Re-framing: Thoughts and Pictures

You can re-frame your thoughts and you can re-frame a picture. I’ve done a little of both.

Thoughts, Re-Framed

Last August, on the anniversary of my father’s death, I was finally able to re-frame my feelings about his stamp collection. I once viewed his stamp albums as a life interrupted. They reminded me of my loss instead of the joyful hours he spent pursuing this hobby. The stamp albums sat in a cupboard, revered. Now I see them as a gift to be shared, and as a way to celebrate my father’s kind and curious nature. I hosted a blog giveaway, and sent many of Dad’s stamps to friends and acquaintances around the world. It was an extraordinary exercise in letting go. If you would like to read the post in its entirety, you’ll find it here: Vintage Postage: A Daughter’s Love Letter and a Blogging Giveaway.

You’ll never guess what happened next? A handful of those stamps flew all the way back from New Zealand, but not for insufficient postage. This time they we’re intricately woven into a multi-layered, lovingly detailed mixed-media original by Pauline King. She named it The Wonderland of Alys. I wish you could see it in person.

Pauline King mixed media stamps

Can you spot all the stamps? Take a close look. (Copyright Pauline King)

Pauline King's Wonderland of Alys-004

The Wonderland of Alys floats in her frame (Copyright Pauline King)

Pauline King's Wonderland of Alys-003

The Wonderland of Alys (original mixed media) Butterfly Sprite (art print) (Copyright Pauline King)

Pauline King's Wonderland of Alys

The Long View: Both pieces hang together in the dining area. (Copyright Pauline King)

Re-Framing Art

Early last year Pauline hosted her own giveaway and guess who won? Can you believe my luck? I chose this beautiful art print of the Butterfly Sprite.  I headed straight to the framers, picked out a standard frame and ordered custom mats to go with it. I loved looking at her smiling from the wall, but the white frame was never quite right. Once I had the second piece framed I knew what I had to do. Both pieces are now framed on a silk background with a dark frame. The Wonderland piece ‘floats’ on a piece of whisper-thin acrylic so that you can see right up to the edges.

Table Top Mosaic

Can you guess what I did with the rest of the stamps? Please pop on over tomorrow for the ‘reveal’. Here’s a little teaser until then:

postage stamp table project-007

Blogging 101: Colors and Headers

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment has us exploring new headers, backgrounds and colors. I’m pleased with my current choices, so plan to keep the current greenery in place.

23 thoughts on “Re-framing: Thoughts and Pictures

  1. Oh my goodness, you quite took my breath away! When you showed me the painting on Skype I had one of those wordless moments – it looked stunning and the perfect touch of floating the work above a bed of silk – was just WOW!!! ❤ Seeing your home with the two pieces hung side by side reduced me to a blubbering wreck! Honestly! I am so touched and so happy that you like both the original and the print. Thank you xoxo

    I am very happy to see your blog in it's familiar greenery and layout too. The right choice will always be the right choice! Which isn't to say there isn't an alternative theme out there that suits – it just wasn't that other one – the dead opposite of this one. 🙂

    I'm loving the look of that coffee table lay out. There will be many happy hours spent by family and visitors I imagine searching out the different countries and years ………and postage stamp prices. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece ❤

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  2. Those prints are so pretty and look good in a dark frame. I am glad you are not going to change your header. I like the greenery and those little pearly ‘peas’. Look forward to seeing what you have done with those other stamps. 🙂


  3. What a lovely home you have!! Pauline’s beautiful art looks to have a perfect place in your dining room. She does do beautiful work and that labor of love is so touching. ♡ I concur-I like the blog format you are using. It showcases your writing perfectly°•○●□.
    I appreciate the journey through the 101. I have learned a few things while you did all the work! ! 😄Thank you.


  4. what a fabulous story and I totally admire you for your “letting go” – a remarkable exercise and one with wonderous results -you know I still have stuff relating to my mum, from over 20 years ago and I recently made a decision to let more of it go, If I don’t use it or it doesn’t add to my life then time to wave goodbye
    So now I’m super curious to know what you have been up to with the stamps.


    • Good for you, Claire. I work as a professional organizer and I encounter many people who struggle to let these items go. When you do you realize you aren’t letting them go at all, just things that were once a part of their lives. It helps to think about how you feel about your own possessions and how you would feel about their disposition after you’re gone. I can honestly say I have no attachment to any of it, and would not want my things burdening someone else. It’s liberating if we can let those around us know that as well.

      Food for thought. Thanks so much for sharing yours.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I well remember the blog about your father’s stamps and love that Pauline made such a wonderful gift for you.
    The view of your home is wonderful! So bright and light and welcoming with incredible art on the walls!


    • Thank you, Laurie. When we remodeled a decade ago, we removed our wood burning fireplace and put in a large picture window instead. It’s been wonderful having the view of the garden and all that natural light.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. That is one thing that has badly slipped and that is catching up on my reading. I opened yours last night, and never made it back.


  6. I love how you framed Pauline’s beautiful works of art. I have not hung the one I purchased as yet. We are still moving things around and moving things out so I’m looking for the perfect spot. I’d like my place to be that clutter free. We are getting there but not fast enough for me. You did more than let go. You took something out of hiding and found ways to bring it into the light of day by sharing. Not many can say that. Loved what you both did with those little stamps. 🙂


    • Thank you, Marlene.

      I didn’t know you had purchased one of Pauline’s pieces. Which one did you choose? I can’t wait to see where you hang it. I’m in love with mine.

      I don’t know if you know this story, but I purchased one of her paintings too as a gift, then later *won* a print of the same painting in a blogging giveaway!!!

      Your words about Dad’s stamps gladden my heart, Marlene. Thank you for that. Exactly that: letting them see the light of day. xox

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  7. I don’t know how I missed this lovely, but glad I spotted it in my email. Look how bright and cheery your home is ! Pauline’s colourful, heartfelt art looks perfect with your beautiful hand painted mural in the background. The two pieces compliment each other so nicely being that they’re facing each other. I like the ‘floating in a frame’ idea, seems very apropos when I think of the artist and I mean that only in the nicest way. To me, Pauline has this ethereal, free spirit kind of personality. I really can’t imagine her not being an artist. If she wasn’t, I’d expect her to be a palm reader or natural path chemist or something of that sort. There’s always this bit of mystical, magical feeling I get from our dearest. Oh and her cute accent is rather Harry Potterish, LOL. So that lends some magic dust to my whole vision too 😀 They look great Alys, very gallery worthy. xoxox K


    • Thanks for popping in here, Boomdee-dear. You’re the best.

      Yes, Pauline’s work is a treasure and as you say colourful, heartfelt and ethereal. I love it.

      Can you believe we get to meet her in just a few weeks? We’ll all be covered in bruises from squeezing each other so hard.


      Liked by 1 person

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