Fairy Garden Valentine

cake and flowers

Cake and flowers await

brick wall

“Brick Wall” ribbon

tiny fountain

Tiny fountain made from small colored pebbles and candle holders

tiny deer

Darling Deer from Boomdee

While pulling weeds in the garden, I bent my ear to the earth. I heard the faintest whisper.  Garden fairy voices carry with the wind. You have to listen intently to hear what they are saying.

“We love Valentine’s Day,” they breathed.

You don’t have to tell me twice.  I got to work on the fairy garden with little time to spare.  The day of whimsy is in one week. February 14th is also a full snow moon so I’m expecting magical happenings in the world of imagination.

I’ve dedicated one of my kitchen drawers to fairy garden building materials. To the uneducated eye, it looks like a drawer full of junk. Look again and you’ll see tiny fencing material, tables and chairs, a small fountain and a dance floor.  Magical trees, hearts and flowers live in that drawer, too.  When time and inspiration strike, I forage through plastic lids, discarded wrappers and pieces of ribbon and then I get to work.

I challenge myself to use materials on hand, pulling together a bit of this and that. I’m never sure how things will turn out, but always have a great time with the process.

valentine fairy garden

Fairy’s eye view

Fairy Garden Frivolity

I’ve dedicated a page on my blog to fairy gardens.  You can see seasonal versions by clicking here.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

There is still time to enter the Valentine’s Day Giveway. Simply follow this link and leave a comment there including the word ENTER. Deadline is midnight Sunday, February 9th.

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

23 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Valentine

  1. I LOVE that you have a fairy garden drawer!! LOVE IT!! I have a drawer called The Very Useful Drawer it keeps a myriad of stuff, which, like your fairy garden drawer, could be mistaken for junk. Oh no – it is full of things that are Very Useful indeed. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. Or sometime next year. But I would love to have a fairy garden drawer. It is something to be aspired to!

    I also LOVE your fairy gardens – we are never too old to appreciate a bit of magic and fairy dust! I bet the children around you love it too.

    You are such a wonder! What a lovely day I’m having – first a Mini Orlando in the mail and now a drawer for fairy garden paraphernalia! Fabulous!!


    • And I love your Very Useful Drawer. Delightful name, my dear and yes, similar idea. Once I started fairy gardening, I found myself looking at little bits and pieces in an entirely different way. It’s so much fun.

      The children do love it. It’s still magical to them, so I live vicariously through them.

      I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day!


  2. My gardens are buried in snow. I’m trying to freeze the gnats out. I can hardly wait for spring so I can start fresh with a fairy garden. I like the idea of a fairy garden stash. I have so much tiny stuff in my garage at the back in boxes. Not easy to get to and kept waiting till I did the last move. Maybe I’d better quit waiting. Have your fairies needed their umbrellas? Wish them Happy Valentines Day for me too. 😉


    • Freezing the gnats out! Great idea. I hope they’ve vacated your lovely pots for good.

      Snow seems to be falling everywhere this weekend, even in nearby Lake Tahoe.

      Oh my goodness…a box of tiny stuff just waiting for your fairy garden(s). Can’t wait, can’t wait!

      I will be sure to extend your Valentine’s wishes. xox to you too.


  3. I’m so happy you heard their little whispers in the wind and whipped up a treat in their magical world. The cake looks positivity yummy 😀 My fairy garden is still very much in winter mode, which I guess I am too. How refreshing to see a California fairy world where things are green and the deer and antelope roam, LOL. Well I’m sure there’s antelope around somewhere :/
    I’m happy you’re enjoying the little dear, looks happy as can be under the shade of that tree.

    You are so clever about reusing your kitchen treasure and the little button bouquet is fun too. I had never heard the term snow moon, but Google Image search offered up a plethora of beautiful images. I’ll be sure to look up into the night sky, Mwwaaaa


    • The antelope is just around the corner…

      I love that little deer. There is a story to tell, too. She went missing for a day. One of the mom’s called my neighbor and asked if I had given her daughter a figurine. I said no and that I would never do that without asking first. She felt terrible and asked the little girl to come to my door and return it to me and to say she was sorry. I felt so sad about the whole thing, though the mother did the right thing. Between the deer’s original home, her time in Canada, time in the fairy gardens, and her brief abduction, she could write a book.

      The one trouble with my new theme is that it is harder to tell when I’ve linked to something. It only shows the slightest change in shade. I’m glad you found the snow moon image on your own anyway.



      • oh, funny yes now I see them. mmm I wonder if you can change the colour from green to something else?

        Oh dear, yep that would have been the pits. You want to nurture but for sure, mom did good. Can’t have wee ones thinking anythings up for grabs. Who knows how many places your little deer has been too.

        Let’s say, Elizabeth Taylor got it as a secret love gift from Eddie Fischer but then found out the cad had bought the exact same gift for his wife, Debbie Reynolds and was so mad she gave it to the garden for his little girl Penelope who grew up to work as an Airline Stewardess for Pan Am and forgot it in her hotel room on a stop-over in Vancouver in 1958. The housekeeper who found it later moved to Edmonton and when she wanted to moved back to Vancouver because she hated winter, left all her chachka’s with her daughter who got tired of dusting them and got a booth at the Antique Mall. A few years later, Boomdee arrived looking for a gift for her bestie and snaps up the Little Deer. The Little Deer returns to California (serendipity) to live with Boomdee’s Bestie. After months of bliss, Little Deer is abducted in the dark of night (or one day after school) only to be rescued by assailants mom. Now Little Deer is back to life in the garden….whew, you’re right, quite the history. (some or none of this story may or may not be true).


  4. Lovely words and pictures. Talking about ‘listening’ in the garden, It’s rather good fun putting a glass on the ground after rainfall and listening to the worms as they move around. Daft I know but I like it 🙂


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