And the winner is…

butterfly sprite

Butterfly Sprite
Mixed Media on Canvas by Pauline King of The Contented Crafter


Oh my gosh. I’ve been dutifully buying raffle tickets from school children, the scouts and pretty much anyone that asks for years.  I’ve  never won a thing.

Blogging completely changed my luck.

I won the drawing for an art print of my choosing at The Contented Crafter.  All I had to do was leave a comment on her blog (which is so delightful that I do that anyway.)  She drew names from a teacup (my favorite beverage, by the way), and I won. Serendipity!

Pauline is a mixed-media artist, photographer, and all around talent, blogging from New Zealand. She shares her art and artful process with her readers. We’re treated to the occasional  story about her charming cat, Orlando.

Pauline leaves fun and funny comments on various blogs and gems of wisdom along the way. I hope to meet her on future travels.

I picked out a print of the Butterfly Sprite. It arrived yesterday, along with a lovely note and one of her greeting cards. I’m feeling as cheerful as the lovely sprite.

Coincidentally (more serendipity) I’m working on a framing project for one of my clients, so I took my new print to the shop and had it framed just a day after receiving it the mail. I promise to share a picture when it’s framed and hanging on my wall. I’m currently scouting for the perfect spot. Stay tuned.

Thanks so much, Pauline for bringing art and cheer into our home.

The Contented Crafter sells her work on Etsy.  You can read more about her process on her blog or on Facebook

16 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Isn’t she lovely? Both the art and dear Pauline 😀

    Congratulations on being the lucky winner Alys! You’re smart to have it framed straight away, it’ll keep it in the best condition. I can’t wait to see it hanging in your home. I can honestly relate to the ‘never have won a thing’ part. Some people have endless stories of all their lucky door prizes or lotteries. The schools here are constantly raising funds because of gov’t cutbacks. When we lived at the lake there was always something to buy. My grandpa won a turkey at a bingo I went with him too once. LOL That was rather exciting. Luck by association, that’s what I’m going for 😀 I feel lucky to know you two ladies too. That’s even better 😀 Hugs xK


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  3. You, my dear, have just given me such a gift! Thank you so much for these so kind and generous words and do pop over to the latest post for a fuller explanation. I can’t wait to see what frame you have chosen! Big, big hugs xoxo


  4. YAY!! Congratulations Alys!
    I’m so glad that through Boomdee, I’ve connected with you and with Pauline. I just sit back and enjoy ya’lls creativity! Is “ya’lls” even a word? 🙂


  5. I have to agree with Mary Elizabeth on the winning of the relationship with the lovely Pauline. But I am so glad you won the beautiful butterfly art. It’s stunning and I LOVE butterflies. I’m with you though. I always buy raffle tickets, etc and don’t win but consider it my donation. More synchronicity for your list is a good thing. Wonder how much you could document in a year? Hugs. MH


  6. Congratulations, Alys! I bought some of her cards and am SO please with them. I’m glad you are having the print framed; you will enjoy her for a long time. I’m looking forward to a photo of her hanging on your wall . . . ~ Linne


    • Thank you, Linne for your kind words. Thanks, too for following along. That means so much.

      Yes, the cards are beautiful. Pauline is quite the talent. I can’t wait to get the print back framed. It will be about two more weeks. Stay tuned.


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