Drizzle, Fizzle

Our ‘chance of rain’ was a tiny drizzle in the middle of the night. San Jose saw 0.01″ in the past 24 hours.  No puddle splashing for me today.

On the bright side, the garden looks refreshed.  The fog, mist and drizzle freshened up the foliage so that’s something.

Here’s what I saw on my morning rounds.

I mentioned a random bulb growing out of the bottom of the vegetable bed last week.  The lovely Narcissus made her debut yesterday.



I need to prune this four-in-one fruit tree but I’ve been putting it off. It’s grown tall so I need a ladder. Two years ago I fell off the ladder trying to cover the tree with netting, and I’ve been nervous about it ever since.

fruit tree buds

Raindrops on tree buds

I see little blueberry buds. Sweet!

Blueberry buds

Blueberry buds

Succulents need very little water. I haven’t watered these plants in months.

Flowering succulent

Flowering succulent

Silver drops

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass [as if], it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Vivian Greene

15 thoughts on “Drizzle, Fizzle

  1. Oh drizzle, fizzle, pizzle!! Still it’s nice to see those drops on your very keen spring bulb and fruit buds! I know what you mean about the nerves on the ladder – one loses trust with these things when they drop us! I fell down a flight of stairs in 1999 and am still just a tad nervous on new stairs…..I’ve been working and planting out my garden today – the first time this season due to the late arrival of summer. I’m hoping warm days and plenty of water will see it all springing abundantly forth in a matter of weeks 🙂 Is there any more rain forecast for you?


    • Oh my gosh. What a scary experience. Were you badly injured? The ladder I was on started to sink on one leg into the softer soil. I was lucky that I fell back into a bush that cushioned my fall. I was sore for a few days, with a large bruise on my backside and a skinned leg, but it could have been so much worse.

      Hurray for your gardening day. I hope you’ll be sharing pictures soon.

      Our rain forecast is dismal. Between now and Feb. 14 we are expecting *one* day of drizzle. February is traditionally the wettest month of the year.

      I’m glad you have sunshine!


      • Yes, I was a mess – but it saved my life …. long story!

        I am so sorry that Singing in the Rain didn’t work…and our rain didn’t reach you. One day of drizzle isn’t going to do it is it – and I’m guessing the land is so parched a downpour would just run off anyway?

        I do hope it comes soon – sooner the better really…..

        I heard myself complain about the heat today – Really??I said to myself. I had a serious talk to myself immediately!

        It’s lovely and hot here Alys 🙂


        • Wow…those are powerful words, Pauline. A story for another day?

          We’ll as you now know, we got a nice shower today. It was windy and cloudy all day. I loved every minute of it.

          I’m glad you have lovely heat. A bit of equilibrium. 🙂


    • We found it at a local nursery. It was a birthday gift, believe it or not, for my then ten-year-old. He really wanted that tree for his birthday. You’re supposed to prune it back by half for the first five years to strengthen the branches. This is year four. One of the grafts hasn’t produced, two produce well and one is so-so. It’s a bit of a work in progress. 🙂

      I’ll be sure to post this year when it starts production.


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