Rain Glorious Rain

I woke up to a bracing shower Saturday morning, when Lindy knocked over my water-glass.  She’s normally nimble-footed, but that particular trip across my nightstand lead to an invigorating soak.  The water doused my pillow, the bed sheets and of course me.

Sunday morning I woke up to the real deal: rain dropping softly on our parched state.  It didn’t last long, but was wonderful nonetheless.  Everything above and below looks refreshed.  The sky seems brighter, the garden greener and the nearby hills are visible once again. February is off to a great start.

view from the deck

View from the deck

Rain is in the forecast over the next two days. Gathering clouds outside my window are a welcome view.

cloudy skies

Cloudy skies, happy birds

The Little Free Library weathered its first storm.  Books are coming and going, but staying nice and dry behind closed doors.

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

What’s the weather up to in your neck of the woods?

My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather. ~Terri Guillemets

20 thoughts on “Rain Glorious Rain

  1. How wonderful! Who would ever think you would be so happy to see bare trees against grey sky ….. It causes me to ponder on how grateful I should be for the days when the rain falls and fills up the hydro lakes so we don’t ever have to consider going for nuclear powered generators – and the garden doesn’t need me to water it for it takes care of itself and the dusty streets are washed clean and the air purified………. I hope you get a long and gentle rain that the earth can soak up!

    I am enjoying summer. As you know, it was late getting here, it is not the greatest summer we have ever had, but it is most pleasant! xoxo


    • I’m so glad your summer finally arrived and that you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. We did get rain, though again, in disappointing numbers. San Jose got about an inch; the north baby got closer to 3. It all benefits the State so I’m not complaining. I do miss it though.

      I would hate to think nuclear power generators were in your future. So scary.


  2. I’m so happy for you, the garden, for the birds and all the wildlife that have patiently being waiting for this renewal. Heavens it must have been so awesome to smell that freshness. Jay Leno mentioned tonight that the Governor has suggested only flushing when necessary and people laughed but we use to do that at the lake, the old ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’. It might put off city folk but honestly it sure saves water to flush every second visit to the leu.

    Lindy probably sensed that you wanted to be up to enjoy it all 😀 So thoughtful of her ❤


    • We don’t flush at night and now have at least one toilet with different flush controls, depending on the deposit. What a cute expression ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow.’ I’m looking into a grey water system for the bits of lawn we do have, and plan to remove what’s left of the sidewalk strip grass. Baby steps.


      • The grey water system sounds interesting. I would be very interested in that for a future garden. I had a rain barrel at the lake but it wasn’t’ the best system. I think the way to go here would be a buried cistern that fills with filtered rain water. Then a pump and tape for the yard from it. I was just talking to Jim about it the other day and he thought it sounded expensive but he says that about everything, LOL


  3. I love that first rain after a long hot summer. All the plants seem to perk up!
    Here, it rained all night last night but the sun came up this morning. I’m looking forward to the start of Spring.


  4. I am so delighted that you have had even a little rain. We had snow yesterday, today wind and gorgeous sunshine with a wind chill of 12 degrees. Next week we get back to normal rain and warmer. I can relate to Boomdee’s water saving tip from the Governor. I don’t flush in the middle of the night since it sounds like a waterfall to my downstairs neighbors and wakes them. I’ve lived downstairs so I know. That’s only since I’m here alone too. They wanted us to leave the faucets dripping this week to keep them from freezing. Not enough insulation in the outside walls. Funny how 60 in the winter is cold and 60 in the summer is what you wish for. 🙂 Lots of blankets and fleece slacks. I so feel for those caught in the deep, deep freeze.


    • Brrr…12 degrees must be a shock to the system after living in SoCal. Layers, layers, layers.

      We don’t flush at night either. Funny how something you barely notice by day is so darn loud at night.

      Like you, I’ve often wondered at that phenomenon of 68 feeling wonderfully cool in the summer, yet cold in the winter. I wonder it the relative humidity has something to do with it?

      Thanks for your always insightful comments, MH.


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