Frank’s Makeover: Too Little, Too Late

Shelley's Makeover

Shelley’s Makeover

Pauline, at The Contented Crafter suggested earlier this week that  “Frank [the pumpkin] may feel a little left out” after seeing Shelley’s fashion makeover.  She opined “Could you not knit him a scarf or maybe come up with a hat for your cooler nights?”

I knew Frank wasn’t long for this world, being a split pumpkin full of staples and all, so I did the next best thing: I put him on a pedestal (always good for improving ones sense of stature) and floated a festive Hydrangea for stylish panache.

Frank and Shelley

Frank spews seeds

Then poor Frank ‘tossed his cookies’ while cousin Shelley looked on in horror.

∏ – ∏ – ∏

Today it was every critter for themselves: houseflies, pincer bugs, squash bugs, you name it. Opportunists came and went, including something with very sharp teeth.  I’m glad I missed that transaction.  Soon I will don some gloves and rescue a few seeds so that Frank’s legacy lives on.

pumpkin collage

Frank’s Tale

stapled pumpkin

What do you suppose is beyond the dark abyss?

frank the pumpkin

Oh Frank! I miss you already.

17 thoughts on “Frank’s Makeover: Too Little, Too Late

  1. I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t, but I can”t help it – rocking with laughter. Oh poor Frank, poor, poor Frank. The worst kind of demise, knocked off his pedestal and split open for all the world to see. [And right in front of poor Shelley, who had to see it all]

    But Alys, how could you – the indignity of being scooped up and re-hydrangaed for a final photo call ….. alas poor, poor Frank!

    Thank you for today’s belly laugh! I wish I could print this entire post out and put it on my fridge. It would keep me happy for weeks. There has to be a poem in there somewhere [boldly making yet another suggestion] 🙂


  2. Gasp, oh the humanity. Shelly is a widow, what a sad day. That happened so fast !
    Yucky to the max on whatever is inside poor Frank, he really has a bad case of gut rot. If we were 12, we could dare each other to reach in…hehe. Would you put your hand in there? I don’t think I could 😀 I bet if you left him to camp out all night, something would come along and eat that up. Oh geez, wish you had one of those wilderness camera’s. You point them at something and see what your camera captures. Like all those bears rubbing up on that tree, did you see that youtube? Ha! Shelly really looks horrified.


    • It was fast. Once the mold set in, Frank was doomed. Shelley isn’t too far behind I’m afraid, thanks to insect bored holes. Life as a pumpkin is fraught with danger. 😉

      Good thing we’re not 12…I’m pretty sure I would lose that dare. How about you? Would you go in on a dare? I’ve walked by several times today, reminding myself to get out there and rescue some seeds.

      I have seen those bear videos. So darn cute and funny. Honestly, if I found myself confined to bed with a broken leg for six weeks, I would watch animal videos all day long guilt-free. So many fun ones to make you giggle or smile.

      Thanks for visiting, Boomdee. How is your patio garden doing?


      • Speaking of dares, once my friend Michelle Hardy dared me to ring a doorbell of this girl we both knew (alla’ knock-a-door Ginger). Except ‘JUST’ as I was going to ring the bell, her dad came down the stairs and looked right at the door……I bolted and Michelle was right behind me…we ran like mad but he ran faster…HA pretty good for an old guy (HA he was probably 35, LOL). Sooooo, we b-lined around a corner & dived in behind someone’s garbage can’s because we could hear him coming. OF COURSE he found us and was all mad and yelling. “Why were you on my porch”..Boomdee, “To call on Brenda (a outright lie)…him, “Well why did you run”..Boomdee, “because you were chasing us”…….When he left we laughed like mad.

        Want to relive that moment when I visit? LOL.


        • In a word: NO!!! Oh my gosh, I could so picture this. You must have been scared out of your wits. I know I would have been. 35!? My gosh he was ancient. [snicker, snicker]

          I did do a ditch and run last December but it was for a good cause: I was hiding fairy garden making items for the little girls across the street.

          Great story, Boomdee.


  3. Oh ya, PS. Garden is OK, some things are fading. I just bought a fall Aster to brighten it up again. Soon it will be time to pack ‘er in….thanks for asking….la la la “Ding Dong”….RUN….hehe


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