I’ve Been Framed



I hope you weren’t here looking for an espionage post.  What I meant was, my art’s been framed…and I love it.

Last month I won a blog giveaway from The Contented Crafter. The prize was an art print of my choosing from her Etsy shop. Be still my crafty heart.

Pauline is a mixed-media artist,  blogging from New Zealand. Her art is full of optimism and joy. It makes me happy.

When Pauline first opened her Etsy shop, I snapped up the original of this print as a gift for my friend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth loves butterflies, original art and I felt certain she would love this too (and of course she did). The original piece arrived with plenty of time before gifting so I got to enjoy it for a few weeks. Then I wrapped it and sent it to its new home.

Then, serendipity: another blogger offered to sponsor a giveaway on Pauline’s blog, I won, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I’m the proud caretaker of the Butterfly Sprite print which arrived in the mail post-haste. She’s now framed and ready for viewing.

framed print

Framed and ready for the perfect spot

Here is where I could use your help.

When we remodeled nine years ago, we went from white walls to color in every room in the house. I love it, but it’s another element to consider when hanging art. Please take a look and let me know what you think by voting in the poll that follows. I’ll share the results later this week.

mermaid wall

(A) Bedroom “mermaid” wall

entry wall

(B) Bedroom entry wall


(C) Hallway

hallway long view

Hallway, long view

The Contented Crafter sells her work on Etsy.

18 thoughts on “I’ve Been Framed

  1. I was torn between the ‘mermaid’ wall and the hallway, but the hallway won; it sets off the colours of the print so well. That position also means that people will see it, then have the chance to move forward for a closer look. The other thing you could do, of course, is rotate it; a month here, a month there . . . Lovely frame job, too, Alys! ~ Linne


    • That is great advice, Linne. Thank you for sharing it. It seems most readers agree. I hung the sprite today so that her eyes and my eyes are at the same level.

      And yes, they did a lovely job with the framing. I bought an over the counter frame and had a custom mat made to reduce to cost. I’m really pleased with the final result.


  2. Gosh! I find it hard making these decisions myself – and then I saw the lovely Linne’s comment and thought – yes the hallway for distant and close-up views. And, ideally, rotating it to different rooms would be great but you might not want too many holes in your walls. I, too, recently bought some of Pauline’s stunning artwork from Etsy and have been meaning to blog about it, but have been busy, busy! This weekend I will put all else aside and show everyone which beautiful prints I bought. Love your frame, Alys – and the picture just looks so heavenly on every wall. xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • I too rotate my art and furnishings when possible to freshen things up. Just recently someone asked me if a picture on the wall was new. It’s been up for nine years, but I moved it from the entry way to the dining room.

      I don’t mind about the holes. Eventually they get covered up with something else, and their is always paint.

      Oh I can’t wait to see your prints. We’ve got a Pauline King fan club going. Fun times.

      xoxoxoxxo I love your visits.


  3. I’m totally on board with Linne, the walk ahead for a close up is fun. Being short, I always think art is hung to high. I don’t know what the decorator ‘rule’ is. I also think groups of things are nice. Looks like voters liked c the most so far, so did I. Nice matting on it Alys. It’s nice to have it professionally done isn’t it? Lucky you and lucky Elizabeth too. I’m sure she was
    ‘gob-smacked’ as they say over the pond. Next time I’m in San Jose, I’d love to find a water colour to bring home. It’s a fun way to embellish a home and every time I look at it, then I’ll think of you and my trip. xoxo


    • Oh we’ll definitely go looking for a watercolor when you are here. If you can ever make it during the summer, we have lots of art and wine festivals, one of the best places to find something like that.

      Thanks for your vote and for sharing your perspective. You have such wonderful taste in everything.

      I’ve hung a lot of art for friends and for clients. My recent client is 6″5′ so I took that in to account when hanging things. That said, if things are small they tend to ‘float’ visually if they are too high on the wall.

      I like groups of things too. I’m running out of wall space around here. Oh no!!!


  4. Oh jeepers – I am thrilled to pieces at the care with which this piece has been matted and framed – what a fabulous compliment Alys – thank you so much!! I am also beyond thrilled that you gave me yet another shout -out, thank you for that – I love it 🙂

    Now I’ll wade in with my tuppence worth shall I? First up a note on the hanging height as Boomdee raised it. [You may know all this very well already, in which case please excuse my pedantic effort to be helpful 🙂 ] Most people apparently hang their art too high. it should be within eye balling height without tilting the head back when you are standing a couple of feet in front of it.

    The rule of thumb is that any painting should be hung at eye-level, and as we know the difference in ‘eye-level’ between a six-footer and a five footer is substantial – and you have to look for a happy medium. Therefore the horizon line or disappearing point or eye level of the art should be at the eye level of the mythical average height viewer.

    I’m not sure if your hallway is a slight peachy-pink hue or if it is the cafe-au-lait shade I see on my pc in the close up shot……. in which I think the frame looks really stark white. But in the long shot, where the colour is warmer and I see the woodwork is also white it looks like it fits in really nicely….

    Mostly I think you should hang it where you will get the most enjoyment out of her – and there is no rule that says pictures must stay in one place until they expire. I move my art work around constantly as it gives it new life and I get to enjoy it differently and it looks different against different backdrops and in different light.

    I hope you will enjoy your Sprite for many years to come Alys – I’m so glad you have her! 🙂


    • Well I could have sworn I answered this newsy reply ages ago, but now that lovely print is hanging in our hallway with all this great advice taken into account. Be a butterfly, be a butterfly, be a butterfly. Happy me!


  5. I’d pick the hallway, but mostly because now everyone who comes to your house can enjoy the print too! That being said, I think the hallway wall is more neutral and less competition for the beautiful print ;0) My two cents.


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