Generous Spirits, Caring Hearts

The goodness of bloggers abounds.

Bloggers near and far filled my mailbox these past several weeks with treasures of hand-made goodness. I’ve never  met the bloggers at In Search of it All or Garden Sunshine. Before blogging, I’d never meet Boomdeeadda either. Yet they all have one thing in common: a generous spirit and a sharing heart.

Once upon a time there were pen pals. You mailed letters to someone you didn’t know who  lived on the other side of the world. If you were lucky, they wrote back.  Now we blog.

Gardening Nirvana came to life as a place to write about the things I love.  I never dreamed of the community that would gather around it.  Who could imagine the connections, the learning, the support and the fun that blogging had in store? I came for the writing and stayed for the friends.

If you blog with regularity, you know what I mean.  If you’re new to the medium, you have wonderful things to look forward to. Finally, if you’ve never blogged, start today.  You’ll be glad you did.

In Search of it All

The lovely, lace embroidery, below was a ‘just because’ gift from Marlene Herself at In Search of It All. Isn’t it beautiful? Marlene blogs from the northern state of Oregon. She describes herself as “a young at heart senior citizen that still has more questions than answers.”  She enjoys reading, sewing, quilting and of course writing. Pop on over to her blog to read her unique perspectives of the world. You’ll be glad you did.

Embroidered lace snowflake

Embroidered lace snowflake by Marlene Herself

embroidered lace

More embroidered lace from Marlene

Garden Sunshine

Diane blogs from Ontario, Canada. She shares her gardening progress on  7+ acres of land at Garden Sunshine. Her photos and projects are stunning. Garden Sunshine sent the blue heart pin, cotton square and calendar, lovingly crafted while she waits for the sun to shine again. Apparently I’m her top commenter. Who knew? Thank you for the shower of gifts.

Stars and hearts pin

Stars and hearts pin crafted by Garden Sunshine

Hand-knit cotton square

Hand-knit cotton square by Garden Sunshine

flower calendar

Garden Sunshine photo calendar and notebook


For those of you familiar with the “Boom Room”, it will come as no surprise that this little treasure arrived from Edmonton, Canada via Boomdeeadda. Kelly describes herself as “living the dream with Mr Right and two rescue cats, Petals & Blossum. Life and Love is enhanced by the many on going projects.  This is a Journal of these and other bits along the way.”

Through blogging we’ve formed a close friendship. We celebrate our kindred spirit, which extended beyond blogging into texting, phone calls, Skype sessions and in-person visits. Next stop, the Ellen Show.  😉

layered card and envelope

Hand made goodness from Boomdeeadda

Virtual Gifts

versatile_bloggerSpecial thanks (and apologies for not acknowledging this sooner) to Pauline at The Contented Crafter. I appreciate your kindness and support.

sunshine blogger awardA warm thank you to Val at Nikitaland for passing on a bit of sunshine. Much appreciated.

23 thoughts on “Generous Spirits, Caring Hearts

  1. Oh Alys, I agree with you that blogging is just not about creating posts about your lifes journeys, it is all about the friendships we make along the way. I need to get your address too, so I can send you something awesome for your garden! Hugs, Val


  2. I begin to really see how this blogging community not only allows us to express ourselves as we journey through life via our different stories, our sharing of ourselves and support of each other via our comments and of course the sharing and admiring of our different creations – but also it allows us a space to just send love via random little gifts and acts of generosity and kindness. Isn’t that so very special!

    It was a lovely gesture from Garden Sunshine to send those lovely hand made goodies as a thank you for being her ‘top commenter’. I think that is such a sweet thing to do. And dear Boomdee – it is so obvious you two just love each other to bits! It is heartwarming to think two kindred souls can find each other in this vast world of blogging 🙂 Just love it!

    I have to say though that Marlene’s beautiful lace work has quite taken my breath away! That is a very steady and fine hand for sure 🙂 How very generous to send a ‘just because’ gift. Doesn’t it make opening the mail so much more fun!

    I was quite conflicted over the blog award thing – I passed in on out of respect for the person who gave it to me. But I have since decided to be an award free blog 🙂 I’m not a fan of leaving folk out of things and personally, for me, I think that the people who come back time and again to read my rambling posts and leave comments are all the award I need! So please come on over and read my latest post 🙂


  3. I have thought a lot about how much blogging is like pen pals. I have a British pen pal I’ve been exchanging letters with for 24 years now! We have met once in person, and it was wonderful, as if I had always known her. Blogging makes those connections possible and opens the circle to all who want to join in! Thanks for sharing your lovely gifts.


    • Julia, what a great story. Did she visit the States or did you go see her? How did you originally find each other? I had a friend I corresponded with for years and years, then we lost touch. One too many moves for one or the other of us. A few years ago we reconnected via Facebook. It’s been wonderful.


  4. All too fun this blogging thing. Who’d thought it? Do you think this goes on in other blogging circles? That’s make for and interesting book or better yet, Thesis as a Socialogist Grad. It’s the new way to make communities. Of course they’re vaster because the worlds such a small place now. Even so, I’m still amazed and thrilled that we’ve found each other xo

    I’ve been graced with a package from Marlene as well. So talented and I always adore her posts. I see a bit of myself in her in that it’s hard to meet people when you move and we both long to be settled. Is that a fruit tree you’ve hung the snowflake in? The blossoms are so pretty. I love the way you photographed everything.

    Diane is always a favourite too because she’s so gong ho about the garden and has a silly sense of humour I gravitate too. Same with Catja, she really makes me laugh too. Then again, you make me laugh too…..Chicks are funny man. I’m so glad to know you all. I love the heart pin, it’s so well made and organic in design. I was surprised by this hidden talent because she’s never let on at the Blog. Your’s looks like fireworks, lovely!

    Then there’s little ol’ garden bear 😀 Another attempt at the watercolours. I loved his little hat. I’ll say ‘his’ because a she would probably have an apron on don’t you think? Maybe SHE’S a nudie Boomdee-bear, weeeeeee, sunburn! LOL xoxox LUL


  5. What fun to read all the lovely comments above between bloggers…You have developed a wonderful community spirit with your writing, and crafting, and giving. I feel like I’m listening to a group of happy women having tea together one table over….excuse me, but I love to listen in!


    • Aren’t you sweet, Mary Elizabeth. You are nice to follow along and leave comments from time to time, so you are just as much a part of the community. Thank you for that and for the smile when I read this. xox


  6. I’m not familiar with the first two bloggers, but will check them out soon.
    We receive gifts because we are givers and you, Alys, are a giver. How lovely to have folks express their love for you, and it is so well deserved.


  7. I agree wholeheartedly that one of the biggest and loveliest surprises when diving deeply into blogging has been the incredible community that comes with the package. It is overwhelming at times to realize the wealth of information and support at your fingertips.
    It’s clear you are cherished for what you bring to the table and no doubt deserve a hearty congratulations for being the kind of person who inspires such friendship and recognition!


  8. What a week of mail! LOL> I love your first paragraph, all of that is so true. I have always had pen pals and loved to write letters and of course sending mail is the most fun of all. So happy to have met you Alys!


    • I’m so happy to have met you, too, Diane.

      I never had a pen pal, per se, but always wrote letters to friends around the world, who I met traveling or who moved away. I never met my father’s father (he lived in England) but we wrote to each other, and he always sent picture postcards. We lived for those moments as kids.


  9. Oh Alys, I almost missed this post. I’ve been trying to catch up and what a lovely surprise! You photographed them so much better than I did. Must say I truly agree with LB’s words. “We receive gifts because we are givers and you, Alys, are a giver.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. I look forward to your posts as they are somewhat healing for me. I always feel better after sitting in your garden with your kitties and wildlife. It’s made the long dreary winter bearable. Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful blog. Hugs, M H


    • Marlene, I’m so glad you found it. I would have hated for you to miss this one.

      Thank you for your kind words. I know that you are a giver, too. Givers attracting givers is both positive and healthy.

      My tip for good photos is to take everything outside, then photograph it before 9 in the morning when the light is perfect. My indoor pictures almost never come out. Since I write a garden-centered blog, it’s always fun to include photos from the garden, including this lovely gift from you.

      I’m so glad my posts uplift. That made my day.


  10. Embroidered crafts are really beautiful. The shapes and edgers look surprisingly elegant. I cannot decide which one I like most though, the snowflake or fairly princess. Glad you have nice community of bloggers around you.


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