Self-Seeded Pumpkin: Late Season Wonder

Okay, so squirrels aren’t always destructive. There’s a good chance that a squirrel buried one of last year’s pumpkin seeds at the edge of the lawn. That seed managed to survive all the activity around building the curb garden (twice), not to mention the proximity to the street.  You couldn’t ask for a clearer example of ‘survival of the fittest.’

I spotted the tell-tale seedling early on, but didn’t expect it to survive.  I let it be of course, and it gradually sent out true leaves and a few flowers.  Given the dense root system of the lawn, I figured it would overtake the pumpkin.  I removed chunks of lawn around the tiny plant without disturbing the pumpkin’s roots.  That did the trick.  Look at the progress of this plant in less than 30 days:

Curbside pumpkin plant, August 24th

Curbside pumpkin plant, August 24th

Curbside Pumpkin plant September 18th

Curbside pumpkin plant September 18th

I’m seeing the tell-tale signs of late season mold on the leaves, but the flowering continues. Hopefully we’ll have one more orange pumpkin to add to the mix before the vine retires for the season.

Be sure to check back for updates.

Pumpkin plant closeup

Pumpkin plant closeup

green pumpkin

Yep…it’s a pumpkin!

8 thoughts on “Self-Seeded Pumpkin: Late Season Wonder

  1. 🙂 Isn’t it a clever pumpkin plant! I bet, given a couple more months growing time, it would take over the whole street and you will get a letter from the local authority telling you to dismantle your curbside garden for public safety reasons ………. Yikes, shades of Days of the Triffids …
    There now, I’ve gone and ruined the whole happy pumpkin saga [hangs head in shame and hurries off stage L]


    • LOL! You are delightful. I love your train of thought. It wouldn’t be the first time a homeowner got in trouble for public displays of vegetables. Given the cooling weather, I think we’re safe this go around. Stay tuned…and thanks for the giggle.


  2. Your unexpected surprise is turning out to be a great performer. I’m always surprised how fast things grow for you. Do I also see a tiny bench (with a heart) in your curb garden? That little pumpkin looks well on it’s way. Your front yard is so cozy and tidy.


    • Thank you, Sweetie.

      So that little ‘bench’ was a discard from a friend. On the other side it says “Jassie’s Kids” (day care kids), a marker of sorts for the carrots. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped so I didn’t blog about it. it was fun to try though.


  3. I just love how nature takes matters into her own hands and wins. The contented crafter gave me a giggle too. i think I like to read late so I get to see all the wonderful comments too. I agree with Boomdee too. Will keep the fingers crossed for the pumpkin.


    • Thanks, Marlene. That is so true, too, about waiting and reading others comments.

      Yes, nature knows best to be sure. I checked on the pumpkin today. Still green but looking good. So exciting.

      Thanks for your finger-crossing.


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