Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a bit of pink on Valentine’s Day?

If you agree, please enter for a chance to win this “exploding circle book” featuring Pink Paislee’s Secret Crush.

Scrapbook Island offered these kits last year, but when I went back to buy one they were sold-out. No surprises there, but guess what?  They special ordered one for me.
exploding circle book

I loved putting this together. It will be even more fun giving it away.

Entering is easy: simply leave the word ENTER in the comment section below.  All names will go into a random drawing.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 10th.

Circle book cover

Circle book cover

Open book

Open book

Here is the boring fine print: eligible to anyone entering a comment on this post, excluding family members. Deadline for comments is midnight, February 9th based on this blog’s date stamp. The winner will be selected by random drawing on February 10th.

34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. “excluding family members” heh heh hehe. I’m assuming some of them wanted to ‘claim’ it before you gave it away? I can’t believe you made this, it’s so cute! And, did you update your blog? It looks really good!! I am in the midst of updating mine, as well, and it is not easy!! I think I have finally found the right theme, now to just try to lay it out properly.


    • Hello my dear. Yes I did update my blog theme. You are the first to notice! I like the subtle greens and the easy layout.

      I read up on contest rules and they suggest excluding family members or anyone at your address. Further, it is only a contest if you have to do something (like enter a drawing for judging) otherwise it is a sweepstake (or giveaway). Funny, eh? I live with my husband and two teenage sons, so trust me, no one around here will give it a second glance!

      I look forward to your blog overhaul. They’re work but always fun, too. A nice change.


        • I like the new layout! It makes it so much easier to see all your recent posts, and since it’s a sewing blog, it allows you to click on the outfit/project based on a visual. Very nice.

          A couple of suggested tweaks, and only since you asked.
          1. It’s hard to read the words on the blue photo. Can you make them a bit smaller and then all in white?
          2. Since you say ‘sewing from all angles’ twice, once in the photo and once below, what if you replaced the second time you say it with your longer tag line. It’s in the Lines….hem, seam, stitching, grain, style.”

          Good work!


          • Thanks Alys! I know, I am not a fan of the header being the same as the text below, but I wanted to change my ‘tag line’ to sewing from all angles’ as this is what shows up when you search in a browser for gjeometry. Before when I had the ‘it’s in the lines, etc. etc.’ tag line, it did not even contain the word sewing, so if somebody was searching by ‘sewing blog’ not sure if would come up. I used a template/theme for my blog as I don’t pay for being able to code myself, so am very limited as to what I can do. I am still at work on a ‘header’ image, but have that one up for now, since I am not sure what header/image/drawing, etc. I wish to create. I can try to tweak it with a paler background and smaller text to make it easier to read, for now. Thanks for looking! 🙂


  2. That is very pretty and I can well imagine some family members may be lusting after it…. [maybe not your immediate family members however as they are of the male variety – unless they have girlfriends? Though maybe not Mr F….am I digging myself into a hole here?]

    I must add that I think family members should be allowed to enter – otherwise it’s whatever the opposite of ‘nepotism’ is …….. [You’re welcome Sharon!] 🙂


    • LOL, Pauline! The teens are girlfriend-free, though both have female friends. Mr. F appreciates life at home, so no worries there, either, though Beijing monopolizes his lap when he sits on the couch and makes it clear to me that he belongs to him.

      You make me giggle….and I like it. Entered…


  3. I was eyeing up all the Valentines paper yesterday at the Urban Scrapbooker. Oh man, there are so many nice collections. I’m excited to see what they bring in from CHA. I watched it all unfold at The Island FB Page, gads I really loved so many of the things they photographed. What a great store you have there.
    These pop ups are very cute, I haven’t seen them here at all. Is there a secret fold to it all? I’m really loving polka dots lately, they’re so nostalgic. I will refrain from joining the contest my dear because you make me feel like family xoxo ❤


    • xoxoxo

      We’re sisters, separated at birth. I’m convinced of it.

      I’ll take a photo of the pattern so you can see what it looks like flat. I copied the pattern and made another one from garden paper for one of my craft it forward projects last year.


      • 😀 Sisters at birth…what a fun thing hehe. Funny, I think that often too. I’ll watch for the photo and I totally do remember your craft it forward with the same Garden paper I used to make your little box, HA. I just went back to look at it again to make sure I was remembering right….it was for ((( PJ ))). I really miss her xoxoxo


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