Garden Retrospective

When you’re a gardener, the start of the year feels more like the beginning of a countdown.  Sure, the calendar year starts anew, but the planting calendar is still a ways off.   It’s spring I’m pining for.

In case there was any doubt, two seed catalogs arrived in the mail this week; little teasers to get my heart pumping again.

I had fun putting together some of my favorite garden photos of 2013, set to a little rag time music by Terry Waldo  called Maple Leaf Rag.  It’s nearly impossible not to tap your foot to the beat.

Did you make any resolutions for the year?  I’ve never had any success with mine so I don’t bother anymore.  I *like* the idea of eating healthier, sleeping more, and remembering to floss.  It’s just that promising myself (or the universe) that I’m really going to do it *this year*  really doesn’t work.

Here’s what I will do in 2014: more gardening, more blogging, more reading and more laughing.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?

21 thoughts on “Garden Retrospective

  1. I don’t make resolutions on December 31 because like you, I’ve never kept them. I’m a work in progress and sometimes it’s two steps forward 1 step back. If I thought about it long enough, I’m sure the list would be extensive: procrastinate less, don’t start too many projects at once, read more novels, stop snacking so much and learn to just ignore bad drivers with their bad manners (a big time waster because they’ll never change no matter how annoyed I get). So, not saying these are on a list or what order I would do them, just saying, “could be, should be”. That’s a affirmative maybe…(don’t want to jinx myself…hehe)

    You summed up the year so well and even included the ugly spider cluster, way to keep it real LOL. That music was fun and reminded me of those silent movies where people walked and talked fast…I imagined you walking in fast motion round the garden, petting kitties and waving at the camera in fast motion…like a grainy film from the 20’s. That might be a fun project we could do together on a future visit…inserting conversation clips. I’ll hunt for an iMovie add on for Antique Movie making…hehe.


  2. What an entertaining way to document the happenings in your garden this year – beautiful! Loved the music – and loved remembering the stories behind a lot of the pictures. I’m not a good resolution keeper either but, if you don’t mind, I’d really like to use yours as my motto for the year: “more gardening, more blogging, more reading and more laughing”. Sounds perfect to me! xoxoxoxoxox


    • Awwww….that is so nice. Yes, Let’s all say it together: more gardening, more blogging, more reading, more laughing.”

      Thanks for your visits, your comments and for your always-upbeat sense of humor. xox


  3. That was a great retrospective – you must be so happy with your garden, it contains such a wonderful and varying array of shapes, colours, visitors and decorations……. I really must get into mine more… 🙂 I am very impressed with the videos you and Boomdee make, you are a great pair!

    I don’t make resolutions. I make promises to myself which I think I mostly keep – but for this year I really intended to pick up the yoga again [haven’t done any yet] and make a small art piece every day – I just posted about it – [and I have just started that project today].

    Now that all my computer woes appear [fingers crossed, touching wood etc] to be attended to and I finish setting Esmeralda up for the second time, the way may be clear to actually begin living my life again! My intention is for it to begin with art and yoga every day 🙂

    It’s not a New Years Resolution, its a life style change 😉


    • Thanks so much! Though I had fun putting it together, it occurred to me that it may not be as interesting to others as it was fun for me. So…if you stuck through it…thanks!

      I’m glad your computer woes are behind you (don’t worry…I’m knocking on wood so I don’t jinx you) things should smooth out again. Intentions are nice. I like that. Yoga and art sound perfect.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. xox


  4. Good luck with your resolutions!

    I didn’t make any – I just want to continue growing and learning. Learning not to get wound up by other people would be good, though.

    What are you planning to read?


    • Oh that is a good one! It’s amazing how others influence our energy, positively or negatively. I’ve gotten much better at surrounding myself with positive people. It makes a world of difference.

      My book club meets later this week to choose ten books for the year. I’m part way through two gardening books, a book on writing and can’t wait to dive in to the latest Sue Grafton book.


  5. I am resolutely determined to take down my Christmas tree sometime before Halloween this year. Yep, I’m a little behind. I did however manage to get my 2012 Christmas tree up in time for the 2013 holiday, so I making some measured progress. 😉


    • LOL! You’ve still got your sense of humor so that’s aces in my book.

      It does feel like a lot more work taking it down, then it does putting it up, doesn’t it?

      I asked each of my boys to remove at least ten ornaments from the tree, then did the rest with my husband. I usually do the whole thing myself, but this year I asked for help.


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