Spina Farm with Boomdee

The sweet, lovely and indefatigable Boomdee’s in town.  We’re having a great time.

If you’re new to Gardening Nirvana, it may surprise you to learn that the two of us met through blogging. We live in different countries, thousands of miles apart, but quickly realized we had something special.  The ‘written’ word brought us together, with an assist from technology. We became fast friends.  Like a twin, I missed her even before I knew she was there to miss.

Now she’s here for a week, so we’re eating, site-seeing, touring, laughing, photographing and talking our hearts out.  She came all the way from Canada to be here the week of my birthday.  Happy Boomdee to me!

Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch

A playful Boomdee at Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch

Spina Farms

Field of Pumpkins

Large adirondack chair

Honey, I shrunk the bloggers!

Spina Farm Pumpkin Patch

Spina Farm Pumpkin Patch

Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch Highlights:

  • Hay rides through the beautiful sunflowers fields
  • Over 60 pumpkin varieties
  • Locally owned and operated
  • The opportunity to meet and snuggle a few small animals (I got to hold a chicken!)
  • Climb on the over-sized Adirondack chair and feel like a child again

26 thoughts on “Spina Farm with Boomdee

  1. What a fun time, and a very special birthday treat! Darling pics of the two of you! I see from your lovely photos that you were blessed with a gorgeous day at the pumpkin patch. Happy Birthday/Boomdee Week! Cheers!


    • Thanks for cheering us on. I’ve always loved your Gravatar with your sweet little lamb. I feel so blessed to be here to spend time with Alys and catch up with all the girls she’s introduced me too. I am being so darn spoilt. I just couldn’t have dream’t Blogging would bring so much goodness and joy to my life.


      • Boomdee you would love Alicia, too. She is an animal whisperer. She takes in strays, advocates on there behalf, and has a tender heart for kitties like we do. That sweet little photo of her is from an animal sanctuary in Hawaii…Maui I think?


        • Thanks, Alys! Yes, I can tell Boomdee and I would hit it off, the three of us sharing a compassionate nature! I enjoyed your reunion vicariously. And correct, my gravatar photo was taken at Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Haiku, Maui. That’s Freddy the goat I’m holding. He was just a little kid then, an orphan; on our last visit this past June, we were delighted to see him all grown up, living a happy life among his friends.

          Speaking of rescuing kitties….. Ahem…. I’ve got an adorable little guy snoozing comfortably next to me right now. Pulled him from a squalid vacant home a month ago. Will email you details, pics. Prepare for cuteness overload. =^,,^=


  2. I’m still pinching myself hon! That you found me and took a leap of faith. Not everyone would, they’d be too scared. Because of you, I have a little more confidence that the world is really a good place. It can be easy to be cynical when there’s so much craziness around us. Thanks for extending a friendly hand an pulling me into the lovely world of Alys. Filled with pumpkins, gardens, moths, optomism, girlfriends, sunshine, wisdom, support, kitties and so much more. Mwaaaaa for all you give and do. I love you!


  3. Aside from the fact that i’m thrilled ya’ll are having such a great time, these photos are excellent!! I knew the history of your friendship but reading about it again made me smile. Enjoy!!


  4. Fingers crossed this message gets to you – computer trouble 😦
    Just want to send my happy thoughts for a wonderful time together – it looks such fun! I’m keeping up with your adventures when I can, but as said laptop temperamentally goes to sleep whenever it feels like – can’t guarantee – well anything really !!! Hugs to both.


    • You’re getting through, Pauline. I hope you get this return back and that your computer problems are fixed once again.

      Darn that laptop, messing with your social life. It’s just jealous.

      Hope you’re online again soon. This place isn’t the same without you.


      • Today it hasn’t crashed once – yet …..[fingers crossed!] I couldn’t join in with your fun last week as flat and shiny kept freezing and blanking me – so frustrating! Yesterday we thought she had gone to the great computer in the sky, but something happened and she rallied and has been well behaved so far today. It is another two weeks before the sales start so hoping she lasts the distance – just don’t be surprised if I disappear from the ether 🙂


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