Garden Retrospective

When you’re a gardener, the start of the year feels more like the beginning of a countdown.  Sure, the calendar year starts anew, but the planting calendar is still a ways off.   It’s spring I’m pining for.

In case there was any doubt, two seed catalogs arrived in the mail this week; little teasers to get my heart pumping again.

I had fun putting together some of my favorite garden photos of 2013, set to a little rag time music by Terry Waldo  called Maple Leaf Rag.  It’s nearly impossible not to tap your foot to the beat.

Did you make any resolutions for the year?  I’ve never had any success with mine so I don’t bother anymore.  I *like* the idea of eating healthier, sleeping more, and remembering to floss.  It’s just that promising myself (or the universe) that I’m really going to do it *this year*  really doesn’t work.

Here’s what I will do in 2014: more gardening, more blogging, more reading and more laughing.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?