots of berries this year. They don’t like being cut back or moved I bet. What kind of soaker hose is that you are using? Looks like a good one.


    • You are so right. They don’t like being moved. Hoping they’ve settled in this year.

      As for the soaker house, Mike picked it up at our local hardware/garden center. It’s narrow like irrigation tubing so it is light and easy to weave in and out of the boxes. It’s all hooked up to an automatic system, which helps conserve water.


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