Raspberries: Natures Candy on the Vine

Mouth-watering Raspberries

We planted a pair of raspberry vines two summers ago.  We’ve anticipated the day when we could stroll by and pluck them straight from the vine. That day is…today!

I’m tempted to pull up a chair and a bowl to the edge of the planting box, but I’m showing a little restraint (mostly because I’m wearing a new white shirt).

As I see it, berries are the perfect fruit: no cutting or peeling required. You simply pull them from the vine and pop them in your mouth. Brilliantly red and lusciously sweet, it’s even fun to say: raspberry, razz-berry, rasp-bury.

What do you think?  Is there any other fruit so sweet?

Berry Close-up

Berry-laden Vine

Raspberry Vines: Year Three

10 thoughts on “Raspberries: Natures Candy on the Vine

    • Given the rich history of agriculture in the valley, it makes sense that we would have the right conditions for warm-weather crops. I’m amazed at what my dad was able to grow in Canada in the short growing season. By October it was bitter cold, and the garden was covered in snow and ice all winter.


  1. You’re smart! We love them and got spoilt as hubbies mom had loads in the yard of her little old house. Now when I shop for them I can’t believe how expensive they are. To quote Joni Mitchell “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”.


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