Greenhouse Envy

mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouse

Last year I watched with admiration as Sarah the Gardener built her second greenhouse. Sarah writes a fabulous blog about her garden in Australia, and is about to publish her second book on the subject. Check out her amazing garden.

I’ve always liked the idea of a greenhouse. My dad planted that seed years ago as he too wished he had one at home. Living in Silicon Valley means houses are small on small plots or large on small plots, but rarely will you find a house with a big piece of property attached. It’s simply cost prohibitive. Those of us who garden make do with the limited space.  We have great weather year round and a long growing season to boot. I have zero room to complain.

So imagine my delight when I saw an ad in the paper for this scaled down and highly affordable mini-greenhouse at our local garden center. It was on sale for $39 bucks which is a steal if you ask me.

I put it together over the weekend and it’s ready for plants.  I’m going to take stalk of my seed collection this weekend and then the fun begins.  Planting seeds!

Spring, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is just a month away in this hemisphere.  As Sarah puts her garden to bed for the winter in Australia,  our California garden will be waking up.

I’ve Been Framed

Thanks to all who voted and commented with your suggestions earlier in the week on I’ve Been Framed.  The straw-colored hallway won.  Here is a video of the art as I approach.  I hung her so our eyes meet when I walk by.  It’s nice to live with someone who sees eye-to-eye with you every single day.  I promise not to let it go to my head. 😉

There was a great artist named Pauline

Who lived with a kitty so darling

She made fabulous art

Art filled with great heart

Now it hangs on my wall thanks to Pauline.

14 thoughts on “Greenhouse Envy

  1. That just made my day!! 🙂 You are so kind and generous – and funny and sweet – I am really glad you have some of my art – and love it so much! Thank you 🙂

    I love that you got that little greenhouse for just $39 – that is a steal! I don’t think I would find one like that here for even double the price, it would be way more! I shared a wee one on facebook this morning made out of recycled soda bottles which I thought was brilliant – but this wins hand down because its already made and you can get on with using it straight away……

    Thank you for making day [again!] xoxo


    • ((((Pauline))))

      I saw that awesome greenhouse when you posted it. People are so creative. I’ve seen green houses built using old windows and doors, too. Lots of fun for those that are handy with tools, something I’ve often aspired to be.



  2. Funnily enough, I have one of the very same mini greenhouses. It’s too windy here for me to use outdoors, unfortunately, and the platic got torn but they are definitely useful. I think I’ll use mine as shelving indoors for all my seedlings (minus the plastic) this year, though – good luck with yours 🙂


  3. I just got one of these greenhouses for Christmas last year and currently have tomato seedlings growing in it. Waiting for the peppers, eggplant, and basil to sprout. I have had to take the plastic cover off of it a few times due to wind, but that is easy enough. So far I am very happy with it.


    • You did? Wow, you are the second or third person to comment saying they have one as well. What a nice Christmas gift.

      I need to get busy planting my seeds. I have everything I need…I just need to carve out some time.


  4. Hi Alys. I had one of these greenhouses on my journey from a small two shelf one all the way through to the lovely one I have now! I think in total I have worked my way though 7 greenhouses – each one bigger and better than the last! The plastic ones don’t last too well here as the New Zealand sun is really harsh – the hole in the ozone hangs over us most of the time. So the glass one should last a lot longer – if not forever.
    The one thing I found with the greenhouse styles like yours is they are very light and can blow away easily as the cover can act like a parachute! There is nothing more heartbreaking seeing your seedlings destroyed in a wind related accident, so anchor it well. Tie it to something solid, peg it down to the ground with sturdy pegs or fill the bottom shelf with bricks.

    I have seen this all to often with these greenhouses, but having said that they are good little greenhouses and give seedlings a great head start for the coming season.

    Thanks for the mention. I’m glad you enjoy my ramblings!
    Cheers Sarah : o )


  5. Great idea! I would love a greenhouse, the traditional type of metal and glass, but it would be unsuitable here due to the high winds – I’d be forever replacing the little panes of glass or it would blow away! Hubby and I watched a programme yesterday and in it was a large walk-in type cold frame with 1 window and it was made of wood. We’re thinking of building that with extra windows using the old windows we took out of our house rather than flimsy panes of glass. It’s not really a greenhouse but if we use the largest sturdy windows and sit it in the sunniest place, it’ll should work.
    Happy gardening, Alys 🙂


    • That sounds like a great idea. I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of additional inspiration on Pinterest as well. I’m amazed at the creativity. I love your plan and can’t wait to see it implemented. Oh what fun!


  6. What a fun start to my day! I loved hearing your voice narrate your charming rhyme for Pauline’s beautiful art. You’re so cute. I’ve looked at P’s Esty page a few times, I really can’t decide. I think I need a house first so I can hang something on the wall. Maybe today :D. It looks absolutely awesome gracing the hall, that’s just the perfect spot for it really. I can hardly believe your new greenhouse was only $39, what a steal of a deal for sure. Looks perfect there next to your city pickers. You’re lucky to be thinking about spring. It’s -19 C but sunny with a breeze….darn those winter winds, I’m a chapped mess. Moisturizing seems futile. Can’t wait to see your greenhouse in action 😀 xoK


    • Thank you, Boomdee. That was so much fun. I didn’t know how to read the limerick and take the video, but my youngster new. He had me record a voice memo, then record the video. He morphed them together and voila, a walking, talking video. Hee!

      $39 is an amazing price. I feel so fortunate to have spotted the ad when I did. I was sure they would all be snapped up. It went together in a jiffy, too.

      Time to get busy out there!


  7. I saw those small green houses last summer but decided to wait and see what this summer brought. I love reading all the comments about them. Helps to make the decision. I love Pauline’s art on that straw colored wall and that cute poem. I’ve had my entertainment for the day. Thank you and enjoy filling the greenhouse. I’m anxious to see how it goes. Hugs, MH


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