Happy New Year!

Imbibe responsibly.  That goes for the kitties too.

Catnip: Why Cats Go Crazy for It


Beijing enjoying her Nepeta

See you in 2014. Hurray for fresh starts.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Beginning Alys! I’ve just returned from my last gathering for 2013 – I didn’t stay long, I need my beauty sleep 🙂

    I love your pics of your cats and nepeta. I grow 4 plants at a time these days in a vain attempt to keep rotating them for recovery purposes and in the hopes I can get some dried. As Orlando has gotten older he has definitely developed a taste for fresh leaves. A plant can be stripped in five minutes flat as if a horde of very hungry caterpillars had descended en masse ….. I try to hide them – but he hunts them out and nothing can stop the frenzy of smelling, rubbing, pulling, biting and tugging………… He plays with his baggie of dried herb, but it doesn’t get quite the same frenzied loving as the fresh!

    Here’s a link to a post I made ages ago – [back when I first started blogging and no-one was reading me] if you want to see a photo of one really drugged up kitty-kat http://paulinekingblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/orlando-the-marmalade-cat-has-an-addiction/

    Sending you heart-felt wishes for all good things for 2014! xoxo


    • Thanks for sharing your pics of Orlando the Adorable. Love him. You have the best companion, Pauline, and he, you.

      We have a huge patch of fresh catnip and none of them seem that interested. Quite surprising. I know others with cats that regularly roll around in it. They are all unique.

      The Humane Society link, and others I’ve read, say only about 50% of cats respond to it. Pretty much every cat I’ve lived with over the years likes it at some level.


      • Yes, I read that with interest – I’ve never known a cat not interested either – some more so than others and they have their preferred imbibing methods – a bit like us with our tea and coffee I expect. When my old girl died some years back I planted six nepetas on her grave – they did not last long because Orlando, than barely a year old, just loved them to death 🙂 I took heart in that Moofy had some company as her body became one with the good earth again ….. 🙂


        • What a sweet story. Moofy is a delightful name for a cat. I’m sure you miss her.

          Orlando sounds like quite a character. His pictures make me smile. I’m glad you have each other. I can’t imagine life without cats.


  2. Oh my goodness, sweet Beijing, I will dedicate this song to you……..

    All we really have to do, is lay here,
    lay here and watch the trees sway,
    and have ourselves a heavenly day,
    Oh, can’t see no other way, no way, no way
    Heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

    The lyrics are from a song by Patty Griffith called Heavenly Day. Wishing you many, all year long! Happy New Year Dear Alys, Beijing and the whole family (furry ones too) xoxo


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