Hydrangeas in Artistic Glass

My friend invited me to the Los Altos Art and Wine Show last month and we both came home with the same bubble glass vase.  Isn’t it pretty?

glass vase with hydrangeas

I’ve misplaced the artist’s card. Won’t you please stand up?

It sat on my kitchen counter for a while, but it’s now found a ‘permanent’ home in our bedroom.  I use the parenthetical because I’m forever changing things around. It’s kind of a hobby of mine.  When my sister and I were growing up, we liked nothing better than to rearrange the furniture.  We had fun with the ‘reveal’ as the home and garden shows like to call it when our mom arrived home from work.  She always seemed please.

I digress.  The talented Donna Pierre painted one of our bedroom walls with a sea-blue plaster and glaze, a finish we now refer to as ‘the mermaid.’ We added a hammered metal mirror and table to the room and the vase was the perfect accent to complete the look.

Then, lo and behold, the pink hydrangeas started to turn, weathered to a soft grey-lavender patina.  What timing.  They are magnificent flowers, blooms I admired for years. They are far too big for apartment dwelling, but work well now that I have a house with dirt to call my own.

hydrangea closeup

Dusty lavender hues

I still have to pinch myself all these years later, grateful to have a beautiful home and surrounding soil to fill with roots and flowering goodness. I think about that whenever I see these dusty blooms.

Do you have a favorite bloom?

Lindy on the table

Lindy-Lu approves

15 thoughts on “Hydrangeas in Artistic Glass

  1. Oh Alys, how pretty! I admit to having found a love for hydrangeas – fresh and dried – in later life. When I was younger I referred to them condescendingly as ‘old lady flowers’. Now that I could well be classified ‘an old lady’ I see the error of my ways….. alas such is life! I have dried hydrangeas at the moment – left over from last Autumn – they are so delicate and those dusty hues so soft…. perhaps a metaphor for where I’m at, do you think? Any hoo, I also love roses! 🙂


  2. You’re so right, your new vase fits in just perfectly. I like the crackled look to it and how it holds a slim stem up so neatly. I do love it when Adele uses a lime green hydrangea in a design. If I’m looking for something at home, it has to be small to fit on the mantel, otherwise the cats will be on it. I like to get a few stems of freesia some times, they’re so fragrant. Also, a couple of blades of monkey grass with a gerber is fun too. If I’m actually at Adele’s, I’ll raid her cooler and pick out a bunch of stuff, usually in soft pinks, white, lavender, blue. Your Hydrangea’s would fit in my room nicely too. That’s a cute photo of lounging Lindy-Lu, look at her little white socks hanging over..hehe.


  3. Love the hydrangeas and especially the vase. Tried to grow them but they didn’t like the location. Maybe next summer when I finally have a yard. Keeping a positive attitude here. Roses, and those sweet smelling lilies are also favorites. Don’t see how anything can get dusty with the dust mop right on the dresser:).


  4. I planted our first hydrangea in the spring and am looking forward to lots of blooms – I also think they’re stunning. I’m a ‘change everything around on a regular basis’ person too. It’s easy to move the smaller things and it amazes me how quickly it changes a rooms appearance. I love the photo of Lindy-Lu 😉


    • I’m so happy to hear you planted one, Eleenie. We’ve keep “adding on.” I had one in a huge pot, then added three more under our living room window, and then another three in the back along the fence. They’ve been flowering in pinks and blues. The white ones are also spectacular. Do you remember what color you planted?

      How fun to hear that you are also a ‘move it around’ person. You’re right, too, it really makes an impact. I love it.

      So glad to have you posting again.


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