Garden Pop-ups

Sure *I* was late planting this year’s bulbs, but nature is always on time. Bulbs from last season (and the season before!) are popping up all over the garden.

life on deck

Life on deck

Sometimes I’ll forget that a bulb is resting at the bottom of a pot, and I’ll dump the dirt into a planter. This explains the random placement of one of the bulbs I see peeking out from the center of the vegetable beds. I love nature’s optimism.

Mystery bulbs in the Veggie garden

Mystery bulbs in the Veggie garden

There are signs of tulips along the rock wall, but there are also signs of the squirrels eating the greens.  I hope they lose interest soon, or that will be the end of them.


Tulips, ever optimistic

The hyacinths are up and looking pretty. It looks like the onion-scented Allium are coming back from last year, along with (I think) a single freesia.

Emerging hyacinth

Emerging hyacinth

unknown bulb


Emerging hyacinth

Can you smell it?

New Life for your Old Calendar

Several of you commented that you save your wall calendars from year to year. Here are a few more ideas for turning your beautiful calendar pages into something new.  For more info, visit Garden Calendar Lives Another Day.

 repurposed calendar

Re-purposed Calendar: postcard, covered box, gift tags and stickers, envelopes, gift card holder, fairy garden bunting, drawer liner, box dividers, napkin rings

10 thoughts on “Garden Pop-ups

  1. You are so creative!! I never would have thought to do any of that with my old calenders – I have some that are ten years old still waiting to be made in to something new and exciting! I did make up some envelopes last year from old calender pages, and then never used them…..
    There’s just no hope for some old calenders, poor things!

    I love that optimistic bulb in the vege patch – its like when you see a tiny flower growing from a crack in the concrete – it is so heart-warming. I always blow them a kiss and send encouragement 🙂

    That looks like a freesia in bud to me – harbinger of spring – perhaps you will get some spring rain soon? I am enjoying my second sun filled day in a row – surely the rain cannot be far away now? xoxo


  2. It’s so exciting waiting for the bulbs to appear, and when you get some unexpected ones it’s even more special 🙂 I hope that is a freesia 🙂 unfortunately ours were all eaten, perhaps I’ll have another go next year!


  3. Looks like we may be having another false spring. It’s like the planet tilted sideways with the weather. Do you ever wonder if you are just planting all that to feed the squirrels? Great ideas for the leftover calendars. Hope you get to save some of those pretty plants. Hugs, MH


    • The planet does feel like it tilted sideways. That’s a good descriptor. We’re also experience spring-like days in the low seventies, though the nights cool down to the thirties.

      Oh yes, those squirrels keep me busy. Last year, most of the bulbs came up. In other years, they dig up everything. It really is hit or miss. They do keep me entertained, that is for sure, and who can resist those cute little faces?

      Hugs to you too!


  4. I love that ‘nature is always on time’ 😀 made me smile and think, “right on, true that”.

    I’m sure that is a wee freesia getting ready to greet you. I envious for your hyacinths. They’re so gorgeous and smell so good. I just can never get the to grow here. Maybe mid-summer is too hot for them? I guess I could force them inside at the right time to enjoy in a spring garden pot.

    Those little rascally squirrels have done some munching. I wonder what they’d do if you just left them out some lettuce on the lawn? Would they ignore you yummy new tulip greens? We walked a fair ways for breakfast and just as we were passing a bush, we heard a big commotion. Then all of a sudden two squirrels race by and ran back in up ahead. Jim jumped a foot off the ground and I laughed. I didn’t have my camera ready and they were way too fast. Have you ever seen those night camera’s that are activated by motion?


    • When we were girls, our mom gave us a hyacinth bulb kit for growing indoors. You could totally do that! I love the smell and the pretty flowers.

      Funny you should mention leaving out lettuce. I once put piles of peanuts next to my growing pumpkins, hoping they would prefer the nuts to the greens. Turns out they like both! I found an unearthed freesia bulb early this week. They dug it up but left it there. I see all sorts of ‘dents’ in the soil, so I know they’ve been busy. I’m hoping they are too deep for them to unearth.

      LOL to the squirrel antics. Poor Jim.

      I missed an amazing shot a few weeks ago. One of the hummingbirds swooped into the fountain for a bath. Lindy was on the other side of the glass, transfixed. I just enjoyed the moment, knowing it would over quickly, but boy was that amazing.


      • How enchanting, a hummer in your fountain ! I’m so happy for you to have had the moment. (Lindy too) Some things are best left to memory I guess.

        Me attending a meeting……. “Hello, my names Boomdee and I love squirrels”….LOL
        I almost feel guilty loving those little squirrels. They probably really do deserve the wrath of some gardeners. But I just think, “where would I live if I was a squirrel” and of course I’d pick your garden if I could 😀


        • LOL You are cute! I guess my feeling is that we’ve encroached so much on nature, crowding out wildlife with freeways, developments, etc. that they don’t have anywhere else to go. From the squirrels perspective, he/she is simply foraging from nature’s garden.


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